Download TWRP Recovery for Samsung Galaxy A20 With Install Guide

Today here in this guide you will know how to download TWRP Recovery for Samsung Galaxy A20. Also, you will learn how to install TWRP on Galaxy A20. download twrp for galaxy a20

Samsung Galaxy A20 is a popular budget phone which comes with great features such as Super AMOLED display, dual Rear camera and more. Also, the development of custom Recovery, custom ROM, custom Kernel, Mods have already begun. We have already written a guide on how to Root Galaxy A20 and here we are going to provide the working TWRP Recovery for Galaxy A20.

There are numbers of advantages of using TWRP Recovery over the Stock Recovery. The stock recovery comes with features like wipe data, reboot to bootloader and a few more basic stuff. But in TWRP Recovery you can flash any ROM, Recovery, Kernel, Backup, Themes and more. You will know more about TWRP Recovery in the next section so don’t skip it. As of now, the official TWRP Recovery is not available for Galaxy A20 but we have the unofficial TWRP Recovery which is stable and working fine. We will update the link with official TWRP Recovery when the official TWRP goes live. Till then you can use the unofficial version without any worries.

Why Do You Need TWRP Recovery

TWRP is used for many purposes like installing zip files such as custom ROMsMagisk, and other flashable zips. Other than flashing TWRP also has Backup, ADB sideload, partitioning, wipe and more. So if you are planning to try a custom ROM then you should first install the TWRP recovery. I hope this gives you the answer that you were looking for. Now let’s move to the TWRP download section.

Download TWRP Recovery for Galaxy A20 (TWRP 3.3)

The TWRP 3.3.x is the latest TWRP which is now available for Samsung Galaxy A20. All credit goes to the mohammad.afaneh for the unofficial TWRP recovery. It can take time for developers to release official TWRP recovery because the testing phase could take a long time. But till then you can use the unofficial TWRP for Galaxy A20.

Download TWRP 3.3 for Samsung Galaxy A20

After downloading the TWRP Recovery image file you can proceed to the installation instructions. With Android 9 Samsung has increased the security of its devices and so it is difficult to make changes on Samsung devices. And so the steps you see will be different because the universal method (using Odin) to install TWRP Recovery is not working right now. Let’s now begin the installation of TWRP on Galaxy A20.

How to Install TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy A20

In older Samsung phones it was easy to flash TWRP Recovery using the Odin but now the case is different. So, in this case, we are going to share the working method with you. It is a tested method by physwizz (XDA Senior Member). All thanks to him for sharing the step by step installation method. First, check out the prerequisites.


Patch Galaxy A20 Boot Image

  • First install Magisk Manager App on your phone.
  • Download the latest Firmware on which your phone is currently running.
  • Extract the Firmware.
  • Rename the AP_205xxxxxxxx.md5 to AP_205xxxxxxxx.tar and extract the tar file using Zarchiver.
  • Now extract the boot.img.Iz4 which will give boot.img.
  • Open Magisk Manager and tap on Install (Upper).
  • Then again tap on Install > Select and Patch a File. Then locate the boot.img and wait for patching.
  • The output will be saved in Download folder with name magisk_patched.img. Rename it to boot.img and transfer to PC.

Steps to Root Galaxy A20

  1. Rename the downloaded TWRP Recovery to recovery.img (twrp-a20-3.3.1-0_afaneh92.img to recovery.img).
  2. Covert the recovery.img to recovery.tar using 7zip. To convert first right click on recovery.img and select Add to archive, then change the archive type to TAR.
  3. Right-click on boot.img (that you copied from phone) and choose ‘Add to archive’. In 7z option select update mode as ‘update and add file’ and choose the recovery.tar in Archive location and click on Ok.
  4. Download the vbmeta.tar and add it to recovery.tar by following the same as step 3.
  5. Boot your Galaxy A20 into download mode and connect to PC.
  6. Open Odin.exe and in AP locate the recovery.tar file.
  7. In options uncheck ‘Auto Reboot’ and click on the Start button. Wait for the completion.
  8. TWRP Recovery is now installed on your phone but data is encrypted in TWRP. So follow further steps to fix it.
  9. Reboot your Galaxy A20 into TWRP Recovery and mount everything (Go to Mount and select all).
  10. Format data from Wipe section.
  11. Then download and flash it from Install section in TWRP Recovery (First transfer the file to phone or use a MicroSD). root with twrp recovery
  12. In TWRP go to Reboot > Recovery. Your phone will boot into Download Mode. Connect your phone to PC and follow step 6 & 7 again. root with twrp recovery
  13. Reboot the phone and set up your phone.
  14. Now you will be able to take backup using TWRP Recovery.

So this is how you can install TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy A20. The procedure is different and a bit tough so make sure to follow the exact steps. Or your device may end up in bootloop. And if it occurs any error during the installation you can ask for a solution using the comment section (or Social media). Enjoy.

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