Best Custom Kernels for Android (Better Performance & Battery Life)

If you are one of the technical users who like to try new custom ROMs, custom Recoveries then you must have encountered with a term custom kernel. Just like custom ROMs & Custom Recoveries, Custom Kernels are also available for various phones. Kernel affects the whole performance of a phone including battery life, RAM management, multitasking, etc. Here I will share the list of best Custom Android Kernels for better Battery life and high performance.

best custom kernels for android

Different Custom kernels are used in different ROMs depending on their performance. But using a custom kernel instead of the pre-loaded kernel will definitely boost the performance of a phone and also increase the battery life. Kernels performance also depends on the type of OS and firmware. I will recommend do not try to install or flash custom kernel if you don’t know how to install custom ROMs and custom recoveries. Below you can understand about the work of Kernel.

What is Kernel?

A kernel is a part of Operating System which manages the operations of Software and Hardware. It also acts as a bridge between Software and Hardware. Everything that runs in an OS is using kernel for performance and other things. Without Kernel we are not able to use the operating system. Kernel affects device performance and battery life. So to get maximum performance and battery life you should choose the best custom kernel that suits best for your device.

How to Check Installed Kernel on Android

All the OS comes with a pre-installed Kernel and to know which kernel is installed on your phone, then check out this guide.

  • Open Settings on your phone.
  • Go to About Phone > Android Version. best custom kernels for android
  • In the Android version, you will see the name of the Kernel and its version.

Now that you know how much it is important to have a good kernel on phone, check out the best kernels that will help you to maximize your phone’s performance.

Best Custom Kernels for Android

1. Franco Kernel

best custom kernels for android

There is always a close fight between Franco Kernel and Electro Blue Kernel in performance in various category. And if we talk about performance Franco Kernel is the best kernel of all time. It is a very popular kernel between testers and developers and you may have already read about Franco Kernel many times. Franco Kernel also receives OTA updates frequently and it supports many devices.

Franco kernel has a Manager App for Android which let users to Install Franco Kernel automatically from the App. It also lets users flash other kernels without booting into Recovery.

The kernel is really good for gaming, RAM Management, Multitasking. And if you are looking for these performances then you must go for Franco Kernel. Check out Franco Kernel features:

  • Frequent OTA updates
  • Easy Installation with FK Kernel Manager App
  • Better Battery performance
  • Vibration controls
  • Sound controls
  • Reduced ideal power consumption
  • Support for many devices
  • Display Adjustment

Other than mentioned features Franco Kernel also let users track the uses of hardware like CPU Frequency, GPU Frequency, and Battery Temperature.

Download Franco Kernel

2. ElectraBlue Kernel

best custom kernels for android

ElectraBlue Kernel is a well-known kernel for the maximum battery performance. Other performances are also noticed to be improved in ElectraBlue Kernel but Franco Kernel is slightly better in other performances. So if you want a better battery life with the balanced performance you can definitely install this kernel.

Although the performance also depends on the CPU and its architecture, it means the performance can vary according to the device. ElectraBlue Kernel is available for many devices so there are more chances that it is available for your device.

I have tried this kernel and didn’t notice any lag or down performance. So if you install this kernel it won’t let you down. Below are the following features of ElectraBlue:

  • Best Battery Performance
  • Android Oreo & Pie Support
  • Spectrum Support
  • Balance performance
  • Sound Control
  • Vibration Control
  • Fast charge Support
  • F2FS Support

Despite all these features it also has VPN Support, sdFAT filesystem, and Qnovo charging driver which maintains temperature while charging.

Download ElectraBlue Kernel (Redmi Note 4)

3. ElementalX Kernel

best custom kernels for android

ElementalX Kernel provides stable performance on Android OS. For everyday use, ElementalX is the right choice for good performance. If Franco Kernel and ElectraBlue kernel are not available for your device then you can go for ElementalX Kernel. It supports many Android device and OS.

Performances like RAM Management, CPU Management, GPU Management, Gaming, and other processes work pretty well with maximum stability. Just like Franco Kernel Manager App, ElementalX Manager App is also available on Play Store which lets users tune various hardware resources.

ElementalX kernel comes with some useful features that users like the most. Following are the features of ElementalX:

  • Easy Installation with AROMA Installer
  • Stable Performance
  • Improved Battery Life
  • Hardware Control
  • Color Control
  • GPU Voltage Control
  • LED Fade Control
  • WireGuard Support

ElementalX is loaded with more features than the list like Overclocking and Underclocking of CPU, Sweep2wake, DoubleTap2Wake and many more.

Download ElementalX Kernel

So these are the top three custom Kernel for Android that you can flash on your phone. If you don’t know the procedure of Installing/flashing the kernel on Android phones then follow the below method.

How to Install Custom Kernel on Android Phone


  • Bootloader should be unlocked of your phone
  • Download Kernel zip file for your device with supported Android Version
  • Take full Nandroid Backup

Install any Kernel using FK Kernel Manager (Root)

  1. Install FK Kernel Manager App on your Phone.
  2. Open the FK Kernel Manager App and grant root permission. install custom kernel
  3. Select Manual Flasher and then locate the Kernel Zip file.
  4. Tap on Flash & Reboot option. install custom kernel
  5. It will Install the Kernel and restart your phone.
  6. Now you can enjoy the custom kernel of your choice.

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Install any Kernel using TWRP Recovery (No Root)

  1. Make sure you have a Custom recovery installed eg. TWRP Recovery.
  2. Turn off your phone completely.
  3. Reboot into recovery with shortcut button (You can Google to know shortcut buttons).
  4. In Recovery, tap on Install and locate the downloaded Kernel Zip file. install custom kernel using twrp
  5. Then flash the Zip file.
  6. Reboot your phone into System and enjoy custom Kernel.

So there you have it the full installation of any Custom Kernel on Android phones. After installing custom kernel you will get better battery life and performance.

If you have queries regarding root, custom ROM, custom Recovery, custom Kernel then you can comment below. We will help you out.

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