How to Root Samsung Galaxy A10 with Magisk

Galaxy A10 is the base variant in Galaxy A series and it is a budget phone. The Samsung Galaxy A10 packs with amazing features which is hard to find on phones fall under the same price segment. And because of its reasonable price the device is popular in the market. Do you know you can increase the device performance by rooting and applying tweaks? Here you will learn how to root Samsung Galaxy A10 smartphone. root samsung galaxy a10

The development for Galaxy A10 has started appearing and some of the development are TWRP Recovery, Root Guide, Magisk and more. There is still no custom ROMs available for Galaxy A10 but soon it will be available. But the rooting is possible now and here you will learn to root Galaxy A10. After rooting the phone you can easily enable Camera2 API to use Google Camera App. Below you will know more about root.

What is Root?

Rooting any phone gives access to the Root files of the operating system on which phone is running. It means you will have the full control over all the system files and you can change it accordingly whenever you want. It opens a portal for system-level customization.

Advantages of Root

  • Full control over the operating system of your phone
  • All the apps that require root access will start working
  • Easy tweaks to increase performance manually
  • Uninstall unnecessary preinstalled apps (bloatware)
  • Easy full backup and restore
  • Blocks annoying ads from all the apps (requires Adblocker)
  • Better battery life and system performance

Note: Many users think that installing custom ROMs or Recovery requires root access which is not true at all. You just have to unlock bootloader to install custom ROMs & Recoveries on your phone.

Disadvantages of Root

  • Following the wrong method could brick your device
  • Rooting will void the warranty of the phone
  • Rooting a Samsung phone will trip KNOX
  • The device will not get any official OTA updates after rooting

How to Root Samsung Galaxy A10

Once you know about the advantages and risk of the root, you get the idea that you should proceed to root your phone or not. And if you decide to root your phone first you need to go through prerequisites and then follow the instructions.


Galaxy A10 Unlock Bootloader

  1. In Settings go to About Phone and tap 7 times on Build Number. It will enable developer options in Galaxy A10.
  2. Open Developer Options, for this you need to go to Settings > Developer Options.
  3. In Developer Options enable OEM Unlocking.
  4. Power off your device and then press Volume Up + Volume Down buttons together. While pressing the buttons, connect your phone to PC, it will boot Galaxy A10 into Download Mode.
  5. Now long press Volume Up button to unlock the bootloader.
  6. It will now unlock the bootloader and wipe all the data and your phone will reboot automatically.
  7. Connect your phone to the internet and set up your phone. You can skip the setup if you want.
  8. Open Developer Options and check the OEM Unlocking, it should be enabled and greyed out.
  9. Now your phone is eligible to root, so follow the procedure below and root your Galaxy A10.

Steps to Root Galaxy A10

  1. Extract the download Firmware file and copy the AP file to your phone. Remember the location of the AP file in phone.
  2. Install the latest Magisk Manager app on your phone. root with magisk
  3. In Magisk Manager click on Install > Install > Select and Patch a File. root with magisk
  4. Locate and select the AP file that you copied earlier.
  5. It will now patch the AP file and store the output (magisk_patched.tar) in Download folder.
  6. Remove the USB cable from PC if connected and then reconnect your phone to PC using the USB Cable. Transfer the magisk_patched file to PC.
  7. Boot your Phone into Download Mode and make sure the phone is connected to PC.
  8. Open Odin Tool and load the magisk_patched.tar in the AP section. And in BL, CP, Home_CSC load the respective files (these three files will be in extracted firmware folder). flash magisk from odin
  9. Now uncheck ‘Auto Reboot’ option in the options tab. flash magisk from odin
  10. Click on the Start button and wait for installation. After installation long press Volume Down + Power button together and when the screen goes off immediately press Volume Up + Power button together to boot the device into Recovery mode.
  11. In stock recovery, use the volume buttons to navigate, navigate to Wipe data/factory reset and press the Power button to wipe the data.
  12. Now select the Reboot System Now and immediately press Volume Up + Power button together.
  13. Release both buttons when you see the Bootloader warning screen. Connect your phone to the internet and complete the setup.
  14. Open Magisk Manager app (if not available install it again) and complete the additional setup that Magisk Manager will ask. Your device will automatically reboot once.
  15. That’s it, your Samsung Galaxy A10 is now rooted.

Boot accordingly

  • Reboot without Root – Power up normally
  • Reboot with Root – OEM Recovery Key Combo → Splash screen → Release all buttons
  • Reboot to Recovery Mode – OEM Recovery Key Combo → Splash screen → Keep pressing volume up

So there you have it the complete step by step guide on Galaxy A10 root. If you have any questions or facing any error then comment down below. We will reply with the solution.

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