How to Fix Screen Rotation Problem in Android Phone Without Root

Sometimes in our Android Phone due to some minor issues on the phone sensor leads to Screen Rotation Problem. Calibration of sensors can fix this problem. You don’t need to root your Phone to fix the problem. There are many Apps available for calibration, but here I used Quick TuneUp Calibration. You are reading about “How to Fix Screen Rotation Problem.”

How to Fix Screen Rotation Problem:

1) Open your Google Play Store and Search for Quick TuneUp.

2) Now Install the Quick TuneUp Calibration App on your device.

3) After installing the App Open it.

4) You will see the List for Calibration. You can choose Quick TuneUp to calibrate the whole device, or you can just calibrate Sensors.

5) After successfully calibrating the Sensors Reboot your Phone.

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That’s it now you don’t have to do anything, your sensors will work properly. If this method doesn’t work for you, Reset your phone or Flash ROM. Even if it not work then you should visit the important service centers, because it may be the hardware problem.

If you have any other problem related to your phone, you can ask in a comment section.

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