Download Clubhouse APK for Android (Official App Released)

The clubhouse is finally available for Android after a few weeks of testing. This is probably the most hyped social media app of this year. All the big giants of social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram are copying its concept. Well, it seems Clubhouse doesn’t want to lose a big number of Android users and so they finally released the official Clubhouse for Android. Here you can download Clubhouse APK for your Android phone.

Clubhouse is an invitation-only social media used for Audio chat. And earlier it was only available for iOS. Last week we shared that Clubhouse is testing its app for Android and they should release the app before other social media grab the audience. Well, it’s finally official for Android. Currently, it is only available in the USA, so many of you may not see the install option right now. But you will get the option in the coming days. But hey it’s Android and you can install the apk right away.

Clubhouse APK

Clubhouse is an audio-based social platform where a person can join an existing room or create a new room. Well, anyone can join any room if it is available in your calendar, but you may not be able to speak in that room if the host doesn’t allow you to speak. However, you can raise your hand to speak in the room.

Clubhouse can also act as a free podcast, depending on the room’s topics. Well, you can follow topics of your interest and people who usually share valuable information like a podcast. So enough about the Clubhouse information. Let’s now get you to the Clubhouse for Android and download links for Clubhouse APK.

Download Clubhouse APK

As the official Clubhouse is now live for Android users, you can install an official APK on your phone to get the App immediately. Luckily the Clubhouse APK is already available on trusted sites like APK mirror. We also managed to extract the official Clubhouse apk that you can download. APK will let you cut the waiting time if you are not from the USA, as the app is not available outside the USA as of now. You can use Google Drive and also Apkmirror link to download the official Clubhouse APK.

After downloading Clubhouse APK, you can directly install it on your phone. In case if you downloaded it from APKMirror, then you can use the APKMirror installer. Once you have installed the Clubhouse app on your Android phone, you can sign up on the App.

Clubhouse APK

How to Sign Up for Clubhouse on Android

  1. After installing the Clubhouse APK, open the app on your phone. Install it from the Play Store if available in your region.
  2. Now on the first screen of the App, tap on the ‘Get your username‘ button.
    Download Clubhouse APK
  3. It will ask for your phone number, enter your number to continue.
  4. It will then send a code that you need to enter in the app to verify.
  5. Now enter your first name and last name.
  6. It will let you enter a username of your choice. So, enter a username for your Clubhouse account.
  7. At last tap on Next and it will show a message to wait for the text message from Clubhouse.
    Download Clubhouse APK
  8. So now you can either wait for confirmation from Clubhouse, or you can ask your friend who can send you an invite from their Clubhouse accounts.

So that’s all you have to do to set up Clubhouse on an Android phone.

Tip: If you can’t wait for confirmation from Clubhouse, then you can search for invites on Twitter or other platforms and use that invite to access your account. And then you can enjoy open Rooms.

Clubhouse is still in the early access for Android users, but we have tested it and everything looks good. But we get to know more after testing it for few more days. If you are already using the Clubhouse app on your Android phone, then let us know your experience.

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