Reddit brings in Audio Chat to its home with Reddit Talk

Whether it’s for discussion, queries, or just wholesome content, Reddit has it all. Reddit has finally decided to bring in the feature that made Clubhouse a super hit – Audio Chats. Yes, Reddit is now in line with other platforms that have decided to bring Audio Chats because it is a big deal.

Reddit has a huge number of users called Redditors and an even large number of forums called subreddits. Music, Technology, Movies, News, Hobbies, you name it, they have it. And you can easily see why audio chats are going to be a big X factor for Reddit

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Now let’s take a look and see what Reddit Talk is going to be about

Who can start a Redding Talk

Given that the feature is in its testing phase, moderators of subreddits can only start an audio chat. Once the feature is rolled out moderators will set trusted community members to host an audio chat.

Who can join a Reddit Talk

Joining a Talk on Reddit is quite easy. For that matter, anyone who has an account on Reddit can join a conversation. So far it isn’t clear if you need to join a subreddit to participate in its audio chat. Listeners can have the ability to react with emojis (a feature that is present in Twitter Spaces) and also raise their hand to speak (also found in Zoom, Google Meet, and Telegram). Live captioning is also being considered for the hearing impaired

Gaining control over a Reddit Talk

Just like how a host is able to control a Space on Twitter, similarly in Reddit, a moderator will be able to invite, mute, and remove speakers as well. If in case anyone seems to be inappropriate the mods will be able to ban them from ever joining that particular talk.

Since there could a huge number of people at a given time in a Talk, Reddit is also looking at building tools for moderators to help them manage conversations. Mods will be getting an option to review what was being said by whom at a particular timestamp

Giving a Reddit Talk the Look and Feel

Moderators will be able to customize a Talk room by being able to change background colors and emojis, while listeners can also change their avatar’s looks to fit in the Talk

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Benifits of a Reddit Talk

Well, there could be a lot of benefits just like audio chats on various other platforms. It could be used for Q&A sessions, AMA’s, talk shows or maybe it could become a podcast as well. Depending on a particular subreddit the purpose of a Talk will change.

If you love the idea of having audio chats on Reddit and want to be on the early tests you can join the waitlist by filling out this form.


Though Reddit Talk might seem like a good idea to attract even more users to Reddit, there are a few downsides that can be spotted right away. Like in really large and some inappropriate subreddits it would fail as the control by mods would be a difficult task unless the subreddit decides to opt out of it.

It could also be that anyone could misuse it by creating their own subreddit and host a Talk which then would be difficult to monitor if the intention of the mod is bad. It kind of feels weird for Reddit to follow along the path of other platforms, especially in joining the Audio Chats bandwagon. We might have to wait and see which other platform will be jumping on the audio chat train next.

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