Voice Chats 2.0 by Telegram – What is it and how do you use it?

When it comes to speed, security and features, there’s only one messaging app that rules the roost. It’s Telegram. Telegram launched Voice Chats back in December of 2020. With the rise of apps such as Clubhouse which is still an invite only basis for iOS, Telegram decided to ramp up with more features and released update 7.6 that brought in the all-new Voice Chats 2.0. Here’s how to use Voice Chat 2.0 in Telegram.

The earlier Voice Chats update was only available for group chats. Now with Voice Chats 2.0 you can now have these chats right within Telegram channels itself. Let’s take a look at what’s been dropped in by Telegram in the Voice Chats 2.0 update.

How to use Voice Chat 2.0 in Telegram

Group and Channel admins can easily host live chats for an unlimited number of listeners. Your voice chats are now like public broadcasting radio stations. Any number of people can tune in or tune out as they please.

Creating a voice chat

  • Open your respective channel or group and tap on its name.
  • Next, tap on the vertical three dots menu.
  • Tap on Start Voice Chat.
Telegram Voice Chat
  • Before you can start a voice chat, it will ask you if you want to join via your personal account or your channel.
Voice Chats 2.0

NOTE: You can start voice chats for a public group or channel only if you are an admin!

Saving your voice chats in Telegram

Suppose you’re having a Voice Chat session with listeners and speakers interacting with each other and you want to listen to it again at a later date or for that matter even publish it as a podcast elsewhere, you can now save these chats as recordings. 

If a voice chat is being recorded it will be indicated with a small red light. As soon as you’re done with the Voice Chat the recording is instantly available in your Saved Messages.

Recording a voice chat

  • On the voice chat screen tap on the vertical three dots
  • Now tap on Start Recording.
Voice Chats 2.0 recording
Enabling recording
  • Name your recording and press start.
  • The voice chat screen will now show a red light indicating that the current voice chat is being recorded
Voice Chats 2.0 recording
The red light indicates the voice chat is being recorder
  • Once the voice chat is done with, check the audio files in your Saved Messages.

Requesting and accepting permissions

Let’s say there’s a Voice Chat where only the host is speaking and all the listeners are muted. Someone from one of those muted listeners wants to have a say at something. Instead of just staying quite or trying to DM the Chat host they can now tap the Raise A Hand and alert the host, indicating that they have something to speak

As an admin or the host, you can then allow or decline their request.

Invitation links

Public channel and group admins can share voice chat links to their speakers and listeners separately. Thus, ensuring that no random listener gets invited to speak and cause a nuisance for all.

Sharing links

  • On the voice chat screen, tap on the vertical three dot menu and select Share Invite Link
Voice Chats 2.0 sharing
  • Here you will to choose between sharing it with speakers or listeners.

Choosing how you want to join Voice Chat 2.0

Joining a voice chat with a lot of fans or listeners might seem great, especially if you’re a famous or something. In that case you can always join as a channel or choose to lets you chats get flooded with messages from everyone by joining as a personal account. The choice is yours.

Resuming audio playback

Has a really long voice recording that you stopped listening to because it simply was just too long and wanted to listen to it from where you left off?  With the Voice Chats 2.0 update you can now resume playback of that long voice recording.

One swipe is all it takes

Thanks to the Voice Chats 2.0 update, Android users can now easily swipe around any conversation and choose to either delete, pin, archive, read, mute, or even change folders.

  • Simply swipe from right to left on any conversation and the default option that you have set will appear. In this case, archive has been set as default.

Update 7.6 is definitely a feature-rich update especially with Voice Chats 2.0, right in direct competition with Clubhouse. If you’ve liked these features but still haven’t used Telegram, go ahead and get it right from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store today!

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Now you know how to use Voice Chats 2.0 in Telegram, if you still have any queries with you, then leave in the comment box. Also, share it with your friends.

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