How to use Instagram Live Rooms feature

Instagram has always been a part of the trend bandwagon. Influencers, businesses, and everyone else for that matter use Instagram. It could be for just posting images, watching videos, looking at old memories, etc. Instagram also has one to one video calling and direct messaging that helps you to keep in touch with your friends and family.

With video calls becoming a norm in 2020, Instagram took the video call game a step further. The social media platform now lets users create live rooms. Let’s check how to create and how to use Instagram Live Rooms.

What are Live Rooms?

Instagram’s Live Rooms are nothing but an extended version of Instagram’s own One to One video call. Previously you and another person would be able to make a video call or go live.

In short, it’s a direct call to what Clubhouse has to offer, just that Instagram has it limited to about 4 members (including the host). It is more like Zoom or any other Video Calling app but limited to four members. This feature can be helpful for colleagues if they want to have some fun time while working from home. It’s easy as most users are on Instagram and all you need is its app. So now let’s see how to use Instagram Live Rooms.

How to Create Instagram Live Rooms

  1. Open the Instagram app on your Phone
  2. On the home screen of Instagram, Swipe left. Tap on the Live option
  3. Now in the Live section, click on the Title icon from the left mid-section and pick any title.
  4. After entering the title, Go Live
  5. And next click on the Rooms icon right next to the comment section
  6. Now search and add three other friends
  7. That’s it, you have now created Live Room on Instagram.
How to Create Instagram Live Rooms

How to Join Instagram Live Rooms

To use Instagram’s Live Rooms, a user must know how to create and also how to join a Live Room on Instagram. Now that you already know how to create it, let’s see how to join a Live Room on Instagram.

  1. You will get a notification when a host invites you to their Live Room
  2. You can join directly to Instagram’s live room from the Pop-Up
  3. There is another way to join Live Rooms is by requesting
  4. From the home screen of Instagram, check for any active Live Rooms which will be in the Story section on top
  5. Now tap on the Request and confirm
  6. The host will be able to accept your request from the View Request section.
How to Use Instagram Live Rooms

That’s how to use Live Rooms on Instagram. We have to accept the fact that there are many features on Instagram that makes clutter in the UI. But I hope this guide answers all your questions regarding Instagram’s Live Rooms feature. Let’s discuss more on this feature.

Who cannot join Live Rooms?

  1. Users that have been blocked by any of the four participants cannot join Live Rooms
  2. Participants who have their live access revoked due to violation of Instagram community standards cannot join Live Rooms.

In order to keep Live Room moderated, hosts of such Live Rooms will now be able to block and report unwanted comments and spam and also apply comment filters to weed out foul mouthed comments, thus keeping their Live Rooms family-friendly at all times.

Benefits for Creators?

Yes! Creators on Instagram can benefit from Live Rooms very easily. An influencer can easily collaborate and go live with their brand partners and sponsors which in turn can help in boosting sales and even help in gaining more audience or potential customers easily.

Apart from the business side of things, Live Rooms can also help in creating jamming sessions, Q&A rounds, small shows such as Cooking, Gardening, or even Talk shows as well. Of Course, you could also use Live Rooms like a regular video calling app. Get three of your friends and hop on for endless hours of gossip and everything else in between.

Supporting Creators with the all new Badges

Supporting your favorite creators has finally become easier, at least on Instagram that is. Now when you purchase a badge during a live video, besides your name a small heart icon appears, indicating your support for that creator.

Here is what Instagram says will happen when you purchase a badge:

  1. Badges will remain next to your name during that live session.
  2. Your hearts are highlighted in the comments field during that live.
  3. Your Instagram name appears on a list visible to the creator of that live video for up to 90 days.
  4. If you ask a question during that live, your question will be highlighted to the creator.
  5. If you make a comment during that live chat, your comment may be pinned by the creator

Types of Badges

Currently, there are three types of badges available at different prices. A single heart will cost you $0.99. Two hearts are priced at $1.99 and three hearts will cost you $4.99.

Buying Badges in a Live Room

You can buy these badges during a live video to show a creator your love and support. Here is you can buy them.

  1. Tap the user’s profile photo during a live room
  2. Creators who have badges enabled will have a button under the comments
  3. Below Buy a badge, tap Buy to support @creator
  4. Select your badge
  5. Manage your payments either on the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store
  6. Add a comment.

So, there you go, an easy way to use Live Rooms on Instagram. Liked the Live Rooms update but still not using Instagram? Download it right away from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.

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