Facebook jumps on the Audio Chats bandwagon with Social Audio Experiences

Audio Chats seem to be becoming a norm for almost every social media platform. And now that Facebook’s jumping in as well, one can’t be too sure of WhatsApp, (a part of Facebook Group) might also roll out with such an update. Facebook calls these Social Audio Experiences.

In terms of Social Experiences, Facebook has a ton of them. From being able to share audio, live streaming, and even Facebook Rooms (Facebook Rooms is kinda lot like Instagram’s Live Room’s but hosts up to 50 people as compared to Instagram’s four.). Even with already existing features, Facebook’s decision to take in on what’s trending. Let’s take a look at what’s cooking with the new Social Audio Experiences.

Facebook Social Audio Experiences – New Audio Tools

Facebook has decided to make audio conversations better and more immersive with its new audio tools. There’s a new set of audio tools that will be available within the app. Integrated with Artificial Intelligence, Facebook claims that audio quality will be great even if you are in a busy area. The audio creation tools will let you use music in the background of your story from Facebook’s Sound Collection. Apart from just being able to add music, you’ll also be able to mix tracks and gain access to a large number of sound effects, voice effects, and filters as well.

Facebook Audio Creation Tools

Facebook Social Audio Experiences with Soundbites

Soundbites are small audio clips that could contain anything from sound effects to someone saying something. Soundbites could range from a tiny 3-second clip to a big minute clip. Facebook will begin testing Soundbites in the coming months or so. They plan on teaming up with a few content creators to experiment and see how it will appeal to the mass public.

Podcasts on Facebook?

Yup, podcasts will now be directly playable via the Facebook app. Facebook thinks that having Podcasts within the app is great as there are a large number of groups for fans of a particular podcast creator. With that being said, Facebook will help you to discover new podcasts based on your interest and taste. Oh, you can also listen to the podcast while using the app or while the app is running in the background. These Podcasts will also help creators in connecting with their fans and as well as reaching out to new fans.

Facebook Podcasts

Live Audio Rooms for Groups

There are plenty full of groups on various topics on Facebook. And given that you have around 1.8 billion active group members all over Facebook, Live Audio Rooms will flourish. Members of a group will have a much better way to interact and engage with each other. This seems like a good idea as compared to the standard Rooms on Facebook where you need to be on camera and all that. Like all other platforms that have launched audio chats, it can be used in many creative ways. And given that Live Audio Rooms will also be available for public figures as well. And yes, this feature is expected to start testing out soon and should be available by mid-2021.

Facebook Live Audio Rooms

Opportunities for Monetization

Audio creators will be able to monetize their creations in many ways such as Live Audio Room access charges via one-time or monthly subscriptions. Fans will be able to gift stars to their creators or if they wish they could also donate to a cause that they prefer. The Audio Creator Fund will be introduced to provide help and support for their content and also gain feedback from them on how these new tools are working out for them.


While the addition of all these new tools and features is great for Facebook, there are a lot of issues that need to be fixed. For example, the Facebook app is always riddled with bugs that haven’t been fixed or that keep popping out time and again. Even the dark mode feature doesn’t seem to be working fine as you get a shade of gray in some parts and it’s suddenly black in the other parts.

Another issue is with regards to moderation. Facebook has terrible moderation and adding such audio experiences is only going to make it harder to take control of. Unless Facebook rolls out proper tools for moderators to take control of the new audio experiences, till then expect everything to be a mess.

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