How to create and join Twitter Spaces on Android & iOS [Guide]

Voice Rooms have suddenly become a new feature for many of the social media apps and platforms. Like how Clubhouse took the world by storm with its unique voice-only chat rooms. And as it’s an important feature Twitter also decided to join in the bandwagon of enabling voice chat rooms called Spaces. Here you can check how to create Twitter spaces and how to join Twitter spaces.

Twitter can be seen trying to integrate voice/audio on its platforms. Starting with Voice Tweets where you could record audio and tweet it out like how you would generally post text tweets. The same goes for the recently announced Voice Messages that can be sent in via Direct Messaging. Now that Twitter has launched Spaces, let’s take at what it is.

What are Twitter Spaces?

Twitter Spaces is the new way to have audio conversations with up to 11 people including the host. Since Spaces is public, any Twitter user can join in the conversation. You do not have to be a follower of the host to join. 

Currently, Twitter Spaces is only available to a select number of iOS users. Android users can also join the existing Twitter Spaces but cannot create one like iOS users at least for now. Since the feature is currently in testing, it will soon be globally available for all users.

Twitter Spaces Description
Spaces in a nutshell

Who can create Twitter Spaces

Anyone with Twitter for iOS (for now) can create Twitter Spaces, except for those who have accounts with protected tweets. They can join and speak in Spaces but not create one.

How to Create Space on Twitter

Spaces on Twitter is an interesting and useful feature. And if you also want to try it, then here you get to know how to create Twitter Spaces. Creating a Space is quite easy than you thought it to be.

  1. Currently, only an iOS user can create a Space on Twitter by long pressing on the Tweet Compose and tap the New Spaces diamond-shaped icon. This can be done when you are on your Twitter home screen.
  2. Another way to create Twitter Space is by tapping on your profile image in Fleets and scroll to your extreme right and tap Spaces.
  3. You can give a name to your Space and invite other people to your Space.
  4. To invite listeners or speakers, you can DMing the link to the spaces or just share the link through any medium.
  5. If you are a host, you can choose who can speak in your Twitter Space. You can select Everyone, People you Follow, or only People you invite to speak.

How to Join Twitter Spaces on Android & iOS

Joining a space is quite easy. And f you also want to join any existing Space on Twitter then this guide is for you. Both Android and iOS (iPhone & iPad) users with a Twitter account can easily join Twitter Spaces.

As you know anyone can join Twitter Space whether they are followers of the host or not. The process to join Twitter Space is also different for both cases. Let’s start with the first case where you are following the host:

  1. On your main screen, look at the Tab where the Fleets are present. If there is a Space created by any of your following you will see one that looks like in the below screenshot.
  2. Tap on the Fleet to join.
Join Twitter Spaces in Fleets
Spaces can be found alongside Fleets

Now for the second case in which you are not following the host:

  1. You will only see Twitter Space created by your follower or the one you follow.
  2. To Join a Twitter Space which is not visible in the Fleet section, you need a link.
  3. The host can share links via Tweet, DM, or any other platform.
  4. So, once you have the link for Twitter Space, click on it and open it via Twitter and join the Twitter Space.

A Twitter Space can have a maximum of 11 speakers and an unlimited number of listeners. If In case you wanted to join as a speaker you can always tap on the request button to get permission to join as a speaker.

Controlling your Space

As a host, you have control over your Space. You can remove, report, and even block a user from your Space. Do note that when you block a user from your Space, you are also blocking them from your main account as well. Your listeners can block and report other members as well.

Who can speak in a Twitter Space

As the Space creator, you have the freedom to choose whom you’d like to speak to. You get options to choose between Everyone, People you follow or only people whom you invite.

Ending a Space

Only the host is able to end a Space. But if your Space is found violating then Space can likewise be terminated midway itself.

Uses of Twitter Spaces

Well, they could be used in multiple ways. Live Podcasts, a talk show, discussion panel, or even as a guidance session. It could even make for an interactive Q&A session. You could even turn it into a jamming session as well with a few speakers playing an instrument or singing while the listeners are jamming along as well.

Live Captions Availability

Listeners now have the option to turn on live captioning. This is real-time captioning, but may not always be accurate. This option is available only if the Hosts have allowed Live Captioning in their Twitter Space.

Twitter Space Live Captions
Settings for Live Captions

What happens if your Space is found to be violating Twitter guidelines?

Listeners or other speakers can report a Space if they find something’s not right. Based on the Space activity as well if Twitter finds a Space violating its terms and conditions, a Twitter Space can be shut down right in the middle.


So far Spaces seem to be one of the best alternatives to Clubhouse. Given that there isn’t any invite-only basis to be a part of Spaces. Well yes currently only a few people can create Spaces on iOS, with due time it will be available for all. Given that the feature first debuted in the Twitter app, one can also hope for the fact that Spaces might make its way to the desktop.

If you’ve left Twitter because it didn’t seem to please you, but you’ve taken a keen interest in Spaces then get back to Twitter via the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store today!

So that’s all in the guide on how to create Twitter Spaces and how to join a Twitter Space. You now also know almost everything about the Twitter Space feature. If are try this new feature on Twitter, let us know your experience. Also, in case of queries, do let us know. We might be able to help you.

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