How to Install Xposed Framework on Android Pie

If you are using an Android Pie OS on your phone and want to customize it without any custom ROM. Then you can use the Xposed Framework. Yes, Xposed Framework is now working on Android Pie. Here we will share How to Install Xposed Framework on Android Pie Phones.

How to install xposed on Android Pie

Xposed Framework is one of the most used App for customization with the help of various modules. But earlier it was not available for Android Pie devices and now the unofficial Xposed Framework is available which work perfectly on Android Pie phones.

Now you don’t have to be limited to Magisk modules. Magisk is a good method for Systemless root but when it comes to modules Xposed Framework is the best option. And this is good news for Android Pie users that they can also use Xposed Framework. So check out the method to get Xposed on Pie.

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How to Install Xposed Framework on Android Pie

Installing Xposed Framework is only possible on Rooted phones either it is Pie or any other version of Android. Read prerequisite first and then follow the steps carefully.



Install Xposed on Pie

  1. Open Magisk Manager on your phone.
  2. Tap on three bars on the top left. How to install xposed on Android Pie
  3. Go to Modules and tap on ‘+‘ icon. How to install xposed on Android Pie
  4. Locate (Riru Core Magisk Module) and tap on it. How to install xposed on Android Pie
  5. It will install the Riru Core module and then tap on Close.
  6. Now again follow step 3.
  7. Locate (EdXposed Magisk Module) and tap on it. How to install xposed on Android Pie
  8. It will install EdXposed Module. After installing, tap on Reboot.
  9. After Reboot Install XposedInstaller.apk on your phone. How to install xposed on Android Pie
  10. Open Xposed Framework and Enjoy its features.

There it is. This way you can successfully install Xposed Framework on your Android 9 Pie phone. If you want to know how to install Modules on Xposed Framework then follow the guide below.

How to Install Modules on Xposed Framework

  1. Open Xposed Framework on Phone.
  2. Tap on three bars on top left. How to install xposed on Android Pie
  3. Go to Downloads.
  4. Search a module you want to install.
  5. Tap on the Module you want to Install. It will open the Module Description.
  6. From Description tab go to the Versions tab.
  7. Under latest version tap on Download. How to install xposed on Android Pie
  8. After downloading it will initiate auto install so just click on Install.
  9. After installing the module go to the Module section in the Xposed Framework. How to install xposed on Android Pie
  10. And tap on the empty square icon (make sure that box is checked) and Reboot your phone.
  11. After reboot, the Xposed Module will be activated and you can use it.

This is how you can Install Modules on Xposed Framework. Also you can Export and Import modules on Xposed Framework. Check out some modules that you should try if you have Xposed on your phone.

Xposed Modules You Should Try

Try these Xposed Modules after installing Xposed on Android 9 Pie.

1) Amplify – Battery Extender

Amplify is used to increase the battery life of a phone. It gives users to control how a particular app should use the battery. It comes with a simple and easy user interface for user convenience.

2) PinNotif

The module is used to Pin Notification in the notification panel. Sometimes we clear notifications which could be important. So, in that case, PinNotif is very useful.

3) BootManager

When we reboot or start our phone many unwanted apps open and runs in the background. So to avoid these apps from opening at startup we can use BootManager Module.

4) XBlast Tools

This Module is very important if you want to customize status bar, notification bar, notification panel etc. Like you can add custom text along with the clock, you can make notification panel transparent, you can choose any color for WiFi, Battery, Network indicator etc.

5) iFont

If you like to play with different types of Font on your phone then iFont is the best Module for you. iFont have a large collection of customized fonts which can be opted by users. Just download the font and Apply and reboot.

So that’s it for Xposed Framework on Android Pie. If you have any queries regarding Xposed on Android Pie make sure to use the comment section. Also, you can message authors on their facebook. We will try to help you as soon as possible.

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