Download Magisk v18.1 and Magisk Manager v7.0.0

Latest Magisk and Magisk Manager are available with a revamped user interface. Download Magisk v18.1 zip and Magisk Manager v7.0.0 APK from here.

Download Magisk v18.1 and Magisk Manager v7.0.0

All thanks to the topjohnwu who is a Recognized Developer and Contributor in XDA forum. Make sure to visit his page to check his contribution towards development. He successfully developed the latest stable version with the help of some XDA developers. Latest Magisk comes with some added features compared to the last version (Magisk v18.0). The latest Magisk zip and Magisk Manager works on devices running on Android 4.2 or above.

Check out the changelogs for Magisk v18.1 and Magisk Manager v7.0.0.


Magisk v18.1:

  • [General] Support EMUI 9.0
  • [General] Support Kirin 960 devices
  • [General] Support down to Android 4.2
  • [General] Major code base modernization under-the-hood

Magisk Manager v7.0.0:

  • Major UI redesign!
  • Render Markdown natively (no more buggy WebView!)
  • Support down to Android 4.1 (native Magisk only support Android 4.2 though)
  • Significantly improve Magisk log display performance
  • Fix post OTA scripts for A/B devices
  • Reduce memory usages when verifying and signing boot image
  • Drop support for Magisk lower than v18.0

Check the Previous Version: Download Magisk v18.0 and Magisk Manager v6.1.0

Download Magisk v18.1

Use the below link to download latest Magisk v18.1 zip file and flash using custom recovery on an old version of Magisk Manager.

Note: Newer version of Magisk is available as v19.0, download it from here.

Download Magisk v18.1

More recent version is available, check here.

You can use Magisk zip file for systemless root using any custom Recovery like TWRP. After downloading it make sure to read the installation procedure.

Download Magisk Manager v7.0.0

Magisk Manager v7.0.0 comes with major changes on the interface and also major bugs are fixed. Magisk Manager is used to manage root access and also to install various modules.

Download Magisk Manager v7.0.0

Once you have downloaded both the files, now you are ready to install it on your phone.

Important: If Magisk and Magisk Manager are already installed, then you don’t need to download the latest version from here. You can directly use the Magisk Manager to download and install both Magisk & Magisk Manager.

How to Install Magisk v18.1 on Any Android Phone

If you have an older version of Magisk installed on your phone. Then you can directly install it from the Magisk Manager App. But if the Magisk is not installed then you can use another alternative method which is TWRP or any other custom recovery. So follow steps given below to install Magisk using TWRP Recovery.


  1. Download Magisk on your phone from the link.
  2. Completely turn off your device.
  3. Boot into Recovery mode (check shortcut keys on google to boot into recovery).
  4. Go to Install. Download Magisk v18.1 and Magisk Manager v7.0.0
  5. Locate Magisk and click on it.
  6. Swipe the slider for confirming flash.
  7. After flashing clear Dalvik cache.
  8. Now Reboot into System. First boot may take time.Download Magisk v18.1 and Magisk Manager v7.0.0

There it is! Now you have the latest Magisk installed on your phone. Next step would be installing latest Magisk Manager to manage Root privilege and modules.

How to Install Magisk Manager v7.0.0

  1. Download Magisk Manager v7.0.0 APK from the link.
  2. Then click on the downloaded APK.
  3. Now allow installation from Unknown Sources.
  4. Click on Install and wait.
  5. After installing the APK, open Magisk Manager App and enjoy Magisk features. Download Magisk v18.1 and Magisk Manager v7.0.0

You will see the whole new UI on this Magisk Manager. Also, there are some added features which you have already read in Changelog.

If you have any queries regarding Magisk Download and Installation, make sure to ask in the comment section or you can also reach authors facebook page with your queries. We will try to help you as soon as possible.

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Source: XDA

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