Why is My Firestick So Slow? and How to Fix It

Amazon’s Firestick is considered to be one of the largest streaming devices given that it is fast and converts non-smart televisions into smart ones. Is the slowness of your Firestick interfering with your streaming experience? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Many users frequently wonder, “Why is my Firestick so slow?”

The great news is that there are effective solutions to this problem that will return your streaming device to peak functionality. In this article, we will look at the causes of a slow Firestick and offer different solutions to fix the Firestick so slow problem and improve its speed and efficiency.

Possible Reasons for Slow Firestick Performance

Before we get into the solutions, it’s important to know why your Firestick is moving at such a slow pace or why your Firestick is so slow. There are several factors that can contribute to its sluggishness, including:

Limited Storage Space: One of the most common causes of a Firestick so slow issue is a lack of storage space. As you download apps, games, and other content, the storage space on your device can quickly fill up, resulting in a decrease in performance.

Slow Internet Connection: A slow internet connection is among the most common causes of slow Firestick functioning because if your internet connection is slow, it will take longer for the Firestick to stream content and applications to open. To resolve this, consider increasing the speed of your internet or configuring your network for streaming.

Background Apps: Background apps that run even when you’re not using them eat up system resources. This can result in poor overall efficiency and slower navigation.

Cache Buildup: Cached data from multiple programs can gather over time, filling your Firestick’s memory. As a result, load times may be slower, and the device may be slower to respond.

Outdated Apps: Outdated software and devices can cause compatibility issues and performance restrictions. Keeping your Firestick’s software up-to-date is essential for a smooth experience.

VPN: Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection can sometimes result in poor performance, and many users have faced this issue and reported the problem. Hence, disconnect from the VPN to check if your performance increases.

Overheating: Sadly, Amazon Fire TV sticks frequently overheat, and it’s an established issue that many individuals complain about. However, the issue has become less prevalent since the release of the 4K model, but it has not completely disappeared, and that might be the reason for the issue.

Power Supply: If your Firestick lacks enough power, it will perform slowly. Connect your Firestick to a power source using the supplied or original adapter and cable to fix issues like the Firestick so slow.

How to Fix Firestick Running Slow Problem

Now that we’ve identified the possible reasons why you are experiencing the Firestick so slow problem, let’s look at some effective ways to solve the issue and boost its speed:

1. Use The Original Power Adapter and Cable

Before moving on to the actual fix, the first thing to do to increase the speed of your FireTV is to use the original power adapter and USB that came with the box. This is because they are both optimized to deliver sufficient power or energy to allow Firestick to work smoothly.

So, if you’re using a different USB cable than the original one, make sure to swap it out. Make sure to always use the original Amazon Power Adapter since it allows it to receive adequate power to operate the device smoothly.

2. Restart The Device

Most people leave their Fire TV Sticks plugged in and running even when they aren’t using them. A restart, like a computer or a phone, can help clear a clogged Fire TV Stick and breathe fresh life into it, and restarting the Firestick often resolves any issues and increases its speed. You can either unplug the device and reconnect it or restart it from Fire OS. For the latter, take these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings Icon and then choose My Fire TV.

Why is My Firestick So Slow Fix

Step 2: Or Press and hold the Home button. Go to Settings and select My Fire TV.

Step 3: Navigate down using remote and select Restart.

Why is My Firestick So Slow Fix

Step 4: Finally, choose Restart in the confirmation pop-up.

Why is My Firestick So Slow Fix

3. Update the Software

Check for software upgrades for both your Firestick and the applications that you use on a regular basis. These updates frequently contain bug fixes and optimizations that can significantly enhance performance and help you fix the Firestick so slow like problems.

4. Clear Cache

Clearing cache on the Firestick can help free up space and tackle the Firestick so slow problem by improving speed. To clear the cache, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to the Home screen of the Firestick and choose “Settings.”

Why is My Firestick So Slow Fix

Step 2: Select “Applications” > “Manage Installed Applications.”

Why is My Firestick So Slow Fix

Step 3: Find and choose the application whose cache you wish to remove.

Why is My Firestick So Slow Fix

Step 4: Finally, Choose “Clear cache” and confirm the action by tapping “Yes.”

Why is My Firestick So Slow Fix

Repeat the steps for each app whose cache you want to clear. Also, keep in mind that removing an app’s cache can result in the loss of saved data or preferences, so only remove the cache of apps that you don’t use regularly.

5. Remove Unused Apps

Apps and addons use memory and can operate in the background, taking resources and slowing down your Firestick. Uninstalling any apps you don’t use and removing any Kodi addons you don’t use is a simple solution. To do so, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Press and hold the Home button.

Step 2: Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications.

Step 3: Choose the app you want to uninstall.

Why is My Firestick So Slow Fix

Step 4: To confirm, click Uninstall.

Why is My Firestick So Slow Fix

Note that you can’t uninstall certain apps that come pre-installed on Fire TV.

6. Force Stop Apps

You can also force stop unused apps that you can’t uninstall, or apps that you want to keep but don’t use very often and don’t run in the background. To do so, perform the same steps as described above for uninstalling the app. Instead of selecting Uninstall, this time choose the Force Stop option.

Why is My Firestick So Slow Fix

7. Check Your Internet Connection

Buffering and slow streaming on the Firestick might be caused by a slow or inconsistent internet connection. Hence, check your internet speed, or you can try restarting your router. Once you do, your Firestick so slow issue should be fixed.

8. Turn Off Data Monitoring

Data monitoring is a helpful instrument for ensuring that you do not exceed the limits of your internet provider’s monthly data allowance but maintaining track of your uploads and downloads takes a tiny amount of system resources that could be better used elsewhere. To turn off data monitoring, do the following:

Step 1: Hold down the Home button.

Step 2: Go to Settings > Preferences > Data Usage Monitoring.

Why is My Firestick So Slow Fix

Step 3: Turn off the toggle for data monitoring.

9. Factory Reset

If the above method does not work and you are not able to fix the Firestick so slow issue, you need to factory reset the Firestick. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Long-press the Home button. Then go to Settings > My Fire TV.

Why is My Firestick So Slow Fix

Step 2: Navigate to Settings > Device > Reset to Factory Defaults.

Why is My Firestick So Slow Fix

Step 3: Finally, select Reset to confirm it and wait for the process to complete.

Maintaining Peak Performance

To avoid future slowdowns on the firestick, take the following preventative measures to preserve the performance of your Firestick:

Storage Management: Take care when downloading apps and media content. Remove unwanted applications and files on a regular basis to ensure your device has enough storage space.

Regular Maintenance: Set aside time to perform routine maintenance tasks such as cleaning caches and managing background apps. This can help avoid the steady buildup of performance-decreasing variables.

Streaming Quality: Change the video streaming quality depending on your internet connection. By choosing a lower resolution, you can avoid buffering and improve your overall viewing experience.

Stop automatic updates: Turning off automatic app updates can help prevent background upgrades from slowing down the gadget.

Remove unused apps: Uninstall unwanted applications and disable those that operate in the background in order to increase the speed of the Firestick.

Don’t overburden the device: Installing a lot of applications or storing too much stuff on the Firestick may cause it to slow down and perform poorly.

Reduce background processes: Changing the settings to reduce the number of background processes can help the Firestick run faster and fix issues like the Firestick being so slow.

Stay Updated: Keep an eye out for software updates and install them as soon as possible, as this ensures that your Firestick receives the most recent improvements and security patches and resolves the previous issues or glitches like Firestick so slow or others.

Resolved: Firestick So Slow

Knowing the causes that cause slowness and using the solutions indicated for the Firestick so slow issue will allow you to experience smooth streaming and navigation once again. Keep your Firestick optimized and up-to-date to enjoy a world of uninterrupted enjoyment.

If you still have any queries, then leave a comment in the comment box. Also, share this article with your friends.

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