How to Use Insignia TV Without Remote

Have you lost your Insignia TV remote control and want to watch something important right now on the TV? If so, you have come to the right place, as today we will walk you through the methods to use Insignia TV without remote.

A TV can be defined as a smart TV only if it can do things that a regular non-smart TV can do. Let’s take an Insignia smart TV. Since this is a smart TV, you can expect all the good stuff, like being able to connect to the WiFi, download and stream a ton of shows from various apps, screen mirror from your mobile device, etc.

While all of this is great, there can be one thing that will eventually test your TV if it is smart enough. Well, what happens when you lose the TV remote for Insignia TV? Is your Insignia TV useless, or is there a way to use the Insignia smart TV without a remote? Read on to learn more.

Turn On and Use Insignia TV without a Remote

Insignia is a popular TV brand that manufactures and produces various types of TVs that are super affordable. Now they won’t have the best of the best audio or video quality, but if you want something without burning a hole in your pocket, then an Insignia TV should work perfectly for you.

Let’s head back to the main reason why this guide is here, to know how you could use the Insignia TV without a remote.

Before we go ahead, you need to know that these methods will work only if you have earlier set up and programmed your Insignia TV to connect to your WiFi network. If not, then the only solution is to get yourself a replacement or universal remote.

Using the Physical Buttons

Almost all Insignia TV models have a set of physical buttons to control the basic functions of your TV. They can be found either at the sides, back, or even at the bottom panel of the Insignia TV.

Some Insignia TV models have physical buttons hidden under a cover. Check for a cover on the bottom or side of your TV, and open it carefully by flipping it. You can use these buttons to control your TV.

Using the Mobile App

If you have an Insignia Fire TV, you can use the Fire TV app for Android and iOS, which is a free app to control the TV without remote control. You can also use the app to watch all of your favorite live TV content. Check out the below steps on how to use the Fire TV app as a remote.

Step 1: First, you need to make sure your Insignia Fire TV is already connected to your wifi network.

Step 2: Once you have ensured that the TV is connected to the wifi, connect your mobile device to the same wifi network.

Step 3: Now, download the Fire TV app for your Android or iOS device.

Step 4: Launch the Fire TV app and sign in with the same Amazon account that has been used to sign in to the Fire TV.

Step 5: Select your Amazon Fire TV device on the screen. If it does not appear, tap Set Up New Device, then select Fire TV. Finally, tap Remote.

Step 6: You will now be able to use the screen as a navigation button for your TV.

If your TV uses the Roku operating system, you can install the Roku mobile app to control it. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Download Roku mobile app for Android or iOS devices.

Step 2: Once downloaded, open the Roku app.

Step 3: Click on the Devices tab at the bottom.

Step 4: Wait for the app to find your TV. Select your device and tap Connect Now.

Step 5: Finally, tap Remote to open the virtual remote.

Control Insignia Fire TV Using Alexa

If you have an Insignia Fire TV or an Insignia TV with Alexa built-in, you can connect it using Alexa and control your TV. Here’s how you can set up your Alexa device to control your Insignia Smart TV.

Step 1: Download the Alexa app for your Android or iOS device.

Step 2: Once downloaded, open the app. You will be required to sign in with the same Amazon account that you have used to log in to the Fire TV.

Step 3: Once done, tap on the three horizontal lines at the top left corner of the app.

Step 4: Select the Settings option from the list.

Step 5: Choose TV & Video > Fire TV > Link Your Alexa Device.

Step 6: Select your Insignia Fire TV from the list and tap Continue.

Step 7: You have now linked it right away.

Step 8: Now, simply speak to your Alexa device and give it commands such as “Alexa, open the Netflix app” or others.

Using a Keyboard or Mouse

You can also make use of a keyboard or mouse to control your Insignia TV. To use this method, you need to connect a keyboard or mouse to the TV’s USB port. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Just connect the keyboard or mouse to the USB port on your Insignia TV.

Step 2: As soon as you plug it into the port, use the keyboard or mouse to change volume, switch channels, and access menus.

Using a Universal Remote Control

You can also make use of a universal remote control to control all the functions of the Insignia TV without the original remote control that came with the TV. If you have a universal remote in your home, this is one of the best ways to use your Insignia TV when the original remote is not functioning or you are unable to locate it.

Keep in mind that you need to program the universal remote control to work with your Insignia TV to control its functions.

Wrapping Up

So, these are some of the best ways through which you can use Insignia TV without a remote. In addition to the above methods, you can use a streaming device remote or game controller to control your Insignia TV.

If you have any questions related to the article, let us know in the comments.

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