How to Unbrick Samsung Phones (Fix Bootloop & Bricked Phones)

Samsung is one of the top companies for Smartphones. There are many popular Samsung phones that are available in the market like Galaxy S10, Note 10, S10 Lite, Note 10 Lite, Galaxy A51, and more. Along with the official support Samsung devices also popular in custom development like rooting, custom ROMs, custom Recovery and more. But since the release of OneUI customizing Samsung phones became tough. So due to this Samsung phones are now more prone to be bricked or stuck at Bootloop. Here you will know How to Unbrick Samsung Phones or How to Fix Bootloop on Samsung devices.

Most of the Samsung phones are popular and receives a lot of custom development work. Samsung allows users to unlock bootloader and it makes users easily install GSI, Custom ROMs, Custom kernels and more. Everyone loves Samsung because it provides everything that users need like official tools to manage Samsung phones. It makes easy for users to fix phones in case of any issues with the phone.

This guide will help you to revive your Samsung device if you have bricked, stuck in boot logo, bootloop or any other issues which don’t let the phone boot into the system. But you don’t have to worry anymore and no need to visit the service center to get your phone fixed. You can fix it on your own using a correct flash tool. Let directly dive into the guide to fix Bootloop on Samsung phones.

How to Unbrick Samsung Phones

There are many ways to fix bricked Samsung devices like first flashing a custom recovery and then flashing full Firmware. This method is reliable if you have brick your device later because it doesn’t need a Computer. But since the custom recovery is not available for all the phones then the method left is using an official tool.

If you are using a Samsung phone for a long then you might be aware of the Odin Tool which is popular for flashing Samsung devices. The tool works for all the Samsung phones so we are going the share method using the Odin Flash tool. The tool not just used for fixing bricked phones but also it is used for updating, formatting, locking bootloader, downgrade and more. If you want to fix your Samsung device having bootloop issue then you need to download the firmware for your device. Below we have included a paragraph for information on the platform to download firmware.

Download Firmware for Samsung Devices

The main key to fix bricked devices is the Firmware. If the phone is stuck at boot logo or boot loop then it means the system is got deleted from the phone and it doesn’t have any os to boot on. So, in this case, you can either flash one by one file like boot, system, vbmeta to fix the bricked phone. But this can take time so you can directly flash full firmware at once. Now you need to know from where you can download the firmware for your device. how to fix unbricked samsung phones

You can download the firmware for your device from the XDA forum, SamFirm tool, Sammobile, and some other platforms. I will recommend SamFirm tool which allows to directly download firmware or update file. So download the file from the platform you like and follow the below-given steps to unbrick your Samsung phone. But before that make sure to go through requirements.


Steps to Fix Bricked Samsung Phones

  1. Copy the downloaded firmware and Odin tool to your computer.
  2. Extract the firmware as well as the Odin tool zip file.
  3. In the extracted firmware folder you will find 5 files AP, BL, CP, CSC and Home_CSC file.
  4. Go to the extracted Odin folder and run the Odin.exe file to open the flash tool. How to unbrick Samsung phones
  5. In Odin tool, switch to the options tab and untick Auto Reboot option. How to unbrick Samsung phones
  6. Now click on AP and load AP file, BL file in BP, CP file in CP and in CSC section you can put either CSC or Home CSC file. Prefer CSC file instead of Home CSC for clean flash.
  7. After adding all files power off your Samsung device.
  8. Boot your Samsung phone to the Download mode using shortcut keys. Press & hold Volume Up + Volume Down button together and connect the device to PC via USB cable.
  9. When the Warning screen appears, release both keys. In Warning screen click Volume Up key once and the device will boot into Download Mode.
  10. In the Odin tool, it will show connected, it will show above ID: COM.
  11. Now click on the Start button to start flashing the Firmware. It can take some time for flashing the Firmware. After flashing it will give the ‘Pass’ message. How to unbrick Samsung phones
  12. Disconnect your phone and then reboot your device and wait for reboot.
  13. Now the device will boot into the system and it will work like a new phone.

That’s all you have to do to flash Firmware on your phone to fix bricked Samsung phones. You can follow the same procedure to update your phone. You just need the correct firmware and follow the above steps. Now you can root or install custom ROMs without worrying about bricking your device.

So there you have it the complete guide on how to unbrick Samsung devices or how to fix bootloop on Samsung. If you have any questions on your mind then let us know in the comment section.

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