How to Unbrick Realme 3 & Fix Bootloop [Easy Guide]

Did you just brick your Realme 3 Smartphone or mistakenly entered in a bootloop? If yes then here you will know how to unbrick Realme 3 & also fix bootloop with an easy guide.

Unbrick realme 3

Bricking any Android phone is now a common issue because of increased interest in development & testing including root, installing custom recovery/ROMs. Those who regularly try new custom ROMs and root their phone, then fixing bootloop & bricked device is an easy task for them. But if you are new to this field then you need a proper guide to Unbrick your phone. Once you follow this method then next time you definitely going to fix your phone without a guide. Remember this guide is only to fix the Realme 3 phone and it will not work for other company phones.

What is Bootloop on Phone?

It is an issue which can be caused during modification of any system file on trying to install files which are incompatible to your device. In this issue, the phone will reboot and then when logo appears it again reboot and this process will continue until you shut down your phone.

What is Bricked Phone?

Bricking the phone is no different than the bootloop issue. Same as bootloop it is also caused due to forcefully installing wrong files or changing system files. In this problem, when you try to boot the phone into the system it will show the boot logo forever until you power off the device.

As both the problems are nearly similar the fixing method is also the same. So if you have bricked your Realme 3 or stuck at never-ending bootloop the follow the below guide.

How to Unbrick Realme 3 & Fix Bootloop

Fixing any bricked phone or phone with bootloop, we have to completely reinstall the OS. Her you will get to know the easiest method to do so. This method will also work in case of other bricked Realme phones. But make sure to use the files that are specific to that device. Here I will provide the link of files that we are going to use to fix bricked Realme 3.

Flashing the Stock firmware will fix everything. But as of now, there is no flashing tool available for Realme so you have to use another method which is easy as any flashing tool. Make sure to follow the process carefully.


  • Download latest Stock Firmware for your phone (Follow this Link) 
  • A MicroSD Card Required
  • Charge your Phone to at least 50%
  • Download & Install ADB & Fastboot driver on PC
  • Download Platform Tools on PC.
  • This will erase all the data (which is probably gone if your device is bricked, and you can not take backup)

Steps to Unbrick Realme 3 & Fix Bootloop

  1. First, download the full Stock Firmware on another Phone or PC.
  2. Copy the downloaded firmware to the MicroSD card.
  3. Insert MicroSD card on bricked Realme.
  4. Completely turn off your phone by pressing the power button for a long time (5-6 seconds approx).
  5. Press & hold Power + Volume down button together to boot into stock recovery. If it’s boot into Fastboot mode then follow 6-9 steps or otherwise directly jump to step 10.
  6. Connect your Phone to PC using a USB cable.
  7. Extract the downloaded platform-tools zip file on PC. Open the extracted platform-tool folder. In platform-tools folder press Shift + Right click and select “Open Command window here” or “Open Powershell window here”. Unbrick realme 3
  8. In Command/PowerShell window enter the command
    • fastboot flashing lock
    • And if any options appear on phone screen then press the Volume up button to “lock bootloader”.
  9. After locking the bootloader turn off your phone and follow step 5 to boot into Recovery. This time it will boot into recovery.
  10. In Recovery mode tap on “Install from Storage Device” and locate the downloaded Stock Firmware. It will now install the Stock ROM. Unbrick realme 3
  11. Again boot into Recovery and this time tap on “Wipe data” and clean all the data. Unbrick realme 3
  12. Then Reboot your device into System and now your Realme 3 is unbricked and bootloop free. Setup your phone and enjoy.

If you again bricked your device then follow the same steps to unbrick it. And now you can try any type of modification without worrying about bricking the phone. Because you already know how to unbrick it. But make sure to take a backup before you attempt for any modification.

So there you have it the complete step by step guide to unbrick Realme 3 and Fix Bootloop. If you are unable to unbrick your phone then let us know in the comment section and we will reply with the perfect solution.

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  1. Accidentally erased system… Still able to boot into twrp recovery with fastboot..other than that nothing is working.i have tried installing stock system with twrp but no luck…installed stock recovery but not working turns into bootloop…help please

  2. I tried to install the latest ozip from the official website but bad luck to me, installation failed and still stucked in boot loop…help me

  3. is their any way to recover data after doing this?? i’m stucked on boot loop while rooting my phone and if their is anyway to recover my lost images and contacts please tell me on my email or reply here (any paid or free apps or software) and also make tutorial how to safely root realme 3 that must help


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