How to Root ROG Phone 6 Pro and Unlock Bootloader

Asus has launched its most powerful phone ever, the ROG Phone 6 Pro. The ROG Phone 6 series includes two devices ROG Phone 6 and ROG Phone 6 Pro. As you know the ROG Phone series is a gaming phone series and comes with the most powerful hardware available at that time. The same is the case with the latest ROG Phone 6 series. If you have ROG Phone 6 or ROG Phone 6 Pro then this guide is for you.

Here we will share a guide on how to root ROG Phone 6 Pro and How to unlock bootloader of ROG Phone 6 Pro. This guide will also work for the base ROG Phone 6.

Since it is a powerful gaming phone and we can’t miss its features, let’s first go through a quick specification. The ROG Phone 6 Pro looks cool in terms of design as it has a modern design at the back with a small 2” matrix display that acts as a cover display. The phone has a 6.78-inch AMOLED Display from Samsung and it supports up to 165Hz refresh rate.

ROG Phone 6 is the second phone series with the latest Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor which is quite more powerful than its predecessor. The processor also comes with Adreno 730 GPU for powerpack gaming. ROG Phone 6 Pro comes with 18GB RAM and 512GB of storage.

Everything that helps in gaming also got improved like Air triggers, Software, chamber cooling, and more. Camera setup on the phone is also great but it’s not the best on the phone as it is a gaming focused phone. To take the gaming to the next level you can get the option to customize services and controls of your own by rooting your ROG Phone 6. Here you will also know the steps to unlock bootloader of ROG Phone 6 Pro.

How to Root ROG Phone 6 Pro

Although phones these days come with powerpack performance there are always some limitations and caps on the performance. This can be removed by rooting the Phone. Rooting also opens the options for next level customization. There are many apps that work on root and make various tasks simple. But for rooting or other customization like custom ROMs, the bootloader must be unlocked. So let’s first see how to unlock bootloader of ROG Phone 6 Pro.

Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro Unlock Bootloader

Android smartphones including Asus phones have a feature called bootloader which is used for security purposes. It is locked by default which prevents system modification without user authorization. It also restricts rooting the phone. Luckily Asus has an official method to unlock the bootloader. It is a bit different from other OEMs but it is easy as well. So let’s see how to unlock the bootloader of ROG Phone 6 Pro.

  1. On your browser, go to ROG Phone 6 Pro official support page. (Select ROG Phone 6 if you have a base model).
  2. On the webpage switch to the Drivers and Tools section. And in the drop down option, select Android.
  3. It will list all the important utility files including the Unlock APK.
    Unlock Bootloader of ROG Phone 6 Pro
  4. Download the ‘Unlock Device App’ for ROG Phone 6 or 6 Pro.
  5. Install the downloaded Unlock APK on your phone.
  6. Now on your Phone, go to Settings > About Phone and tap Build Number 7 times to turn on developer options. It will show a message that you are now a developer.
  7. Go back to Settings > Developer Options. Enable OEM unlocking and USB Debugging.
    Asus ZenFone 7 Pro Unlock Bootloader
  8. Open the unlock app on your phone and accept its rules.
  9. Then you will have the button to unlock bootloader in the App itself. Remember that it will erase all data from your phone, so take a full backup before using the button.
  10. After unlocking the bootloader of Rog Phone 6 or 6 Pro, reboot your phone and set up your device.

Once you have completed the Unlock Bootloader steps, you can cross check the bootloader status in developer options or in the fastboot mode. There are some required files you need to get that you will use in the root guide.


  • Take a full backup of your phone (To restore if you lose data)
  • Charge your phone to at least 50%
  • Download & Install Magisk app on your Phone
  • Install ADB & Fastboot drivers on your PC
  • Download ROG Phone 6 or 6 Pro firmware (Same version as your build number, use this link)

Steps to Root ROG Phone 6 Pro with Magisk

  1. You need to extract the boot image file (boot.img) from the Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro firmware using payload dumper.
  2. Copy the extracted boot.img to your phone.
  3. Install and open the Magisk app on your phone.
  4. In the app, click on Install next to Magisk.
    How to Root ROG Phone 5 Pro
  5. Next choose ‘Select and Patch a File’ and select the boot.img file from the phone storage.
    How to Root ROG Phone 5 Pro
  6. It will start patching the file and once done, you will get the output in the Download folder as magisk_patched.img.
  7. Copy the patched boot file to your computer in C:\adb location or in the platform tools folder. And rename the file to boot.img.
  8. Open the Command window where the boot image is located (type cmd in file location and press enter). In case you have macOS or Linux then use Platform tools.
    How to Root ROG Phone 5 Pro
  9. Boot your phone into Download/Bootloader Mode and connect the phone to the PC using a USB cable. To boot into bootloader you can either use shortcut buttons or command: adb reboot bootloader
  10. Enter the below command to flash patched boot image and root ROG Phone 6 (Pro).
    • fastboot flash boot boot.img
  11. After installing the Magisk on your phone, reboot it to the system.
  12. Now you have an Asus ROG Phone 6 with Root privilege.

You can confirm root access using any third party root checker or the Magisk app itself. If you managed to root your phone, you can now use all the apps and features that ask for root privilege. You might also be able to custom the controls of your phone using any button mapping app. And if you like customization and advanced feature you can also install various Xposed Modules which works if you have Xposed Framework installed.

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So, there you have it, the complete guide on how to root ROG Phone 6 Pro and how to unlock bootloader of Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro. And if you have any questions regarding the device and guide then let us know in the comment section.

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