Download Android SDK Platform Tools for Window/macOS/Linux

Want to modify your Android phone with commands? If yes then you need Android SDK Platform Tools for your computer to execute adb fastboot commands. Even if you are into Android development then the SDK tool is useful. It easily allows the computer to detect devices in adb or fastboot mode without installing the adb & fastboot driver. Here you get to download the latest Android SDK Platform tools for your device.

Android SDK Platform Tools

A lot of users now try to root or install custom ROMs on their Android phones because of advanced functions and the liberty to use the OS they want. But it takes a series of processes that involve using the Command window or CMD. But if correct drivers are not installed then the computer will not detect your phone. And here comes the role of Android SDK Platform Tools which can save a lot of effort looking for drivers.

What is Android SDK Platform Tools?

Android SDK Platform Tools is a set of drivers and components merged in a file to provide support for Android phones on the computer. It contains components such as ADB, Fastboot, and systrace. The SDK Platform Tools is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms in the form of files that do not require installation.

It also has additional uses such as unlocking bootloader and flashing image files using the command tool. It is recommended for developers as well as testers.

Android SDK Platform Tools Features

Let’s now discuss some Android SDK features for an Android user.

Backward Compatible – The platform tool is backward compatible. It means if you have the latest version and want to go back to the previous version then you can do that.

ADB Driver – If you have SDK Platform Tools then you don’t have to install ADB drivers. You can use Platform Tools to execute ADB commands.

Fastboot Driver – Along with ADB the SDK Platform Tool also comes with Fastboot drivers and so you don’t need to manually install the driver.

Support Multiple OS – The Android SDK Platform Tools is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is required for Android development and this is the reason for availability to multiple OS.

Flash System Images – The Platform tool also let us flash system image files with the help of flashing commands. And so it is useful for flashing custom Recovery and custom ROMs on Android Phones.

Download Android SDK Platform Tools

It is a tool for Android SDK from Google. And it is available officially on the Android blog. But in case if you didn’t find it, then we will help you to get the latest Android SDK Platform Tools. It is helpful in a lot of complex processes such as flashing image files, unlocking bootloader, developing Android apps, testing various apps, and a lot more advanced tasks.

ADB and Fastboot drivers are available for Windows but not for macOS and Linux so in this case, one can use Android SDK Platform Tools to easily complete ADB and Fastboot tasks. Download the tool using the below links for your OS.

How to use Android SDK Platform Tools

Using the SDK Platform tool is easy and convenient in most cases. Here in this guide, I will share how you can use ADB and Fastboot features using the Android SDK Platform Tools.

  1. Firat download Platform Tools from the links given in the download section.
  2. Now extract the folder on your computer.
  3. Open the Platform Tools folder.
  4. And in the folder open Command Window. It depends on the OS how you can access Command. Below I will share steps for the Windows platform.
  5. In the Platform Tools folder, in the address bar change it to CMD and press enter.
  6. It will open the Command window at the location where the Platform Tools folder is placed.
  7. And now you can use any ADB or Fastboot command to make changes on your Android phone.

So there you have it the complete guide on Android SDK Platform Tools. Similar to this Google has introduced many effective tools that you can use for your Android phone. Also, you can get guides on more tools right here in YTECHB. In case if you have any queries then let us know in the comment section.

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