How to Install Android 11 DP 3 GSI on any Android Phone (With Download Link)

Android 11 is the next upcoming Android OS from Google, and currently, it is under beta testing. Google released the first Android 11 developer preview in February 2020. Then precisely after a month, the Developer Preview 2 released. And now, as per the Android 11 beta roadmap, the scheduled Android 11 Developer Preview 3 is now available for Pixel and other Android phones. In the first Android 11 DP, we got to see some new features that are all set to release in the stable update. Here you get to download Android 11 Developer Preview 2 GSI and guide to install Android 11 GSI on Android Phones.

The Android 11 DP3 comes with some new features with many improvements, it is an enhancement update to deliver better performance. I will list the new features below. Android 11 DP3 update is available for Pixel phones as well as other Android devices with treble support. Google pushed the OTA update on Pixel phones, but for other Android phones, we need to flash the Android 11 DP3 GSI. It is easy to update Android phones that support GSI. But if you are not aware of the process, then this guide will help you to upgrade to Android 11.

If you like the stock experience, then you should try the latest Android 11 to experience new upcoming features. The Android 11 DP3 comes with build number RPP2.200227.014, and it also brings the latest April 2020 Security patch. The developer preview is like a beta, so there might be some issues, but there are no known major bugs. So it’s worth trying the Android 11 if it is available for your phone.

Android 11 Developer Preview 3 Features

Styles and Wallpapers – The Android 11 Developer Preview 3 comes with some changes in UI. The first change is the Styles and Wallpapers, which now reverted to the Android 10 styles and wallpapers. We have seen different UI in Developer Preview 2.

Changes in Recents Menu – Recent tab comes with a new UI where now you will get screenshot and share options. The dock with apps and search bar removed and replaced with a clean UI. There is one more option in which you can bring back the app that you recently removed using the swipe down gesture.

Screenshot options and UI – In Android 11 Developer Preview 3, the screenshot animation now looks better and smooth. The share and edit option for a screenshot is now at the left corner and easy to access.

Manual Gesture Sensitivity – The new update brings the manual option to set the sensitivity area on the left and right sides of the screen.

Dismiss All Notifications – In Android 10 or lower when we get alert notifications like screen recording, which sticks to the notification and doesn’t go even we try to dismiss. But now we can easily dismiss all notifications.

Ethernet Tethering – In Android 10 and previous Android OS, there are options for USB tethering and Bluetooth tethering. And now, in Android 11 we also get an Ethernet Tethering option, which allows Phone’s internet connection via USB Ethernet.

There are some other features as well, like new volume controls UI, Large inline notification preference, and more. Now let jump into the download section.

Download Android 11 Developer Preview 3 GSI

Google provides GSI for Android phones so that users with non Pixel phones can also try the latest Android OS. So if you decide to install the latest Android 11 DP3 on your phone, then you can download the Android 11 GSI in this section. The GSI file size can vary as per the hardware that your phone features like ARM64 or X86_64. Also, the GSI file is available with Google Mobile Services and without GMS. You can download the GSI for your phone from the below given links. But before downloading, check if your phone is treble support to save your internet data.

After downloading the correct GSI file for your Android phone, you can follow the below guide to install GSI on Android Phones. Also, make sure to go through the requirements.


  • Take a full backup of your phone
  • Bootloader must be unlocked
  • TWRP Recovery or custom recovery should be installed
  • Download any Android 10 based custom ROM for your phone

How to Install Android 11 DP3 GSI on Any Android Phone

  1. First, copy all the files to your computer for backup to ensure data is safe.
  2. You need to extract the downloaded GSI on your computer and look for System.img and vbmeta.img in the extracted folder.
  3. If you have a MicroSD card, then copy both files on MicroSD for convenience. If you do this, then you don’t have to copy files every time you perform wipe on your phone.
  4. Now power off your phone and boot into Custom Recovery. You can use shortcut buttons that are different for different phones.
  5. In the custom Recovery, go to Wipe > Advanced Wipe. Android 11 Developer Preview 2 GSI
  6. Select Dalvik/ART cache, cache, system, and data. And wipe all the selected data.
  7. Now copy the GSI files and Android 10 custom ROM on your phone.
  8. In TWRP, go to Install and select the Android 10 based custom ROM. If it is not showing files, then go to Wipe > Format data, type ‘yes’, and enter. Then select Android 10 ROM and flash it. Android 11 DP 2 GSI
  9. After flashing the Android 10 ROM go to Wipe > Advanced Wipe. Select Dalvik_cache, cache, System/System_root. And then wipe selected files. Android 11 Developer Preview 2 GSI
  10. Now again, go to Install > Install Image. Then select the system.img and choose the System Image Option and swipe to flash the image file. Android 11 DP 2 GSI
  11. After flashing the system file, go to Reboot > System. Then set up your device and enjoy. Android 11 DP 2 GSI

Now you can experience the upcoming Android 11 on your phone before others. You can follow the same process to install the new Developer Preview on your phone for more new features.

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So there you have it the complete guide on download Android 11 GSI and how to install Android GSI 11 on Android phones. In case if you have any questions, then let us know in the comment section.

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