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How to Get Permanent Jailbreak on iOS 13 – iOS 13.3 (No Revoke)

Recently we shared a guide to Jailbreak iOS 13 running device with one of the best exploit methods. But due to some reason, the Jailbreak feature revokes on reboot and update. And so you have to Jailbreak again using the same method. But now you don’t have to Jailbreak each time because this method will make it permanent. The exploit method in which this guide is based on is the Unc0ver method. So get ready to experience hurdle free Jailbreak on your iPhone. Here you will know how to Jailbreak iOS 13 permanently.

The iOS 13.4 developer beta 3 is already out and we need to still test the method on iOS 13.4. But for now, it is working on iPhones running on iOS 13 – iOS 13.3. If you have already tried Jailbreak on your iPhone then this guide is going to be very easy for you. And if you never tried on your iPhone then this guide is all you need to learn about iPhone Jailbreak. The unc0ver method is a reliable and promising exploit. How to get permanent Jailbreak on iOS 13

Apple is known for its security feature on iPhones, but it doesn’t let you customize the phone Jailbreak tweaks. So to get features like customization we can Jailbreak the device. And it is an easy and legit method to get the Jailbreak on iPhones. But it gets revoked when an update comes or after reboot, and each time you need to Jailbreak again. But now we have a method that will permanently Jailbreak iPhone with no revoke.

How to Jailbreak iOS 13 – iOS 13.3 Permanently (No Revoke)

This method is for iPhones running on iOS 13 to iOS 13.3 os version. The exploit that you need to install in case to Jailbreak for this guide is Unc0ver. It is going to be a bot long process but it is easy so make sure to give it some time and at last, you will have a permanent Jailbreak. You can use this method also on the latest phones like iPhone 11, iPhone XS Max and others. Before you begin the process first make sure to go through steps and then start replicating it. So let’s start with the requirement.


  • Jailbreak your device with unc0ver (follow this guide)
  • Make sure Cydia is installed on your phone
  • It requires Apple ID

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Steps to Get Permanent Jailbreak on iPhones

  1. Open Cydia on your iPhone.
  2. Go to the below given repository link on your browser and tap on Add to Cydia > Open.
    • https://repo.incendo.ws
  3. It will take you to Cydia and there tap on Install the Source.
  4. Now it will add all the necessary repository that you need for this guide, so wait for process and then tap on Return to Cydia.
  5. In Cydia go to the Search tab and search for ReProvision and open it from search results.
  6. Now click on Modify on the top right corner and then tap on Downgrade.
  7. In downgrade select the 0.5-release version and confirm downgrade.
  8. It will download and install the 0.5 version so wait and after that tap on Restart SpringBoard.
  9. Now go to the home screen and open the ReProvision app on your device.
  10. It will ask you to enter the Apple ID and password so fill the information.
  11. If you have two-factor authentication enabled then first try with the normal password and if it gives error then turn off the Two-factor authentication and then enter Apple ID and login.
  12. Now the ReProvision will open and there you will see unc0ver in one of the sections. If the unc0ver is in the signed section then skip steps 13 to 16. If not then follow the steps to sign it.
  13. In ReProvision switch to the middle tab with a little search icon and tap on Manage Certificates > Revoke All Certificates > Revoke.
  14. Go back to main screen (first tab) of ReProvisionand then tap on unc0ver under Other Applications.
  15. It will open unc0ver is popup so tap on Add > Continue and it will start signing. Wait for 100%. It will provide notification after completion.
  16. Now go back to ReProvision home screen and the unc0ver will show in Recently Signed section.
  17. Now open the unc0ver and if it gives trust error then open Settings and go to General > Device Management.
  18. Then tap on your Apple ID and in next screen tap on Verify or trust and confirmation tab tap on the same.
  19. Go back to ReProvision app and switch to the Settings tab (third tab). Under Automated Re-Signing turn on ‘Automatically Re-Sign’ and set 2 days in ‘Re-Sign Applications when’.
  20. Then go to Advanced section and there also you can turn on Re-Sign and set interval of your choice.

In every 7 days, the unc0ver will be removed from signed that’s why we need to set the Automated re-signing. So that when 2 days left, the signed status will be extended for the next seven days. And this process will continue and you will not have any issues. When Apple get to know about it then they might revoke this also. But for now, it is working and enjoy the Jailbreak.

So there you have it the guide on how to Jailbreak iOS 13 – iOS 13.3 permanent without limit for revoke. If you have any questions on your mind then let us know in the comment section below.

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