How to Disable Dynamic Refresh Rate on Poco X3

Higher refresh rates on Smartphones display is now a common feature that we get on many phones. Even budget phones now feature higher refresh rates such as 90Hz & 120 Hz. This trend started with Poco X2 and now its successor Poco X3 also comes with a 120Hz refresh rate. And like other phones, it has a Dynamic Refresh Rate, which sometimes creates problems. And so here you will know how to disable Dynamic Refresh Rate on Poco X3.

Poco X3 comes with an amazing 6.67-inch IPS LCD display. The display features a 120Hz higher refresh rate and FHD+ resolution. It is a budget phone but still, it packs with display hardware similar to a flagship device. If you own Poco X3 then this guide is for you. You will know how to force 120Hz refresh rate on Poco X3 for a better display experience. Poco X3 also comes with Dynamic Refresh Rate by default.

Disable Dynamic Refresh Rate on Poco X3

Dynamic Refresh Rate allows the device to switch between different refresh rates when switching from one app to another. This is a common feature that all phones have with higher refresh rates. The feature allows the phone to save battery by switching to a lower refresh rate when a high refresh rate is not required.

But there is also a disadvantage of the dynamic refresh rate. It makes the phone laggy and also the phone starts to stutter. The problem may not appear in flagship devices but it is common for budget phones. It means you may also notice the problem with your Poco X3. This can be frustrating many times and using 120Hz will be like a bad option as compared to 60Hz.

And in this case, you can force Poco X3 to run 120Hz in every app so it doesn’t switch to 60Hz. This way you can also enjoy the smooth experience on your phone. But keep in mind that it will consume more battery than usual as it will use 120Hz at a consistent rate. 

Thanks to Slim K for sharing an awesome guide to disable dynamic refresh rate on Poco X3. He is a recognized developer and you will find most of the work on Github. There are some tasks you need to complete before you head to the steps.


Steps to Disable Dynamic Refresh Rate on Poco X3

  1. Install the Termux and MagiskHide Prop config on your device.
  2. Now in your Terminal run SU.
  3. Then run props in your Terminal.
  4. From the given options choose 5 (Add/Edit custom props).
  5. In the next step choose n (New custom prop).
  6. Then type the below code in the terminal.
    • ro.vendor.dfps.enable
  7. The default value is True. Type false.
  8. Then choose option 2 (post-fs-dat).
  9. Select n in the next option. Don’t reboot your phone.
  10. Again choose n to setup another prop.
  11. Now type the below command in the Terminal.
    • ro.vendor.smart_dfps.enable
  12. The default value will be True, so type false to disable.
  13. Then choose option 2 (post-fs-data).
  14. Now you can reboot your phone.

That’s all you have to follow on your Poco X3 to prevent it from switching between different refresh rates. You will notice a small degrade in the battery performance but it will not affect much.

Slim K has tested this guide on MIUI so if you are on the stock MIUI then you can simply follow this guide. This is not tested in any Custom ROMs but you can still try it if you want.

Magisk is a useful tool for Android phones and you can use various modules for customization. This is just one of its advantages, and you can follow many other guides to enhance your device performance.

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If you are not using any battery optimization module or app like Greenify then you can use it for better battery life. It will let you fill-up the gap that was created after disabling the dynamic refresh rate.

So there you have it, the guide on how to disable dynamic refresh rate on Poco X3. If you have any queries then let us know in the comment section.

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