How to Change Wallpaper on iPhone with Single Tap

iPhones get a lot of new features with the latest iOS 14 update. And this includes some interesting features like Widgets, App Drawer shortcuts, and more. If you have updated your iPhone to iOS 14 then you probably have tried the customization. And now you can also add one option to change the wallpaper. Here you will know how to change wallpapers on iPhone in single tap.

iOS 14 has been the best upgrade for iPhone users in many years. It brings many Android features to iPhones. You can now create a different home screen setup on your device using custom icons. But you will also need suitable wallpapers for it. But you will be happy to know we have a guide that will let you easily change the wallpaper.

There are many options for customization in iOS 14. And you can use one of these features to set random wallpapers on your iPhone. It will let you change wallpapers on iPhones with a single tap, just like an Assistive touch.

How to Change iPhone Wallpapers in Single Tap

You may be wondering how this is possible to change wallpaper with a single tap. Well, we are going to use the shortcut method for it. And just like you change your iPhone Apps icon, similarly you can also create a shortcut to change wallpapers. It doesn’t require a third party wallpaper app for this guide.

Note: The method is tested on iOS 14.3. And if it is not working for other versions then just wait for a day as iOS 14.3 will release to the public within a day.

Create a New Wallpaper Album

Collect your favorite wallpapers on your iPhone. You can also download cool iPhone wallpapers from our website.

After downloading enough wallpapers go to the Gallery app on your iPhone. Then create a new album named ‘Wallpaper’ and put all your favorite wallpapers in that Album. To create an Album click on ‘+‘ on the top left corner and click on create an album.

After adding wallpapers in your new Album move forward to the next section.

Allow Shortcut on your iPhone

As you will be creating a shortcut for this method, you will have to first allow the untrusted shortcuts.

First, open Settings on your iPhone. Then go to Shortcut Settings, you will find it at the last in Settings. Under Shortcut make sure to allow untrusted shortcuts.

Steps to Add Wallpaper shortcut

Thanks to a YouTuber (@Technical Beardo) who already created a Siri shortcut that you can directly install on your iPhone. You can also create a shortcut if you want. But for an easy process, you can directly use the given link.

Open this Siri Shortcut link (iCloud Link). It will then ask for permission to install, so scroll down to the last and click on the Allow Untrusted shortcut. It will be added to the shortcut list.

Switch to the My Shortcut tab and then click on three dots under the Wallpaper shortcut.

How to Change Wallpaper on iPhone with Single Tap

Scroll down to the last and Allow access to Photos for the Wallpaper shortcut. After allowing the access click on Done.

Again click on three dots in the wallpaper shortcut and then click on Share icon > Add to home screen > Add > Done. You can also change the icon of the shortcut while adding it to the home screen.

Go back to your home screen and there you will find a new icon. And when you tap on the icon it will change the wallpaper. The wallpaper will only switch between the collection available in the Wallpaper ‘Album’. And so if you want to apply new wallpapers then you can add new walls in the Album.

Now you can create home screen setup and check which wallpaper suits better for your setup. It is a simple guide and it works without Jailbreaking the iPhone. This method works great for new and refreshing design whenever you want.

So that’s all for the guide on how to change wallpapers on iPhones with a single tap. And in case if you have any queries then let us know in the comment section.

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