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How to Change or Customize App Icons on iOS 14

About a few weeks ago Apple released the iOS 14 stable to the public. And it brings a lot of new features that users were missing in previous updates. The iOS 14 comes with support for widgets and customized app icons. And with this iPhone and iPad users are now able to customize their home screen like Android users. Here you will know how to change App icons on iOS 14.

One of the best things about Apple is they don’t bring any feature on their OS unless they have mastered it. But it doesn’t work out for everyone as we as a user like to have exclusive and new features. And the iOS 14 update made most of the users happy as they can now change home screen as they want. It is one of the reasons why users were opting to Jailbreak their iPhone and iPads. But now to customize their home screen on iOS 14 they don’t have to Jailbreak their device.

How to change App icons on iOS 14-1

As you know iOS 14 also comes with Widget support which has also an important role to play in home screen customization. And along with App icons you can also customize various Widgets to match App icons. We are going to share the iOS 14 home screen customization series starting with this guide to change App icons on iOS 14.

How to Get App Icons for iOS 14

We will start this guide with tips to get new and customized App icons. Apple allows users to add any icons on any app. It means you can also create your own App icons otherwise you always have the option to download from third party apps or websites.

You can find free as well as paid app icons that you can directly download for your device. In case if you don’t want to create new APp icons then i will suggest to search for app icons for iOS 14 on Google to download from websites.

Tip: If you are purchasing an App icon pack then first explore the icons and choose the pack if it has most of the icon matches to your Apps list that you use on your iPhone or iPad.

And once you have the file with various App icons then you can follow the guide given below to change the App icon on iOS 14. This is an easy guide but it requires some time for full setup as it works through Siri shortcut. There are some methods to bypass Siri shortcut but those methods can be risky for your data. But don’t worry soon Apple will notice it and will provide a more natural way to customize App icons. Let’s now jump into the guide.

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Steps to Change App Icons on iOS 14

  1. First, download or create App icons and transfer to your iPhone or iPad that you want to customize.
  2. Open Shortcuts on your iPhone (You can search in the App library).
  3. In the Shortcut tab, you will find the ‘+’ button on the top right corner, click on it.
  4. Then click on the ‘Add Action’ button and then choose the Scripting option.
  5. On the next screen choose the app that you want to change the icon.
  6. And then you will see the Next button, click on it for further action.
  7. Enter the shortcut name (Keep the name of the app that you set in action). Then tap on done.
  8. Go to the Shortcut tab and then the Action tab.
  9. In the Action tab, click on three dots which will be below the Done option.
  10. It will open the details tab. There tap on the ‘Add to Home Screen’.
  11. Then tap on the small icon (Second icon) and select ‘choose photo’.
  12. Now select the appropriate icon for that app. And at last click on Add.
  13. The new app icon will be applied and you can check it on the home screen.
  14. Follow the same process to change icons for other apps on iOS 14.

This is the long method but one of the easiest. I will not recommend using third party softwares that are not available on App Stores as it may not be good for your data. In case if your iPhone is not your primary device then you can try the app icons available on various sites.

App icons looks great on the homescreen but with widgets it can make your homescreen even better. And so we are going to share the widget customization in our next guide.

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If you like to customize your iPhone’s homescreen then feel free to share some of your favorite setup. And in case of any queries let us know in the comment section.

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