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Best KWGT Widget Packs for Android Customization [2020]

Android is the most used operating system on Smartphones. One of the main reason for its success is the customization. Android allows users to customize their phones from beginners level to advanced level freely. In customization, we can manage the look & design of the Phone interface like Status Bar, Homescreen, Lockscreen, Quick settings, Settings, and other Apps interface. If you love customizing your device, then you probably know about KWGT Kustom Widget Maker. Here in this guide, you will know Best KWGT Widgets for customizing Android phones.

Most launchers on Android phones allow us to add Widget on Homescreen that we can set up according to our choice. Widgets are used to customize the Android smartphone’s home screen without rooting the device. Yes, you don’t need root access to customize the home screen of your phone. Well, if you are here, then most probably you know what is KWGT Kustom widget and its use. Most of the Android phone users like to customize their phones with beautiful Wallpapers and widgets matching to the wallpaper. There are loads of KWGT Widget apps are available, and a lot of custom widgets that you can choose as per your Wallpaper. Below you can find the list of best KWGT Widgets Apps that you can download from the Play Store.

Before diving into the list of Best KWGT Widgets, Let’s see how you can create an awesome home screen setup, using below-listed KWGT Widget Packs (Apps) list.

Home Screen Setup Made using KWGT Widget!

Best KWGT Widgets for Android

I have been using the KWGT with the Nova Launcher, and believe me, it’s really a great customization app using which you can set up your homescreen as you like. If you like the minimal design or attractive colorful design on homescreen then KWGT Kustom Widget is the best option. You don’t need to root your phone for customizing the home screen, and you just need a launcher that supports Widgets. Almost all the available Android launcher comes with Widget support, so there is nothing to worry about. But if you want my opinion, then Nova Launcher is the best as it comes with many features.

There are many KWGT widget apps available that allow adding music widget, search bar widget, clock widget, weather widget, and more. We tried many KWGT Widgets apps and found some interesting apps that can help you to customize the phone in many different ways. KWGT Kustom Widget maker is a small yet powerful app with lots of customization options. One of its biggest advantages is that it is power efficient, which means it only consumes a fair amount of battery.

Tip: If you are using a Weather widget, then you must allow KWGT to use the location.

Now, let’s start the list with the first KWGT Widgets app, which is Shadow KWGT.

1. Shadow KWGT

Best Widgets for KWGT

Most of the Android phone users like the Dark Mode and also AMOLED wallpapers. But if you are customizing your phone homescreen then you don’t get many options in Widgets to match AMOLED Wallpapers. And here comes the role of Shadow KWGT, which comes with pure white and pure black KWGT Widgets to provide a clean and interesting design. You can get Music Widget, Weather Widget, Search Bar Widget, App Widget, Clock Widget, and more. It is a paid app, but it’s worth it after trying the app.

2. Element for KWGT

Best Widgets for KWGT

This is one of the best free KWGT Widgets app that comes with lots of widgets, even more than many paid KWGT Widgets app. It has a unique and best color combo Widgets that fits perfectly with any wallpapers. However, you need to figure out which KWGT widget will match with your Wallpaper by trying different widgets on the same wallpaper. All of its Widgets are attractive, and you will want to apply once you see the Widget. In the Element for KWGT, there are less Weather Widgets, but for others like Music, App, Search Bar Widgets, there are many options to choose from. Try this free KWGT widget, and let us know about your opinion.

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3. Feast KWGT

Best KWGT Widgets Download

This one is another free KWGT Widget that comes with attractive Widget designs. If you are looking for innovative and colorful KWGT widgets, then you can get from Feast KWGT. It comes with a big collection of KWGT widgets, and all the widgets are great. You will get a wide range of Widgets to choose from like minimal design, large widget design, batch design, single widget, and more. Text widget on Feast is really impressive, and you are definitely going to like it. As it is available for free, which means you can get it right away from the Play Store.

4. Andromeda for KWGT

Best KWGT Widgets

As you know, there are many KWGT widgets apps with thousands of widget options and so finding some best KWGT Widget is hard. But when I installed the Andromeda, then it was clear that this belongs to top KWGT Widgets. It has some best widgets that are great. Once you see its Widget collection, you will start flipping wallpapers. Generally, we switch widgets to match the Wallpaper. It has the best collection of Google search bar widget that completes the homescreen setup. Let’s now check the next KWGT Widgets.

5. Orca for KWGT

Best KWGT Widgets

Orca comes with 70+ KWGT Widgets and 20+ Wallpapers. It is also a great KWGT Widget app, but it requires the KWGT Kustom Pro. So if you have the pro version, then this is one of the best KWGT Widget app for you. The main attraction of the Orca is Clock Widget. It has many Digital and Analog clock Widgets options. And also, it has some verticle widgets, so if you have a Wallpaper in which a verticle widget will look great, then you can try Orca for KWGT.

6. Fusion for KWGT

Best Widgets for KWGT

If you like the neomorphism design setup, then Fusion KWGT Widget is a great app. It is very similar to the Shadow KWGT and looks great on AMOLED wallpapers. It comes with pure white and pure black widgets that look impressive on the Wallpaper with the opposite color. You will definitely be going like the block widgets on Fusion that features Batch KWGT Widgets, including Music, Weather, Battery, Music, Clock, and more. It works with the KWGT Kustom Widget Pro.

7. Rainbow KWGT

Best KWGT Widgets

Most of us like to keep more options when it comes to customization. And installing the Rainbow KWGT app will add more attractive KWGT widgets. It contains many colorful clock widgets, search widgets, weather updates, and more. The Rainbow KWGT is useful if you are looking for a clean and minimal design. The app has more than 40 KWGT widgets and 10+ wallpapers in the collection. With its amazing widgets, it deserves in the list of best KWGT Widgets.

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8. Fiction KWGT

Best KWGT Widgets

Fiction KWGT app comes with block based clock widgets, music widgets, weather widgets, and more. If you don’t like to set widgets one by one like a clock, search bar, apps, music, then you can directly set the block widget to add all widget at once. It will also save time as you can customize color, font, size of the block at once. This app also requires the KWGT Kustom Pro.

9. Ocea KWGT

Best KWGT Widgets

If you are looking for a colorful KWGT widget, then the Ocea app is one of the best KWGT widgets. It has many colorful widgets, including some widget with pictures in the background that looks great on minimal Wallpapers. There are also cartoon featured widgets that look attractive along with time widget. The best thing is that it works with the free version of KWGT, which we don’t get to see with other Widget apps. It comes with more than 250 KWGT widgets and 50+ Wallpapers.

10. Odisea KWGT

Best KWGT Widgets Download

Ome of the first things that we apply on the home screen is the date and time. And most users like time written in words. The Odisea packs with some great text widget for date and time. The app has many time and date based widgets that give us more options to choose from. Music Widget on the Odisea is also what you need to try as it has many different designs for it, and you are going to like all the widgets. Pictures like deer, spider, weather, gives an extra edge to different Odisea KWGT widget.

So there you have it the list of 10 best KWGT Widgets that you can try to customize your Android phone. Many other KWGT widget apps are not on this list but worth checking out. This customization feature on Android makes it more popular as users want the liberty to set the look or UI of the home screen as they want.

In case if you have any questions, then let us know in the comment section below.

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