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Fix: Amazon Firestick Remote flashing yellow light [5 Fixes]

If you use Amazon firestick and your firestick remote repeatedly flashes yellow light, then this fix guide is for you. Here you will find different ways to fix Firestick remote flashing yellow light.

The Amazon Firestick is a great device that you can connect to any TV that has an HDMI port. The service lets you install and stream a ton of popular media content out there. It is also the go-to service for those who have moved from cable networks to internet streaming services. While all of it is great, there can sometimes issue with it or its associated devices like the remote. One of the major issues is with the remote continuously flashing yellow light. In today’s guide, we will be taking a look at why the Firestick remote starts flashing the yellow light.

Your Amazon Firestick remote has an LED indicator at the top of your remote. Now, each time there is a particular color flashing on the remote, there will either be an action or a problem happening with your remote. The best way is to identify the color of the flashing light and then see what the problem is. In today’s guide, we will be taking a look at why the firestick remote blinking yellow light and how you can solve this issue.

Fixes for Firestick Remote Flashing Yellow Light

If your firestick remote is showing yellow light, you don’t have to worry. It is a common issue and can be fixed with some advisable methods. Before we head to the fix methods, let’s check out the reason.

Reasons for blinking yellow light on Firestick remote

A remote is a sensitive and delicate device. So it is advisable to handle the remote with care and ensure that it is not damaged in any way. First, let’s take a look at why the Amazon Firestick TV remote is flashing yellow light.

  • Problems with Internet Connectivity
  • Pairing Issues with Firestick remote
  • A weak or low battery in the remotes
  • Firmware Issues

Now that you know the reasons for the flashing of the yellow light on your Firestick remote, it is now time to make use of the various solutions that we have mentioned below. Try them one by one to see if it solves the firestick remote blinking yellow light issue.

Fix #1: Restart the Firestick Device

Sometimes, it could be possible that a few temporary bugs might be causing the firestick remote to flash the yellow light. All you need to do is power down the Firestick by unplugging it from the power source, wait for a few minutes and then plug it back in again.

Power up the device and check your Firestick remote. If the flashing light has stopped, then the issue has gone. But, if the light is still flashing, you should try the other steps that are mentioned below.

Fix #2: Check Your Internet Connectivity

Because the Firestick relies on internet connectivity for most of the things to work, it is advisable to first check if your internet connection is working perfectly. Issues such as drop-in speeds, poor network receptions, or even network maintenance can cause the remote to flash the yellow light which indicates that there is an internet connectivity problem.

In case your network seems to be fine, there could be a router issue which is probably why your remote is flashing the yellow light. To fix this problem, you will have to reset your internet router. To reset the router you can take a safety pin and poke the hole at the back of your router where it says Reset. However, you need to know that when you reset your router, all custom settings will be gone. This also includes the name of your network as well as the password. You can also contact your ISP to come reset and set the custom settings for your router.

Fix #3: Update your Firestick’s Firmware

Updating to the latest firmware not only protects your device but also brings you new features and better performance of the device. While the Firestick is usually tuned to automatically download updates by itself, there could be times when the device has not checked updates at all. So, here are the steps you need to follow to check for updates on your Amazon Firestick device.

  1. Power up the Firestick and grab the remote.
  2. Ensure that the device is connected to the WiFi network.
  3. Select Settings and then choose My Fire TV or Device or System (depending on the device you have).
  4. Choose About from the list.
  5. Under About, you will see an option that says Check for Updates or Install Updates.
  6. Select it to check for updates if available.
  7. If updates are found install them. The device will begin to install the update and then reboot to the newly installed version of the software.

After the update, the Amazon firestick remote will no longer flash a yellow light. But if it still does, then follow the next method.

Fix #4: Reset Your Firestick Remote

Now, as you would be knowing, the Firestick remote is generally powered by batteries. So, if you could simply and easily perform a soft reset on your remote, it could help solve the issue. All you need to do is slide the back cover out, remove both the batteries and wait for a few minutes. Now, reconnect the batteries and use the remote.

If you still see the flashing yellow light, it could be that you might have to get yourself a pair of new batteries. So, install the new batteries and check your remote.

Get a Replacement Remote (Alternate Solution)

If at all, none of the above methods helped you fix the issue, you will have to get yourself a replacement remote for your Amazon Firestick. Or, you could also make use of your mobile phone to control your Amazon Firestick device. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.


And this is how you can fix the yellow light blinking on Amazon Firestick remote. We hope these solutions have helped you understand the yellow flashing lights. If you want to know how to pair a new or replacement remote to your Firestick you can follow this guide.

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