How to get Local Channels On Amazon Fire Stick (2024)

Local Channels are best when it comes to news and content related to the region we live in. If you own a Amazon Fire Stick and want to watch local channels in it, this guide is for you. Here’s how to get Local channels on Fire Stick. The list include both Free and Paid local channel services.

Ever since the number of streaming services has increased, the need for cable TV has been decreasing rapidly. Nobody wants to pay for services that cost too much. I mean, there are now a number of platforms available for you to stream either for free or by paying a monthly subscription which is, in fact way cheaper than a monthly payment for cable TV.

Enjoying local channels is now possible from anywhere, even outside your home, thanks to streaming devices like the Amazon Fire Stick, Roku Streaming Stick, Google Chromecast, as well as devices such as PCs and smartphones that have internet access

What about local channels, can you also stream local channels on your Fire stick. Well to clear your doubts right away, there are a good number of services that allows you to stream and watch local TV channels also on Fire Stick. We have listed down the best services to watch local channels on Fire TV Stick.

How to get Local Channels on Fire Stick for Free

Since you already invested in the Firestick and don’t want to invest further in local channels, you can still watch some local channels for free. Yes, you need to give some time on discovering all free channels. Here you can find the guide that you can follow to find free local channels.

  1. Boot your Firestick TV to the home screen.
  2. From the home screen, navigate to the Live TV icon which is next to the Home icon.
    How To Get Local Channels On Amazon Firestick for Free
  3. Scroll down below to the Options tab and select Live TV Sources.
    How To Get Local Channels On Amazon Firestick for Free
  4. Here you will find channels with the tag ‘Free’.
    How To Get Local Channels On Amazon Firestick for Free
  5. Select a channel and then tap on the Get icon.
    How To Get Local Channels On Amazon Firestick for Free
  6. Once downloaded, you can launch and check the Live channel.

Even though there is a free tag in many channels, some of these apps/channels/services will have an app subscription model. So check out each channel and find which live channels are truly free.

There are limited free live channels, but when it comes to paid services there are a bunch of channels to explore. You can get live channels on many streaming services even including the Amazon Prime Video. There are many streaming services but not all are best when it comes to live channels, and so below you will find the list of best services that has local channels. You can download apps for these services from the inbuilt App Store.

Best Services to Get Local Channels on Firestick

Now, let’s take a look at a good number of streaming services that let you stream local channels on your Amazon Fire Stick.

1. YouTube TV

While the YouTube app has a good number of videos and content for you to stream and enjoy, do you also know that there is a YouTube TV service? This YouTube TV service lets you watch a good number of national channels as well as channels that are available in your particular city. When it comes to YouTube TV, you need to understand that this requires you to subscribe to the service for a monthly subscription of $64.99. The service also lets you make use of the DVR service which allows you to record shows that you might have missed.

How To Get Local Channels On Amazon Firestick

You can check out all the details with regard to the service such as channels, plans, and even supported devices by heading here.

2. Sling TV

If you feel like YouTube TV isn’t something you would want to pay for because of its pricing, you can always check out Sling TV. Sling TV has three plans for you to choose from and they range between $25 and $40. Sling TV is great for those who might just be starting out towards the new form of streaming local TV channels. There are different add-ons available for you that you can subscribe to. These add-ons include channels catering to people who speak different languages.

How To Get Local Channels On Amazon Firestick

We have a detailed guide about Sling Tv’s plans, channels as well as supported devices. Yes, you can install Sling TV on your Amazon FireStick.

3. Fubo TV

Do you like to enjoy watching sports events that take place in colleges in your locality or city? Well, Fubo TV caters exactly to that. You see, it has a large lineup of sports channels that you can simply select and stream with ease. There are three main plans for Fubo TV that will cost you anywhere between $69.99 and $99.99 per month. Fubo TV also offers Latin viewers a number of channels via the Fubo TV Latino add-on that costs $24 per month. Fubo TV’s high-end plan lets you make use of the 1000 hours of DVR storage.

How To Get Local Channels On Amazon Firestick

If you think FuboTV is the streaming service for you, you might want to read more about Fubo TV by heading here

4. Philo TV

Looking for a streaming service that offers local tv channels for cheap? You might want to get along with Philo TV. Philo TV is a small yet great streaming service for those who just want to watch local TV channels. With more than 60 channels available, you can watch everything you want from your local area. Whether it is sports or news, you can get it all. A lot of people prefer Philo TV simply because you can use the same account on three different devices and have up to 10 profiles per Philo TV account. Perfect for large families.

How To Get Local Channels On Amazon Firestick

We have covered details about Philo TV in our guide, which you can check out by heading here.

5. Paramount+

We all know Paramount+ as a streaming service that has a good number of TV shows and movies, so what’s it doing in this list? Well, you can make use of the service to stream your favorite local channels too. With the Premium plan for Paramount+ at just $9.99 per month, you get access to a large number of local channels including the ones from CBS.

How To Get Local Channels On Amazon Firestick

Personally, this is a better option to go along with if you want local channels as you also get access to the exclusive shows and movies on Paramount+.

6. Hulu + Live TV

Just like how Paramout+ offers you TV shows and Movies along with local TV channels, Hulu also has three plans that allow you to stream your favorite local channels right away. Here is what the three plans are about.

  • Hulu + Live TV with Ads including Disney Plus and ESPN – $69.99 per month
  • Hulu + Live TV without Ads including Disney Plus(No Ads) and ESPN (with Ads) – $82.99 per month
  • Just Live TV – $68.99 per month
How To Get Local Channels On Amazon Firestick

If you are looking for what channels you will be getting with Hulu + Live TV, we have all the details in our guide.

7. Peacock TV

If you really don’t want to spend a single penny to watch local channels but at the same time you are fine with ads as well as just 40,00 hours of streaming content, Peacock TV is the streaming service for you. The free plan offers you up to 50 channels that are local to your area. However, if you feel like you want more hours of content and even a large number of local channels to stream, you can choose between the Peacock TV Premium and Plus plans which will cost you between $4.99 and $9.99 per month.

How To Get Local Channels On Amazon Firestick

As this is the cheapest you can get with streaming local TV channels, Peacock TV is a great first choice for a lot of people. You can check out this guide that talks more about the plans, supported devices as well as the channel lineup on Peacock TV.

Final Thought

These are the multiple streaming services that you can subscribe to stream local channels on Amazon Fire Stick. Now that you know the list, check out what channels they offer. And then based on your interest, you can subscribe to the service that has the best collection of Local channels. If you have questions or queries, feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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