Download OnePlus USB Drivers for Windows & Mac (Latest)

Are you looking for a driver for connecting your OnePlus phone with computers? If yes then here you get to download OnePlus USB Drivers for Windows and Mac.

USB Drivers are the most important drivers to connect any phone with PC and transfer files between PC and Phone. Nowadays connecting an Android phone with Windows or Mac is very easy. Just connect your phone with the PC and it will automatically detect the device under the MTP device option. But in some cases like flashing firmware, using adb commands you will need the specific drivers from OEM. This post is specific to OnePlus Drivers which will help you to connect your OnePlus phone with Windows and Mac.

What is OnePlus USB Driver?

It is the driver for Windows and Mac which lets you connect your OnePlus device with your Computer for file transfer or modification via USB. OnePlus USB Drivers are useful for transferring files, flashing firmware, updating phones, fixing bootloop, and more. USB drivers are required to connect any hardware devices such as keyboard, mouse, pads, phone, printer, or other hardware devices. So this quick info about OnePlus Drivers has given the knowledge of OnePlus USB Drivers.

Basically, the USB act as a bridge between phone and computer and to detect the USB device from both ends drivers are required. These drivers are generally called USB Drivers.

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Download OnePlus USB Drivers for Windows

If you have a Windows PC and one of the OnePlus Devices from the following then use the link in this section to download OnePlus USB Drivers. Download Links are updated.

Download Links:

OnePlus DeviceWindows
OnePlus 9 Pro USB DriverDownload
OnePlus 9R USB DriverDownload
OnePlus 9 USB DriverDownload
OnePlus 8T USB DriverDownload
OnePlus 8 Pro USB DriverDownload
OnePlus 8 USB DriverDownload
OnePlus 7T Pro USB DriverDownload
OnePlus 7T USB DriverDownload
OnePlus 7 Pro USB DriverDownload
OnePlus 7 USB DriverDownload
OnePlus 6T USB DriverDownload
OnePlus 6 USB DriverDownload
OnePlus 5T USB DriverDownload
OnePlus 5 USB DriverDownload
OnePlus 3T USB DriverDownload
OnePlus 3 USB DriverDownload
OnePlus X USB DriverDownload
OnePlus 2 USB DriverDownload
OnePlus One USB DriverDownload
OnePlus Nord 2 USB DriverDownload
OnePlus Nord N200 USB DriverDownload
OnePlus Nord CE USB DriverDownload
OnePlus Nord N10 USB DriverDownload
OnePlus Nord N100 USB DriverDownload
OnePlus Nord USB DriverDownload

Download OnePlus USB Drivers for Mac

If you have a Mac and any of the OnePlus Devices then download OnePlus USB Driver from this section.

File Info:

File Nameandroidfiletransfer.dmg
File Size3MB
File TypeDMG

Once you have downloaded the OnePlus Drivers on your PC then now check out the installation process on both Windows and Mac OS.

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How to Install OnePlus USB Drivers on Windows

  1. First, download the OnePlus USB Driver for Windows from the above link.
  2. Then run the exe file to begin the installation. If it asks for permission through prompt then click on Yes.
    OnePlus USB Drivers
  3. In the next window of installation wizard “choose a language” and click OK.
  4. Now click on Install and wait for few seconds to complete the process.
    OnePlus USB Drivers
  5. At last click on Finish and now you have successfully installed OnePlus USB Drivers on Windows.

Now you can connect your OnePlus phone with Windows PC and can transfer files & data between both devices.

How to Install OnePlus USB Drivers on Mac

  1. First, download the Android file transfer.dmg file on Mac from the above link.
  2. Double click on the “androidfiletransfer.dmg” file to open.
  3. And now drag the “Android File” to the Application folder to install OnePlus USB Drivers.
  4. Wait for the process and after few seconds OnePlus Drivers will be installed successfully on Mac.
  5. Now connect a OnePlus phone with Mac and the file explorer will automatically open the Phone storage.

Now you can transfer files and other data from Mac to OnePlus and from OnePlus to Mac.

If you want to modify or debug OnePlus phones from command line terminals then you need OnePlus ADB Drivers. It allows the phone to read commands from command windows and reply back with results. Below are some recommended tutorials to install ADB and Fastboot Drivers.

ADB & Fastboot Drivers for OnePlus

So this is it, I hope that you have found the useful OnePlus Drivers for your platform to connect OnePlus phones with PC. The tool is limited to only OnePlus devices so if you don’t have a OnePlus phone then you can check out our other USB driver tutorials.

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