Download Lenovo PC Suite for Windows 10/8/7 (Latest Version)

If you own a Lenovo smartphone then you also must use Lenovo PC Suite. The utility tool will ease everything like transferring files, upgrading phones, fixing phones, etc. And so, if you are looking forward to performing a given task, then you will need Lenovo PC Suite. Here you get to download Lenovo PC Suite.

Yes, you can perform most of the tasks on your phone with pc using the Lenovo PC Suite. As Motorola phones are owned by Lenovo, so now you can also use Lenovo Moto Smart Assistant for both Lenovo and Moto phones. Lenovo is well known for its amazing phones within the budget. There are many Lenovo and Moto users so this post will help all of them. Lenovo PC Suite will make everything simple that you will never uninstall it.

download lenovo pc suite 7

Lenovo PC Suite

Here you will get to know how to download and install Lenovo PC Suite on windows. And if you want to know how to use them then we got you covered. There are many reasons to download Lenovo PC Suite for Windows which you can read in the features section. But first, let’s go on with the download link.

Download Lenovo PC Suite for Windows

To Download Lenovo PC Suite for free, you can use the given download button. The latest Lenovo PC Suite/Lenovo Moto Smart Assistant will let you connect your Lenovo or Motorola phone with your computer for multiple tasks. If the tool asks for USB drivers, then you have to first download drivers or enable USB debugging on your phone. But I have analyzed that in the new update of Lenovo Moto Smart Assistant there is no need to manually download USB drivers.

The Lenovo PC Suite tool is available for Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit), and Windows 7 (64-bit). These are the OS mentioned on the Lenovo official site but it will also work on Windows 8 (64-bit), Windows 8 (32-bit), Windows XP. The size of the tool is around 116MB (Lenovo PC Suite v5.4.0.18). Update size can vary as per different versions. Download Lenovo Moto Smart Assistant tool from the link given below.

That’s it, now you have downloaded the Lenovo PC Suite and Moto PC Suite on Windows. Lenovo Moto Smart Assistant is known as the Lenovo PC Suite. So don’t get confused with other terms. Using the tool for the first, you may find it difficult to use. Below you will find out how to use the Lenovo PC Suite to access files, messages, contacts, upgrade phones, fix phones.

Lenovo PC Suite – How to Use

If you know about USB debugging and a little bit about Android modification, then this is going to be an easy task for you. But once you have learned how to use the Lenovo pc suite then afterward it will be a very easy task. Follow the steps given below after installing Lenovo PC Suite/Lenovo Moto Smart Assistant on Windows.

1. On your phone go to Settings > About Phone.

2. Tap continuously on Build Number until says now you are a developer.

3. Then go to Settings > Developer options.

4. In Developer options enable USB debugging.

Download Lenovo PC Suite 2

5. Now open Lenovo PC Suite on PC.

6. Connect the phone with PC using the USB cable.

7. It will ask for authorization in the phone. So allow USB debugging.

Download Lenovo PC Suite 1

8. Now it will open Mobile Assistant on phone and ask to allow modify system settings.

Download Lenovo PC Suite 3

9. Provide other access to Mobile assistant like Contacts, Phone, SMS, Storage. If the Mobile assistant doesn’t ask for permissions, then reconnect the phone.

Download Lenovo PC Suite

10.  After giving permissions finally the Mobile assistant will open on phone. And in Lenovo PC Suite/ Lenovo Moto Smart Assistant you will see your device info.

download lenovo pc suite 7

11. Now you can access your phone including Storage, SMS, videos, Pic, Music, Apps.

download lenovo pc suite 6

That’s it! now you have successfully installed Lenovo PC Suite on PC and know how to use it. The tool will let you access all the files on the phone. You will also be able to take backup/restore backup, upgrade phones, fix phones, etc.

Lenovo PC Suite Features

In Lenovo Moto Smart Assistant you will get more features than any other PC Suite. Along with the PC suite, it is the tool from which you can read forums, upgrade phones, fix stuck at logo or bootloop, capture screen, etc.

These are a few of the features that you might like. But there are many more awesome features you can explore by using it. This Lenovo PC Suite works for almost all the Lenovo and Moto phones available to date. Few of the phones are mentioned below.

Lenovo PC Suite supported Phones


Lenovo A PC Suite, Lenovo A Plus PC Suite, Lenovo A7, Lenovo A8, Lenovo A1000 PC Suite, Lenovo A2010 PC Suite, Lenovo A269i PC Suite, Lenovo A316i PC Suite, Lenovo A319 PC Suite, Lenovo A328 PC Suite, Lenovo A369i PC Suite, Lenovo A390 PC Suite, Lenovo A5000 PC Suite, Lenovo A516 PC Suite, Lenovo A526 PC Suite, Lenovo A536 PC Suite, Lenovo A6000 PC Suite, Lenovo A6000 Plus PC Suite, Lenovo A7000 PC Suite, Lenovo A6600 PC Suite, Lenovo A6600 Plus PC Suite, Lenovo A7700 PC Suite, Lenovo K3 Note PC Suite, Lenovo K5 PC Suite, Lenovo K5 Note PC Suite, Lenovo K6 PC Suite, Lenovo K8 PC Suite, Lenovo K9 Note PC Suite, Lenovo K10 Note, Lenovo K10 Plus, Lenovo K12 Pro, Lenovo Legion Pro, Lenovo Legion 2 Pro, Lenovo M10 Plus, Lenovo Pad Plus, Lenovo Pad Pro, Lenovo P70 PC Suite, Lenovo P90 PC Suite, Lenovo S5 Pro, Lenovo Z5, Lenovo Z6, Lenovo ZUK Z1 PC Suite, Lenovo ZUK Z2 Plus PC Suite.


Moto E2 PC Suite, Moto E4 PC Suite, Moto E4 Plus PC Suite, Moto E5 PC Suite, Moto E7, Moto Edge S, Moto Edge, Moto Edge Plus, Moto G2 PC Suite, Moto G3 PC Suite, Moto G4 PC Suite, Moto G4 Plus PC Suite, Moto G5 PC Suite, Moto G5 Plus PC Suite, Moto G6 PC Suite, Moto G8, Moto G9, Moto G9 Power, Moto G10, Moto G20, Moto G40, Moto G50, Moto G60, Moto G 5G, Moto G Play, Moto G Power, Moto G Pro, Moto G Stylus, Moto One 5G, Moto One Fusion, Moto One Hyper, Moto X PC Suite, Moto X2 PC Suite, Moto X4 PC Suite, Moto Z PC Suite, Moto Z2 PC Suite, Moto Z3 PC Suite.

So, these are some of the phones from a big list. This is not a complete list because of too many phones out there. You may not find your phone on the list but this will work for most all the Lenovo and Motorola phones.

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