Download & Install Android 11 on Any Android Device [Project Treble]

Recently Google releases the latest Android 11 developer preview which is available for Pixel devices launched after Pixel 2. The Android 11 shows bring many new features and enhanced Android 10 features. It is a first developer preview and before the official release of Android 11, we get to see few more previews which will get better each time. Google has also released the Android 11 based GSI which we can use to install on any Android device that supports project treble. Here you will know How to Install Android 11 on any Android Device.

Like the Android 10, also the Android 11 or Android R will not get any dessert name which we already expected. But what to do with naming if we are getting lots of new and amazing features. Still, there are many devices running on Android Pie or Oreo and didn’t even get the Android 10. But if you love the Android OS and can’t wait to try it on your device then this is the guide that you need.

The GSI is now officially available for arm64 as well as x86 based devices which means most of them can get the taste of Android 11. Android 11 GSI comes with the latest security patch dated March 2020. Many users have already installed the Android 11 GSI on their devices and it is working fine. There are some minor bugs which are acceptable as it is based on the first developer preview. Let’s get started with the guide to get Android R on any device.

How to Install Android 11 on any Android Phones

Usually, the developer preview releases in March or April but this time Google releases it early and now our wait goes to rest. Finally, we get to experience the most awaited Android R on our Android devices. Before we jump to the steps, let’s know about some main features of Android 11 or Android R to try after installing.

Android 11/Android R Features

One Time Permission – In the Android 11 users can grant temporary access to location, microphone, and camera through a one-time permission.

Background location access – Android 11 includes changes to how apps can request background location permission from users.

Screen Recording – The screen recording feature was included in some Android 10 Beta’s but it was not available in the final stable version. But it came back in the Android 11 and this time we can expect it to make to the final release. With the help of this, you can easily record your phone screen.

Copy Images – In the Android 11 users can copy images from web pages and paste it to the notification inline replies using the Gboard.

Supports various Screen Types – The Android R or Android 11 is optimized in a way to support any type of screen like, punch hole, curved, waterfall, infinity notch and other.

There are more features you will find on Android 11 like turning on the Airplane mode will not turn off Bluetooth if the phone is connected to any wireless accessories. Now let’s download the GSI for any android phones.

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Download Android 11 GSI for any Android Phone

If you want to try the Android 11 on your Android phone then you need the correct GSI based on Android 11. And luckily the official GSI is now available that you can install on your device in order to experience the latest Android 11. The GSI is available for x86 and arm64 architecture based devices. Well, most of the latest phones are based on arm64 and if you don’t know you can check the hardware details using appropriate third party apps or see your device full specifications. After knowing the correct specs download the GSI for your device using the below links.

After download the GSI zip file for your Android phone you can easily install the Android 11 on your phone. But there are requirements that you need to follow before you can install Android 11 or Android R on your device.


  • Make sure the bootloader is unlocked on your phone
  • Your device should support treble (run command adb shell getprop ro.treble.enabled)
  • TWRP Recovery should be installed on your phone (other custom recoveries will also work)
  • Take a full backup if you want to do a clean flash which is recommended for fewer bugs
  • Download any Android 10 based custom ROM

Steps to Install Android 11 on Android Phones

If your device passes the prerequisite list then only follow the below steps otherwise you can harm your device. The device can be bricked, stuck in boot logo or bootloop. So it is always recommended to a full backup before modifying your device.

  1. Extract the downloaded Android 11 GSI zip file and Copy the extracted folder your phone storage. The folder will have system.img and vendor.img.
  2. Turn off your device completely.
  3. Now boot your device into TWRP Recovery or any other custom recovery that is installed on your phone. You can use shortcuts to boot your phone into recovery.
  4. Once your device boots into TWRP Recovery go to Wipe. How to install Android 11 on Android Phones
  5. Then go to Advanced Wipe and select Dalvik/ART cache, Cache, System, Data. How to install Android 11 on Android Phones
  6. Now swipe to wipe the selected data. If you have also cleared Internal storage then copy the extracted GSI folder & Android 10 custom ROM to your phone again when it is in TWRP recovery.
  7. After the complete wipe, go back to TWRP home and then go to Install. Download Android 11 GSI for any Android Phone
  8. If it’s not showing the storage then you need to format data once (Go to Wipe > Format Data > Yes). Then copy the extracted Android 11 GSI folder and Android 10 ROM again. Download Android 11 GSI for any Android Phone
  9. Now after install select the Android 10 custom ROM and flash it. After flashing go to Wipe > Advanced Wipe and select Dalvik/ART cache, Cache, System or system_root and wipe these three.
  10. Go back to TWRP home and then go to Install > Install Image. Select the system.img (inside the GSI folder) and in the next screen choose System Image option and swipe to flash. How to install Android 11 on Android Phones
  11. After flashing go to Reboot > System. That’s it. How to install Android 11 on Android Phones

The device will boot into the Android 11 system, set up your device and enjoy the latest Android R on your device. There may be some bugs that can be fixed in the next update which we will get in next month as per schedule.

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So there you have it the complete guide in how to install Android 11 on any Android phone using the Android 11 GSI. If you have any questions on your mind, do let us know in the comment section.

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