How to Customize Edge Lighting Notifications on Galaxy Phones

If you don’t want to miss important notifications on your phone, then implementing something flashy could be the best option. You see there are times we miss important notifications just because we didn’t hear the tone or the phone is silent. And in that case, a visual animation can help. Yes, I am referring to solutions like LED notification and edge lightning. If you own a Galaxy Phone this guide is for you. Here I will share how to customize Notification lights on Galaxy phones.

Some users like to use the phone as a stock design, but most users including me like to customize their phones. Phones come with various customization options and we should take advantage of them if they are useful. And the options are unlimited if you own a Galaxy phone.

Galaxy phones come with this cool Edge Lighting Notification feature. What it does is that when a notification arrives on the phone, the edges of the phone light up. You can choose to show even when the device screen is off. This feature has been present in Galaxy devices for years. Since its first appearance, the feature has been improved a lot. This means that now there are a lot of customizations for edge lightning.

Without wasting any time, let’s just jump into the steps.

How to Customize Edge Lighting on Galaxy Phones

Enable Edge Lightning

Customize Edge Lighting on Samsung Galaxy
  1. Open Settings on your Galaxy phone.
  2. Head to the Notifications > Notification pop-up style.
  3. Choose the Edge lighting style section.
  4. Now in the effect section, you need to choose a lighting style that you like. Apart from edge lighting the effects will take place in different sections of the display based on your selection.
    Customize Edge Lighting on Samsung Galaxy
  5. Tap on Done. The animation will kick off when you receive a notification.

Choose a color for Edge Lighting

You can also set your preferred color for Edge Lighting and the Notification that appears near the punch hole camera. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Go to Edge Lighting style settings from Settings > Notifications > Notification pop-up style.
  2. Now switch to the Colors tab.
    How to Customize Edge Lighting on Samsung Galaxy
  3. Here you can either choose the Auto option or set the color by yourself.
  4. The last swatches icon will give you the option to choose from millions of colors.
  5. Once you have selected your color, tap Done.
  6. Now go to Color by Keyboard. Here you can set the color for specific titles and words. Write the word and then tap on + and choose the color for that word.
    Customize Edge Lighting on Samsung Galaxy
  7. When a notification including that word appear, the screen will light up with the color you have set.

You can’t set the notification color by App, so this could be an alternative to customize different notifications with different colors.

How to set duration for Edge Lighting

It’s quite simple as selecting an effect.

  1. Open Settings and go to Notification > Notification pop-up style.
  2. Now go to Edge lighting style and switch to the Advanced tab.
    Customize Edge Lighting on Samsung Galaxy
  3. Here you can choose the transparency, width, and duration of Edge Lighting. After that tap Done.

I like to keep the duration to a minimum to preserve battery life.

Customize Edge Lighting with Good Lock

Want more options for Edge Lighting? Good Lock is the answer. If you use Galaxy Phone for long, you must be aware of Good Lock. If not, it is an official tool from Samsung that has tons of additional modules for customizing different parts of the One UI system.

  1. First, install the Good Lock app on your phone from the Galaxy Store.
  2. Launch the app and make sure you are on the Make Up page.
  3. Here look for Edge lighting+ module. Tap on the Download icon next to it.
    Customize Edge Lighting on Samsung Galaxy
  4. Wait for it to install. Once done open it from Make Up page.
  5. Now enable its toggle to access its settings.
  6. Here you get some additional options on top of what’s already available by default in Settings.

Now that you know about customizing Edge Lighting, it’s time for the LED Notification.

How to Customize LED Notifications on Galaxy Phones

Well in the last few years, Galaxy phones stopped coming with a front LED that used to glow when charging or receiving notifications. But since it is not present anymore, we will make use of the punch-hole camera. The punch-hole camera will glow when you receive a notification on your phone.

How to Customize Edge Lighting on Samsung Galaxy
  1. Install ‘Notification light for Samsung’ app on your Galaxy Phone from the Play Store.
  2. Open the app and complete the instructions on the screen.
  3. And once you are on the home screen of the app, turn on the toggle for notification preview.
  4. In the Notification option, you can choose apps for notification, choose to show animation in case of battery activity.
    Customize Edge Lighting on Samsung Galaxy
  5. In the Notification Light, you can customize the LED notification style, effect, dimension, and duration.
  6. There are a bunch of other options to customize like color. You can set everything as per your preference.

So this is how to manually get the LED Notification on Samsung phones. Samsung users can find many other interesting customization guides here.

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