How to Customize Clock Style on Samsung Galaxy Phones

Samsung Galaxy phones are blessed with an amazing customization tool that allows users to enjoy advanced customization without having to root their phones. I am talking about Good Lock. You may have already heard about it or used it. The app lets us customize various elements of our device.

Just like Wallpapers, Clock style plays an important role in the customization of the lock screen, home screen, and AOD screen. So, we thought to create a guide on how to customize or change the clock style on Galaxy phones.

Yes, Galaxy phones come with some built-in clock styles, but they may not offer enough customization options. With this method, you can choose from a variety of clock styles.

With One UI 6, Samsung has also made sure that users can move clock in lock screen. This provides the freedom to place the clock widget where it best suits the wallpapers and other customization elements.

If you have been looking for ways to get more cool clock styles than you can follow this method and enjoy many clock styles.

Download Good Lock

As you have already guessed we will be using Good Lock tool for this feature. So first you need to install the app.

The Good Lock app is available in many regions. But if its not available in your region you can get Nice Lock and other Good Lock alternatives.

How to Customize Clock Style on Samsung Galaxy

You can either download the Good Lock apk and install the app on your Galaxy Phone. Or you can also install it from galaxy store. You may not find it while searching on Galaxy Store. So search in Google instead like ‘Good Lock Galaxy Store’ and the first Galaxy Store link will take you to that page.

How to Change Clock Style on Galaxy Phones

Once the Good Lock is installed, you can now get the module that will let you choose clock style. Here’s what you need to do.

How to Customize Clock Style on Samsung Galaxy
  1. Open Good Lock on your phone.
  2. In the Make Up tab, scroll down and look for ClockFace.
  3. Click on the download icon which will redirect to Galaxy Store. Install the ClockFace module from there.
  4. After installing, go back to Good Lock and open ClockFace.
  5. You can choose Lock Screen or Always on Display. Choose the one where you want to change the clock style.
  6. The browse through available styles and apply the style you like.
How to Customize Clock Style on Samsung Galaxy

That’s it, the new clock style will appear in lock screen or AOD or both.

How to Make a Custom Clock Style

Yes, you can also create your own clock style using the same Good Lock Modules. And its quite easy.

How to Customize Clock Style on Samsung Galaxy
  1. Open the ClockFace from Good Lock on your phone.
  2. Switch to My Clock tab.
  3. Now tap Create New button.
  4. It will open a customization page. Here you can choose various elements to create a new Clock Face.
  5. After creating a Clock Face, tap the Download button at the top.
  6. And then you can apply it in the My Clock tab.

To customize your own custom clock style, you can use text, image, gif, different clock format, image and other elements. So the possibility to create a unique clock style is endless.

If you are into customization, then you will love to try different clock styles on your phone. I hope you found the guide helpful. And in case you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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