20 Best Microsoft Edge Themes You Should Try in 2024

Microsoft Edge is now a lot better than it used to be before. The Edge browser is a chromium based browser and far superior to the old Internet Explorer. It runs on the same Chromium engine as Google Chrome. This is an advantage for the Microsoft Edge browser as it supports the same store as the Chrome browser. If you use Edge and want to personalize your browser, here are the 20 best Microsoft Edge Themes.

Microsoft Edge supports Extensions including a number of themes similar to Google Chrome. You can even use the Chrome Web Store to get add-ons to your Microsoft Edge browser. 

Google Chrome does have many features but it takes a lot of resources to run which is not reliable for low-budget laptops. And in that case, Microsoft Edge comes to the rescue. It now has all features of Google Chrome. It uses a lot fewer resources and thus feels faster and saves battery. If you also use it on your computer and want to make it attractive then you can check out these Themes for Microsoft Edge. Let’s start with the installation guide first.

How to Install Themes in Microsoft Edge

Since Microsoft Edge is a Chromium-based web browser, the Chrome Web Store is your go-to area for all of these themes as well as many more themes that you can install on Microsoft Edge. You can follow these steps to Install a theme in Microsoft Edge.

  1. Head over to the Chrome Web Store and click on Themes on the left side pane.
  2. Here you will be able to see a number of themes from different categories.
  3. Simply select the theme that you like and click on the blue button that says Add to Chrome.
  4. The theme will now be downloaded and installed on your Microsoft Edge web browser.
  5. You will also see the theme applied instantly to the browser.

Here are 20 themes that you should try on your Edge browser.

Best Microsoft Edge Themes

As you know you can use chrome add-ons also on Edge including themes. It means all the Themes available for Chrome can also be used on Microsoft Edge Browser. And since there are only a few themes available on the Edge Extension store, you can use the Chrome Web Store on Edge to get new Microsoft Edge Themes.

Let’s start our list of the best themes for Microsoft Edge.

1. Colors

Colors is a theme that brings a colorful window to your Microsoft Edge. It makes the Edge browser colorful. The Colors theme is just like a painting with color splashes but only at the top of the screen. The theme looks amazing on the browser. It doesn’t change appearance in Settings or other pages but it looks good with transparent tabs where you can see the splashes in the background.

best edge themes

It is a simple theme and if you like to give minimal look to your Microsoft Edge, then you can try the Colors theme. And if you personalize your home tab in a better way then you will like the theme even more. The theme is suitable for desktop with resolution up to 2560×1600 pixels.

Download Colors Theme for Microsoft Edge

2. Coral Reef

If you like nature scenes on your desktop wallpapers, then you will be glad to know you can also get it on the Edge browser. The Coral Reef theme will make it possible to get an ocean coral view on your home tab. Whenever we see nature scenes, it relaxes the mind with a soothing view.

best edge themes

You can guess the view by its name which will be available in the wallpaper of the Coral Reef Edge theme. And if you like the Coral Reef theme, you can get it on your Microsoft Edge browser from the Chrome Web store. Or you can check out the download link.

Download Coral Reef Theme for Microsoft Edge

3. Slate

Chrome Browser has its own set of themes published by the Chrome team. And these are the plain themes for a better homepage view of the browser. I personally like the Slate theme which concludes the blue color. There are 14 plain themes available from the Chrome team. And you can choose any that you like.

best edge themes

Slate theme makes the Microsoft Edge browser look alive and attractive. Although the Slate is made for Chrome, it looks even better on Microsoft Edge. And you can see for yourself in the above image. You can try Just Black, Sea Foam, Rose, Oceanic, and other plain themes on your Microsoft Edge.

Download Slate Theme for Microsoft Edge

4. Whale’s Tail

Here’s Whale’s Tail, a theme that has got the tail of a whale. But, it has got the sea as its background along with the sun. The main home screen of your browser will also have the orange sun and this whole theme gives you a pastel color feel.

best edge themes

When this theme is applied, the tabs, title bars, menu bars as well as the sidebar of the browser will change to a copper sulfate blue color. The color is quite pleasing to look at and gives off summer vibes.

Download Whale’s Tail Theme

5. Black Green Shards

Like the Green and Black Combination? If yes, then Black Green Shards will be the perfect Microsoft Edge theme for you. It comes with an attractive and unique design that makes you fall in love with it. It has a 3D texture in black and the borders are in green shining. Text and other small details will be in Green color if you use the theme.

best edge themes

In the recent theme update, it receives a new feature that makes tab layouts even better. When you are on a tab, it will display in round corners while other tabs will be in the rectangle. If you want to try this amazing Microsoft Edge theme then check out the download link.

Download Black Green Shards Theme for Microsoft Edge

6. Constellation Mix

Constellation Mix is an easy-on-the-eyes theme that shows off a constellation of stars as well as a coyote throwing something on a hill on its hind legs. You can also see the clouds at the lower part of your home screen. The stars also seem to be scattered around.

best edge themes

When this theme is applied, a lot of the browser’s elements get changed to a not-so-dark blue. The theme is very relaxing and you don’t have too many things going on in the background.

Download Constellation Mix Theme

7. Universe

You can easily guess from its name that it is a space-based theme. The Universe theme looks so good on the display with its staggering view. The theme consists of the universe wallpaper that lets you see the amazing nature of the universe. It looks great and at night you can stare at the wallpaper to see the stars. The publisher of the theme is Alison Goldsmith.

best edge themes

The theme has many positive reviews from users. And it totally deserves all the praise as it delivers an attractive home tab. It also makes the tab switcher transparent and many users like it. It is available for different resolutions 1920×1080, 1366×768, 1440×900, 1600×900. And if you want different resolutions, then you can also contact the publisher of the theme.

Download Universe Theme for Microsoft Edge

8. Under The Leaf

Under The Leaf is the perfect theme for those who love nature, especially plants and leaves. The theme has nice bright summer colors of green and yellow. There are a few plant stalks at either side of the screen followed by what looks to be an alligator popping its head out of the water.

best edge themes

Once you’ve applied this theme, all the elements of the browser change to a dark pastel green color.

Download Under The Leaf Theme for Edge Browser

9. Detour

Ever felt your life always going through a rush without any rhyme and reason? Well the only way to free yourself is by taking a detour. Here’s the Detour theme for your Microsoft Edge web browser that you can install. The home screen of the browser depicts a couple who has packed their truck at the side of the road and admiring the nature around them.

best edge themes

When the theme has been applied, a pastel yellow takes over your web browser’s menu, title, and sidebars. Detour is a pleasant summer theme for Microsoft Edge.

Download Detour Theme

10. Rosie Frenchie

Rosie Frenchie is a great-looking theme, especially for animal lovers- more particularly dog lovers. The browser’s home screen is filled with simple shapes of a French bulldog’s face. The faces on the home screen are all in 3 different pastel color shades.

best edge themes

After applying the Rosie French theme, you get a nice dull yellow color applied to a lot of the browser’s elements. You will also notice different colors between the active and inactive browser tabs.

Download Rosie Frenchie Theme for Microsoft Edge

11. Free Spirit

Are you looking for a relaxing and chilled theme with no flashy colors? Install the Free Spirit theme for Microsoft Edge. This theme gives you a very natural and minimalistic vibe.

best edge themes

The light colors are pleasing to the eyes. You will see a shade of light brown being applied to the whole web browser, giving you the feeling of being in the woods.

Download Free Spirit Theme for Microsoft Edge

12. The Lantern Corps Standard

The list of best Microsoft Edge themes will not be complete if we don’t add a superhero theme. We all like superheroes and there are many wallpapers and themes that make the theme even more special. Also for browsers, there are some superhero themes available such as Iron Man, the DC logo, and Deadpool. Black Panther, Lantern Corp, and more. The Lantern Corps Standard looks amazing out of these themes.

best edge themes

The wallpaper on the theme includes the logo of different lanterns in DC comics along with reflections. It looks great as it keeps the design minimal. The theme is published by pencecomputers. And it is available in a standard resolution of 1366×768, but you can use it on other resolutions as well.

Download The Lantern Corps Standard Theme for Microsoft Edge

13. Lost Dreams (Aero)

Lost Dreams (Aero) is another impressive Microsoft Edge theme from Xeno. The theme has a big white rose in the middle which is the main attraction of the theme. The Aero theme looks like a white paint job but in an irregular shape which gives an extra edge to the theme. If you like a theme with a white background then you are going to like this theme.

best edge themes

The Lost Dreams theme is from Xeno as a publisher. And it received many positive reviews from users across the world. You can easily try this theme on your Microsoft Edge as well as Google Chrome.

Download Lost Dreams Theme for Microsoft Edge

14. Cosmopolise

Cosmopolise is another cool theme for Microsoft Edge. It is based on the city landscape with blue shades on it. The theme adds an amazing view of the browser’s homepage that makes it interesting to use. In the wallpaper, the building light matches well with the blue shades.

best edge themes

The plus point of the Cosmopolise theme wallpaper is the water just in front of the city. The reflection of the building is visible in the water which is another beauty of this theme. And half blue moon is another great edition on the theme.

Download Cosmopolise Theme for Microsoft Edge

15. Fiery Music

We will end the Microsoft Edge Themes list with a Fiery Music theme. It comes with stunning graphics that make the home tab better. The wallpaper includes a fiery burning skull smashing boom box with a burning guitar. All thanks to chromeposter for the amazing Microsoft Edge theme.

best edge themes

The theme is available in different resolutions 1440 X 900, 1024 X 768, 1280 X 1024, 1366 X 768, 1440 X 900, 1680 X 1050, 1920 X 1200. If you like this theme then you can download it from the given link.

Download Fiery Music Theme for Microsoft Edge

16. All Black- Full Dark Theme/ Black Theme

Having the option to choose between light modes and dark modes on almost any software has become a standard option. However, in the case of web browsers like Microsoft Edge, the dark theme doesn’t really make everything that dark. It does, however, apply a bit darker shade of gray as dark mode.

best edge themes

Thankfully with themes for Microsoft Edge you can now set up a whole dark black theme right away. The all-black theme paints the background as well as the title and menu bars black. Just the way you intended to use the dark mode.

Download All Black- Full Dark Theme / Black Theme

17. Undergrowth

Nature lovers can chill with this pastel green theme. The theme shows off the green bushes and plants that have been designed keeping it as minimalist as possible. Do keep in mind that this theme’s background is a bit too bright, so it’s not to everyone’s taste.

best edge themes

Also, you might find a few texts difficult to read on the homepage. Otherwise, a pretty well-designed theme for Microsoft Edge.

Download Undergrowth

18. Space Lagoon

Space Lagoon is all about that nebula that you love looking at. It’s filled with a mix of blue and green shades, making it look like the Aurora Lights but with some sprinkles here and there.

best edge themes

The theme sets your title and menu bars to a shade of blue and green mix that might not be liked by all. However, the background image is pleasant to look at and all text on the home screen is readable without any problem.

Download Space Lagoon

19. Cup of Coffee (Чашечка Кофе)

If you are someone that starts their day with a cup of coffee before you begin your day o whenever you are browsing the internet, then this is the perfect theme for you. It’s got a high-resolution image of a coffee cup that sits on the right side of the screen.

best edge themes

The colors for the title and menu bar and light and easy to look at when selecting menus or switching to different tabs. A simple yet clean pleasant theme for Microsoft Edge.

Download Cup of Coffee

20. Nissan GT-R 35

The Nissan GT-R is a very popular Japanese car that is loved by people all over. Known as the Godzilla by fans, it is a car that is the most sought. There are many owners of this car that have tuned and customized the GT-R 35 to sound and perform better than the stock factory model.

best edge themes

If you are one that loves JDM culture and moreover the R-35, then this is the theme for you. The theme shows off a nice GT-R 35 in gray. The same gray can be seen with a bit of a sheen at the tabs and the menu bar.

Download Nissan GT-R 35

Microsoft Edge is a great browser and later we can even see further upgrades with new features. In case you want to get the most out of these themes then check out the below tips.

Best Microsoft Edge Themes

Tip: Click on the Settings icon on the homepage and select the custom layout. Change your settings as per the given screenshot. It will remove news and other options from the homepage for minimal design.

How To Change Microsoft Edge Themes

Now there’s always a possibility that you would want to change or revert back to an older theme or simply go back to the default theme. Well, you can easily do that by following these steps.

  1. Click on the horizontal three dots at the top right corner of Microsoft Edge.
  2. Now, choose Settings from the menu that was displayed.
  3. On the left pane, you should see a number of options.
  4. Click on the Appearance tab.
  5. Here you will be able to see all of your installed themes. To change a theme, simply click on any theme.
  6. The new theme will be applied right away to your Microsoft Edge web browser.
  7. If you have a theme that you downloaded from the Chrome Web Store and want to remove it, simply install any of the stock themes for Microsoft Edge.
  8. The installed theme will now be removed and uninstalled from your web browser.
  9. To install the theme again, you will have to follow the steps mentioned above.

So there you have it, the list of best Microsoft Edge themes. If we missed any theme you think should be on the list, then let us know in the comment section.

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