Download & Install TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy A70 (Official)

Samsung Galaxy A70 is one of the popular mid-range Android phones. It’s now almost two years since the release of Galaxy A70. And over those years, the device has received many custom development projects such as ROMs, Recoveries, and Kernels. Recently the device also received support for official TWRP Recovery. Here you get to download TWRP Recovery for Samsung Galaxy A70 & how to install TWRP on Galaxy A70.

Download TWRP for Galaxy A70

The unofficial TWRP for Galaxy A70 was released a while ago from the maintainer Haky86. And after enough testing, a new official TWRP build is available from the same maintainer. The official Galaxy A70 TWRP Recovery is stable and there are no major bugs.

If you like to try different custom ROMs, custom Kernels, Modules, Root, etc. then Custom Recovery helps a lot to flash zip/image files and fix any problems without booting into the system. And TWRP is unarguably the best custom recovery available for Android phones.

Download TWRP Recovery for Samsung Galaxy A70 (Official)

There are already many custom ROMs available for Galaxy A70 such as LineageOS, crDroid, HavocOS, etc. And if you want to try custom ROMs for a fresh experience then you will need a reliable Custom Recovery. And here comes the role of TWRP Recovery which is now available for Galaxy A70. Fortunately, the official TWRP is available for Galaxy A70 that you can install on your phone.

You can download the official TWRP for Galaxy A70 directly from its official site. Choose your model and the version to download the latest TWRP for Galaxy A70. You can use the below link to download from the official site.

After downloading the latest TWRP for your device, you can proceed with installation. Follow the given requirements to begin the process.


How to Install TWRP Recovery on Galaxy A70

If you root your phone or even install any custom project, then you probably know that you need to first unlock the bootloader. It is the mandatory step if you want to modify your device at the system level. And if you already unlocked the bootloader, then you can follow the steps given below for installing TWRP on Galaxy A70.

  1. Copy the downloaded files to your Windows PC. Also, copy the Disable Force Encryption (DFE) zip file to the phone storage.
  2. Power off your phone. Press & hold the Volume Up + Volume Down buttons together and connect to the PC at the same time.
  3. Let go of the buttons when it shows plash screen, and then press Volume Up button to boot Galaxy A70 into Download Mode.
  4. Once your phone is in download mode, open the Odin tool on your PC.
  5. On Odin Tool, uncheck Auto Reboot under the Options tab.Download TWRP Recovery for Galaxy A70
  6. Now click on the AP tab and load the TWRP tar file and click on Start.
  7. After installing the TWRP Recovery, it will show a green pass message.
  8. Now load the vbmeta.tar file on the AP tab and click on Start.
  9. After flashing both TWRP and Vbmeta, press & hold Power + Volume Down. As soon as the screen goes black release both buttons and immediately hold the Volume Up button.
  10. Release the button once you see the bootload warning screen.
  11. Now your Galaxy A70 will boot into the TWRP Recovery mode.
  12. Once you have access to TWRP, slight right to modify. Then click on Install > locate the DFE zip and flash it on your phone.Download TWRP Recovery for Galaxy A70
  13. After flashing DFE, go back to TWRP home and now go to Wipe > Format and type Yes to proceed with the format.Download TWRP for Galaxy A70
  14. Now you can reboot into the System.

That’s all, now you can boot TWRP Recovery for flashing zip and images to try new ROMs, Modules, etc. You can also easily root your phone by flashing Magisk Zip directly from the TWRP.

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TWRP Recovery is a powerful recovery that provides many advanced features that are not available on Stock Recovery. If you use TWRP Recovery, then let us know your favorite feature of TWRP Recovery.

So, there you have it, download TWRP Recovery for Galaxy A70 with an installation guide. And in case if you have any queries, then let us know in the comment section.

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