What are Snapchat Planets? Order and Meaning (2024)

If you are looking on the internet to find out what the Snapchat planets are in Snapchat Plus, you have come to the right place. Ever since Snapchat introduced this feature, many users seem to like it, and it has become very popular. Here, we will explain everything you need to know about Snapchat Planets.

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms, especially for Gen Z, since the application boasts an array of features that keep its audience engaged. While the app itself is feature-packed, Snapchat Plus takes the experience of users to the next level with exciting upgrades.

Snapchat consistently launches new features for its premium users, such as the ability to customize the app’s icon, see who has rewatched your story, make specific friends as BFFs, and others. One of the recent additions to enhance the user experience is the introduction of the Snapchat Friend Solar System, a feature exclusive to Snapchat Plus users that assigns a planet to each of their close friends.

Today, we will help you understand what Snapchat planets are, their significance, order, meanings, and much more. In addition to that, we will tell you the steps on how you can view the Snapchat solar system for your friends.

What are Snapchat Planets?

Snapchat Planets are a part of the Friends Solar System feature, which is exclusive to Plus subscribers and represents the level of your friendship with other users on the platform. It has eight planets, similar to the real Solar System.

What Are Snapchat Planets?

Here, you are represented by ‘Sun’, and your friends are assigned a ‘Planet’ based on your proximity to Snapchat. For example, if someone is your closest Snapchat friend, they will be assigned as ‘Mercury’ for you since Mercury is closest to the Sun in the Solar System.

The Solar System works for your next eight best friends on Snapchat, and your top eight best friends are assigned a planet based on how close you are to them.

Snapchat Planets Order and Their Meanings

As mentioned earlier, Snapchat Planets represent the order of your best friends on the app, starting with Mercury as the closest friend and ending with Neptune as the least close friend, like the solar system.

The planets in Snapchat Planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, respectively. Check out the later part to understand the meaning of Snapchat planets along with their corresponding emoji:

1. Mercury

Mercury is the first planet in Snapchat’s Friends Solar System and is the closest planet to the Sun. In the Snapchat+ Friends Solar System, it’s represented by a red planet with five red hearts around it and a few emojis.

Snapchat Mercury Planet

2. Venus

Venus represents your second-closest friend. In the Snapchat’s solar system, Venus is represented by a light brown color with yellow, pink, and blue hearts around it.

Snapchat Venus Planet

3. Earth

Earth is the third closest friend to you, and it’s represented by the same colors as the real Earth, with additional elements like a moon, stars, and red hearts.

Snapchat Earth Planet

4. Mars

The number four on the list is Mars, which represents your fourth closest friend on the app. It is depicted as a red planet with stars and purple and blue hearts around it.

Snapchat Mars Planet

5. Jupiter

Coming to your fifth closest friend, Jupiter is stated as a reddish-orange planet with dark orange strips and colorful stars.

Snapchat Jupiter Planet

6. Saturn

Saturn is the sixth planet in the Snapchat solar system, and it represents the sixth closest friend on the app. It is shown as an orange planet with a ring and stars floating nearby.

Snapchat Saturn Planet

7. Uranus

Uranus represents your seventh closest friend on Snapchat Plus. It is displayed as a green planet with glittering emojis and no hearts.

Snapchat Uranus Planet

8. Neptune

The farthest planet, or the eighth one, is Neptune, represented by a blue planet with a wavy texture and no hearts around it.

Snapchat Neptune Planet

How to Access Snapchat Planets

You can easily access Snapchat Planets and check friends’ positions in the solar system in the application. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: First of all, make sure that you have a valid Snapchat+ subscription. If not, sign up for Snapchat Plus.

Step 2: Open the Snapchat app. Swipe right from the camera tab.

Step 3: Hold down on the Bitmoji of your friend.

Step 4: Click on View Friendship from the menu.

Step 5: Select either the “Best Friends” or “Friends” badge under their username to see the planet.

How to Access Snapchat Planets?

Note: If you see the “Friends” badge, you’re one of their top eight friends but not yours. If it says, “Best Friends,” you both are one of each other’s eight closest friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Many Best Friend Planets Are on Snapchat?

There are a total of eight best friend planets on Snapchat, just like in the real solar system, and each planet is assigned to one of your best friends on the platform.

Q. Can I Cancel Snapchat Plus Free Trial at Any Time?

Yes. You can cancel your Snapchat+ free trial if it does not meet your expectations. Just head over to your subscriptions list in Google Play and tap Cancel subscription, then follow the instructions.

Q. Can I See Planets Without a Snapchat Plus Subscription?

No, currently it’s impossible to see Planets on Snapchat without a Plus subscription since it’s a premium feature. However, you can still ask your friend to know which planet you are on in their account if they have a Snapchat Plus plan.

Q. Why Can’t I See the Planets on Snapchat?

You are not seeing the planets on Snapchat because you might not have a Snapchat Plus subscription. If you are a Snapchat+ user but are still not seeing the planets, make sure that Bitmoji is linked.

Q. How Much Does Snapchat Plus Cost?

A Snapchat Plus subscription is priced at $3.99 per month or $29.99 per year. However, the subscription pricing may vary in different countries and devices. To know the latest pricing for your account, navigate to Snapchat Settings, then tap Snapchat+, and you will see the plan price.

Q. What is Snapchat Plus?

As per the Snapchat website, a Snapchat+ subscriber will get exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features that are intended to enhance and customize your Snapchat experience. It enabled users to enjoy new features before anyone else.

So, that’s all about what you need to know about Snapchat planets. I hope now you have a better understanding of what the features are, their order, meanings, and how you can access them.

If you have any questions related to the article, let us know in the comments section below.

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