How to Fix Samsung TV Won’t Turn ON [8 Fixes]

In this guide, we will take a look at some of the most common issues that could be causing the problem of Samsung TV won’t turn on. Also, we’ll walk you through the troubleshooting process to get your Samsung TV back up and working. Whether you have a Samsung LED, QLED, or any other model, the following guidance is similar.

We have gotten so hooked on technology that it may be quite annoying when it stops working properly. After an exhausting day, numerous people turn to their televisions for some relaxation with a favorite television program or movie. As an outcome, finding that your Samsung TV won’t turn on can be inconvenient and frustrating. At times, there may be certain flaws that are entirely fixable. When you encounter an issue, follow the troubleshooting methods mentioned in this article to fix it.

Why Won’t My Samsung TV Turn On?

There are several possible reasons why the Samsung TV won’t turn on. The primary reason is that the Samsung TV is not properly connected to the power source. The Red LED/Standby light on the TV also shows what could be the cause of the issue.

Samsung TV Won't Turn On
TV Down View

If the standby light is On, it means the problem may be related to your remote. When the light is On, it means your TV is receiving power normally.

If the standby light is Off, the problem may be power related. In this case you need to follow troubleshooting methods related to connection with the power source. You can also try pressing the Menu or Home button on your remote, just in case if the standby light itself is faulty.

And the last case when blinking Standby light or blinking red light on Samsung TV, it means that voltage may be the real reason for your Samsung TV not turning on. It may also be possible that there is a problem with some internal hardware of the TV.

In List:

  • Samsung TV not connected to the Power source properly
  • Faulty remote control
  • Damaged Wire or loose wire
  • Other connected devices causing problem
  • There is a possibility of a hardware problem

How to Fix Samsung TV Won’t Turn ON

After you’ve determined what the most likely cause of the problem is, let’s look into possible solutions to fix the problem of the Samsung TV won’t turn on.

Press the Power Button

If you last turned off your TV, the first thing you did was put the Samsung TV into sleep mode by pressing the Power button and then turned off the power source. And when you try to turn on the Samsung TV by simply connecting it to the power source. The TV will remain on a black screen and will not load.

Samsung TV Won't Turn On

So after connecting your Samsung TV to the power source, you need to press the power button either on your remote or directly from the TV button (because it is possible that your remote has issues, especially when standby light is On). Yes, this may not work with all users, but anyone can forget to press the power button, so this fix serves as a reminder.

Unplug The TV and Reset It

The easiest and most helpful method to fix the problem of Samsung TV won’t turn on is to simply unplug it from the wall and replug it after 60 seconds. This must be the initial step in any instance when the TV does not turn on. Many times, the connection may have come loose or disconnected slightly, preventing the TV from receiving power.

Samsung TV Won't Turn On

If this fails to fix the problem, you can add an additional phase to the process. While the TV is turned off, long press the power button on the Samsung television for 30 seconds, and it effectively soft resets the TV and the TV should turn back on normally.

Check the Wire

Samsung TV Won't Turn ON

If the Samsung television has been plugged in but fails to turn on, check whether the power cable is damaged or not.

If you have a similar cord lying around, try it out and see whether it works. You can also use a multimeter to determine if the cord is damaged.

A different approach is to check whether the TV’s connector pins are damaged because this can stop the circuit from getting completed.

Also make sure that the other end of the cord that usually connects to the TV is properly connected and not loose.

Check The Remote Batteries

If your television fails to respond when you push the power button on your remote control, there could be an issue with the remote. Replace the batteries and check for any barriers between the remote and the TV’s receiver (If you have IR remote and not bluetooth remote). If it doesn’t work, try pressing the power button on the TV.

Samsung TV Won't Turn On

Reset The Remote

A malfunction with the remote might also cause unresponsiveness. It’s best to reset the remote by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Remove the remote batteries completely.

Step 2: Press and hold the power button on the remote control for around 30 seconds.

Step 3: Insert the batteries and check the TV for functionality.

If your Samsung TV still refuse to turn on, follow the next troubleshooting method.

Input Source Mismatch

If the input of the source does not correspond to the TV preset, the TV may display a blank screen while continuing to operate normally. The power light may be blinking as well. Here’s what you can do:

Step 1: Ensure that the input source matches what is attached to the Samsung TV. If you select HDMI 1 as your input but connect the source to HDMI 2 power, you won’t be able to see anything.

Step 2: If the power light is off, your television may be on just trying to connect to the incorrect source.

Step 3: You should be able to change the source using your remote or a button on the side of the television (If Menu or Settings is visible, or if your remote has direct Source button). Try pressing the Home button on the Remote which should exit any HDMI input if you are not able to change the Input because of black screen.

Check for External Devices

External devices, such as gaming consoles or soundbars, might occasionally interfere with the power supply of a television. Disconnect any external devices from your TV and restart it. If it powers on without any external devices connected, one of them could be the source of the problem. Reconnect them one at a time to find the one that is causing the issue.

Samsung TV Won't Turn On

Backlight Malfunction

If you’ve verified that your Samsung TV is receiving appropriate power, your TV may be turned on (especially if the standby light is turned off) and the black screen is brought on by a malfunctioning backlight. Here’s what you can do:

  • You can verify this by holding a flashlight near the screen. If you see a tiny image in the illuminated region, the backlight has failed.
  • It might be a faulty supply of electricity powering the backlight, or it could be the backlight parts themselves. A blinking standby light is another sign of a shorted backlight.
  • You can swap the backlights yourself; just buy pieces that fit your TV and replace them with screws and connectors.

Contact The Support Team

If everything else fails and your Samsung TV still won’t switch on, contact Samsung customer service. They can offer expert advice and, if necessary, arrange for professional assistance. When contacting them, make sure you have your TV’s model number and warranty information available.

Samsung TV Won't Turn On

Conclusion: Samsung TV Won’t Turn ON

To summarize, a Samsung TV won’t turn on can be irritating, but it’s often a basic problem with a simple solution. You can improve your chances of detecting and resolving the problem on your own by following the steps indicated in this troubleshooting guide. Remember to be patient and thorough in your troubleshooting efforts, and your Samsung TV should be back in working condition in no time.

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