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How to Create and Use Stage Channels in Discord [Definitive Guide]

Discord has been working painstakingly to bring new functionalities. Not long ago, the app received new options to add spoiler tags. Now it gets yet another useful feature, which lets people create audio-only live rooms. The new Clubhouse-like feature is available for users under community servers. Although, Voice chat is already available on Discord, but the traditional Voice chat allow everyone to talk freely. However, only certain people can talk in the Clubhouse-inspired Stage Channels. If you want to create a stage channel, then in this article we will show you how to use Stage Channels in Discord.

Discord Stage Channels is available across all platforms – Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad), Windows, Mac, Linux, and the web. If you’re using Discord on your smartphone, then make sure to update the app to the newer version.

It’s a pretty useful feature for people who want to create events such as AMAs, interviews, and karaoke. For the time being, the feature is available only on community servers. If you want to create discord stage channel, then you must upgrade your standard server to community server.

Now let’s take a look at how to enable community servers and make discord stage channel.

How to enable Community Server on Discord

Enabling Community Server will enable a number of moderation tools, insight, and other features. Moderators can easily add or remove speakers from the stage channels. Though, there are a few requirements needed to switch a standard server to a community server. Only verified people would be able to join the community server. And Discord will automatically scan and delete explicit media from the server. If your server met all prerequisites, then you can follow below steps to enable Community server.

  1. At first, click on your server’s name, which is available in the top left corner, then click on Server Settings.
    how to enable community server in discord
  2. Now click on Enable Community option from Community section, then tap on Get Started.
    how to enable community server in discord
  3. To ensure the safety, you need to perform setup carefully, in the first step of safety check, it will ask you about the email verification and explicit media content filter. While the second step is for rules and community updates. And the third one carries moderation permissions and community guidelines.
    how to enable community server in discord
  4. Once all done, tap on finish setup.
    how to enable community server in discord

How to create Discord Stage Channel

After updating your server to a community server, you can easily make stage channel in Discord. The voice channels option let people create stage channels in discord. Here are the steps by which you can make discord stage channel from your PC or smartphone.

  1. First off, click on the + button roster in the right side of Voice Channels section for creating a stage channel.
    how to create stage channels in discord
  2. Now choose the channel type as Stage Channel and also enter the channel name of your choice.
    how to create stage channels in discord
  3. In the next page, you can add or remove any member as moderator in your stage channel, or you can click on skip.
  4. After creating a channel, you need to enter the topic you want to discuss. Give a pertinent name to stage topic and then click on Open the Stage.
    how to create stage channels in discord
  5. That’s it.

If you’re using Discord on your mobile and want to make a discord stage channel. Then, make sure to update Discord to its latest version. Now open the app on your mobile, then head over to your server then tap on the + button from Voice Channels, then enter channel name and choose channel type as Stage Channel. It will ask you for microphone permission, tap on allow and then choose a topic which you want to discuss, that’s it.

How to Use Stage Channels in Discord

If there’s an active stage channel in the community server, then you will see the live stage channels in the voice channels section. You can simply click on the stage channel to join the conversation.

How to use stage channels in discord

By default, the audience in the stage channel can only listen, but in case if you want to speak on the stage, then you can tap on the Request to Speak option.

The moderators of the stage channel will approve or refuse your request to speak. Moderators can also invite people to speak on stage by tapping on the invite button.

How to use stage channels in discord

If you no longer want to be on stage as a speaker, then you can simply tap on the move to audience button. And in case you want to leave the stage channel, then you can tap on Exit Quietly button. That’s it.

How to use stage channels in discord

For the time being, the Clubhouse app is limited to iOS, but if you’re using Discord then now you can try the Discord’s stage channels. It’s available across every platform.

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