How to Fix LG TV Not Connecting to WiFi

Is your LG TV not connecting to WiFi? If so, you are not alone, as many users are reporting the same issue where they are unable to connect their LG smart TV to a Wi-Fi network. Since you have landed on this article, you don’t have to worry, as here you will learn some of the best troubleshooting ways to fix the issue.

Smart TVs have improved a lot in the last few years. You can stream your favorite content, browse the internet, and do more on your TV. To access most of the content, an internet connection is required. But since it is a tech device, there are chances that it could cause issues where it won’t connect to WiFi.

If this is the issue in your case as well, read on to check out the different ways to fix the LG Smart TV not connecting to the WiFi problem.

Why Won’t LG Smart TV Connect to WiFi?

There can be several reasons why your LG smart TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi. Below, we have listed the most common reasons for this issue:

  • Many devices are connected to Wi-Fi.
  • The LG smart TV is too far from the router.
  • A simple bug or glitch.
  • You might be entering the wrong WiFi password.
  • Wrong date and time on the TV.
  • Amongst others.

How to Fix LG TV Not Connecting to WiFi

Now that you know the common reasons behind the issue, you might be wondering what you should do when your LG smart TV is not connecting to WiFi. Well, just read the article and follow the troubleshooting steps and fixes to get your smart TV connected back to the Wi-Fi.

Restart the TV and Router

Let’s start with the basics. Restarting the devices should usually help sort it out. In the case of the LG Smart TV, simply switch it off and leave it disconnected from the power source. Do the same for your internet router as well.

Restart the LG TV and Router

Leave them disconnected for a minute or two, and then plug them back in. Now that both devices are powered up, check to see if the TV can connect to your Wi-Fi network. If it does, well and good. But if it doesn’t, you can continue following the troubleshooting methods below.

Check if your WiFi is Working

Sometimes, there is a high possibility that your Wi-Fi network might be the culprit. Do the following things to check if it is your WiFi that has an issue or if it is the TV that has created the problem:

Step 1: Connect your mobile phone or PC to the WiFi network.

Step 2: If you can connect to the network and access the internet, then there could be something wrong with your TV, or maybe you have blacklisted the TV from connecting to the network by mistake.

Step 3: In case, you can’t access the internet, it could be possible that your internet service is down. This is where you can call your ISP to get the issues sorted out.

Check the Password

If you enter the wrong password, it can prevent your TV from connecting to the Wi-Fi. Since passwords are case-sensitive, cross-verify your Wi-Fi password and enter it carefully on the TV to connect to WiFi.

Check the Password

Update Your LG TV Location

If the TV’s location does not match your router’s settings, the LG TV won’t connect to WiFi. In this case, opt for Set Automatically after resetting the location settings. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: On the remote control, press the Home button or directly the Settings button if it has one.

Step 2: Navigate to All Settings > General > Location > LG Service Country.

Step 3: Select a country other than yours and apply the changes.

Step 4: Again, go to LG Service Country and select your current country.

Update Your LG TV Location

Step 5: Finally, navigate to the Location menu and choose Set Automatically.

Correct Date and Time

If your LG TV’s time is incorrect, it might prevent your TV from connecting to Wi-Fi. Here’s how you can check and correct the time and date settings:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > All Settings.

Step 2: Select General > Time & Date. On some LG TV models, you need to navigate to Time & Timer under General.

Correct Date and Time

Step 3: Finally, choose the correct time, date, and time zone. You can also opt for Set Automatically.

Check the Number of Connected Devices

Every router has a limited number of devices that can be connected to it. If you have connected multiple devices to the Wi-Fi that you are trying to connect with the LG TV, disconnect one or more devices and check if the issue is fixed or not. If yes, it’s because the router crossed the limit. If it does not fix the issue, move on to the next fix.

Reposition the Router

As mentioned in one of the reasons why LG TVs won’t connect to WiFi, if the router is too far from the TV, it may connect due to a weak signal. Hence, reposition the router and keep it close to the TV. If it’s already close to the TV, there are chances that a nearby electronic device is interfering with the signal, so move those as well.

Reposition the Router

Check if You Blacklisted the TV

It can happen by mistake. You know, you were trying to block a device from accessing your WiFi network, which also resulted in blocking your TV from accessing the internet. Follow these steps to unblock the TV.

Step 1: On your mobile or PC, launch the web browser.

Step 2: Head over to the router’s web page and enter your username and password.

Step 3: If the password hasn’t been changed, enter the one that is present on the router’s back.

Step 4: Now that you are logged in, click on the Advanced option.

Step 5: Under that, you need to click on Security. followed by Access Control.

Step 6: You will now see a list of devices that are blocked by you.

Step 7: Select the TV from the list and unblock it.

Step 8: Check and see if you are now able to connect your LG smart TV to the Wi-Fi network.

Step 9: If you can, well and good. If you can’t, follow the next steps.

Update Your LG TV

If the LG smart TV is running on an outdated firmware version, it might be the reason why the TV is refusing to connect to WiFi. In this case, just update your LG smart TV, and your issue should be fixed.

Factory Reset LG TV

If your LG smart TV is still not connecting to WiFi, then a factory reset might be required. It could be because of a software update or a bug that might be preventing the TV from connecting to the Wi-Fi network. You can follow this guide to learn how to perform a factory reset on your LG TV.

Contact Support

If none of the methods mentioned in the article helped you fix the issue, the last thing you can do is contact customer support. Either contact your router’s manufacturer or LG to ask for help, as they can help you resolve the issue.

Wrapping Up

So, that brings us to the end of the guide. I hope one of the above-mentioned methods helped you fix the issue. If not, don’t forget to contact LG or the router’s manufacturer for help. If you have any questions related to the article, do let us know in the comments below.

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