How to Control LG TV using a Phone without WiFi

Smart TVs are defined as smart simply because of the various abilities and functions that they can perform over other regular old-school TVs. TV manufacturer, LG, also makes a large number of smart TVs and these are quite popular with a lot of people. Given its popularity, its users will have some sort of doubts and queries about the TV.

In today’s guide, we will be taking a look at how you, a user of the LG smart TV will be able to control your LG smart TV from a phone without connecting WiFi network. If you are curious about controlling the LG TV with your phone without using a WiFi network, this guide is for you.

How to Control LG TV with Phone without WiFi

While it may occur as common knowledge that a WiFi network is required to order to use the LG remote app on your phone to control it, there are a good number of ways that allow you to control the TV without a WiFi network. Let’s take a look.

Control your LG TV with an IR Blaster

A lot of mobile devices released after 2012 have had the IR Blaster. The IR blaster that was on board these devices allowed you to control almost any electronic appliance. Be it the TV, Set-top box, ACs, Fans, DVRs – you name it all. A lot of these devices also have a corresponding app that lets you control the device by just using your mobile phone.

How to Control LG TV with Phone without WiFi

In case you have one of those old phones with an IR blaster lying around, you might want to use it to control your LG TV without using any WiFi network. The process to set up and use it is simple as ever. All you need to do is launch the remote control app on your mobile device and select what device you are controlling.

 In this case, you will need to select Television and then select the brand of the smart TV i.e. LG. You might be asked to enter the model number of your LG TV. If not, simply follow the instructions on the screen to know how you can power up and control the LG TV on your phone without using any WiFi network.

Attach IR Blaster to your Phone

Now, if you have a newer phone, the chances are high that it won’t be having an in-built IR blaster. So, if you want to control your TV using a phone without any Wifi network, You might want to purchase an IR Blaster attachment. These are cheap little attachments that you can plug into your phone either in the e3.5mm headphone jack port or into the charging port of your device.

How to Control LG TV with Phone without WiFi

These IR Blaster add-ons for mobile devices can be found for cheap on platforms such as the Amazon website. Once you have the IR blaster plugged into your phone, simply download an app that helps to detect and control the IR Blaster with ease. One app that you can download to control the IR Blaster on your mobile phone is the ZaZa Remote app. It’s free to download from the Google Play Store.

Get a Universal Remote

Universal remotes for TVs are available from a number of brands. If you ever reached a point where you aren’t able to find the exact replacement for your remote, you might as well simply get yourself a universal remote control. These fancy remotes are cheap and easily available on the Amazon store. Programming to work with your LG TV is quite simple. 

universal remote codes for lg tv

Depending on the remote you will be able to choose between the auto programming option or, you could use the manual setup process which lets you enter a code that is exclusive to your TV brand. Once you have the remote programmed, you can use it like your regular LG TV remote. Sure, some functions might not work as expected due to it being a universal remote control.

Connect your Phone via HDMI Cable to the TV

If you have lost the remote for your LG Smart TV but, want to watch something on your TV, simply power up the TV and plug in the HDMI cable designed for Android or iPhones to the TV. In this way by connecting your phone to the TV, you are basically displaying your phone’s screen on your LG TV. With the display being available on your TV, you can simply stream or watch any of the shows or movies from the streaming services installed on your LG TV.

How to Control LG TV with Phone without WiFi

Plug In a Google Chromecast Device

Using a Google Chromecast plugin device to your TV can also help you stream and watch content on your TV right away, but instead of your LG TV’s WebOS, you will be making use of the Google TV that comes with it. Once you have Google Chromecast plugged in and powered to your TV, ensure that your TV is powered on and is switched to the right HDMI input source.

How to Control LG TV with Phone without WiFi

Now, on your mobile device, launch the streaming service that you like and begin to play a movie or a TV Show. You should be seeing the Cast icon at the top of the video player. Simply tap on it to search for wireless displays around you. Once you find the Google Chromecast device, connect to it and now easily stream your movies and shows without having to make use of the TV’s built-in WebOS and neither do you need to make use of any WiFi networks in order to get this working.

Can you connect your phone to your LG TV without WiFi?

Absolutely. Simply make use of an HDMI cable that is compatible with your Android device. Your LG TV will already be having an HDMI port, so you don’t have to worry about your TV.

Will other remotes work with my LG TV?

Yes, a good number of Universal Remote Controls should work fine with your LG TV. Provided that you have properly and successfully programmed the remote to your TV, the remote will perfectly function with no issues whatsoever. You can purchase Univeral Remote Controls from reputed brands such as Magnavox, GE, Onn, RCA, and Phillips, just to name a few.

Does the LG TV Remote App work with my Smart TV?

Yes! The LG ThinQ app that has been officially developed for LG Smart TVs can be used to control LG Smart TVs. However, you need to note that you will require your LG Smart TV and your mobile device to be connected to the same WiFi network. The LG ThinQ app can be downloaded for free for Android as well as iPhones. Here’s a guide on how you can control your LG TV with the ThinQ app.


This concludes the guide on how you can connect and control your phone to LG TV without using any WiFi network. In case of questions or queries, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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