How to reset LG Smart TV [both webOS and RokuOS]

Smart TVs come with a lot of features that help make your viewing experience enjoyable. From being able to install apps and even cast content from your phones, LG has its lineup of TVs that run on RokuOS as well as their in-house OS called WebOS. LG TVs also have a variety of TV ranges that are suitable according to a person’s budget. Like all electronics, TVs also can have a few issues. While with most issues, this can be fixed by performing a factory reset on your Smart TV. If you have got an LG Smart TV and facing any issues, then here’s a step-by-step guide on how to reset LG Smart TV.

Many issues might want you to perform a factory reset on our LG TV. It could be that a new software update is causing a few glitches, problems with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, issues with audio outputs, and maybe even the Content Store on your LG TV might not be working. These issues can be annoying and especially even more when maybe you might have planned a movie night on the weekend or just prepping up to watch some live sports. Now, nobody wants to have their viewing experience spoiled, so performing a factory reset on your LG Smart TV is the only way to get rid of such problems.

How to Reset LG Smart TV

Before we begin, you need to know that when you perform a factory reset on your LG Smart TV, you will be losing all data such as account logins, installed apps, and even custom settings. If you have custom audio and video settings for your LG Smart TV, it is best if you take a picture of those settings before you begin to perform a factory reset. If you have an LG Smart TV running WebOS or RokuOS the methods have been mentioned.

How to Soft Reset LG webOS Smart TV

The best way to clear out any kind of issues is by first performing a Soft Reset on your LG Smart TV.

  1. Turn your LG Smart TV off if you already haven’t.
  2. Now, disconnect the TV from the electrical source and wait for around a minute or so.
  3. Connect the TV back to its power source and then switch the TV on. The issues that you might have had should now be all gone.
  4. If for some reason this method didn’t help fix your problem, you can follow the next method to perform a forced hard reset.

How to Force Reset LG webOS Smart TV

If the Soft Reset method didn’t work for you, here is how you can forcefully reset the WebOS LG Smart TV.

  1. Press and hold the Volume Down and the Power button on your LG Smart TV remote.
  2. Keep both the buttons pressed for about 10 seconds.
  3. The screen should go dark followed by the LG logo appearing on your screen.
  4. With the TV restarted, your reset has now been completed. Check and see if any of the problems you have had before are occurring now or not.
  5. Again, if the errors have not cleared away, a full-fledged factory reset needs to be performed.

How to Factory Reset LG webOS Smart TV

  1. On your LG remote, press the Smart button.
  2. Now, select the gear icon on the screen.
  3. You will now open the Settings panel for the TV.
  4. Select General Settings from the list.
  5. From here, navigate over to the option that says Reset to Initial Settings.
    how to reset lg smart tv
  6. The TV will now ask you if you wish to go ahead and perform a factory reset. Confirm it by selecting the Confirm button.
  7. You will now be asked to enter a password to continue the factory reset.
  8. To see the code you can find it LG Website based on the model of your TV.
  9. With the code entered, the factory reset process will now begin.
  10. Once done, the TV will restart and you now have to enter all the information that you entered the first time you set up the TV.

How to Factory Reset LG webOS Smart TV without remote

If for some reason you do not have the TV remote with you, then you can simply press and hold the power button that is present on the TV. This should forcefully reset and restart your LG Smart TV. But if it didn’t, you can use the channel up and down buttons to navigate to the reset menu. The problem will arise when you might have to enter the Reset PIN.  Hence it is advisable to get an LG Smart TV remote that works perfectly or at least in some manner for your particular LG Smart TV model.

How to Factory Reset LG Smart TV (RokuOS)

If you have one of those LG Smart TVs that have RokuOS, the process to factory reset the TV is simple and easy. Follow these steps to factory reset a RokuOS LG Smart TV.

  1. Power on your RokuOS LG Smart TV.
  2. Press the Home button on your Roku Remote.
  3. Scroll over and select the Settings option.
  4. With Settings selected, you will now have to select System.
  5. Under System Select the Advanced System Settings option.
  6. Now, select Factory Reset followed by Factory Reset Everything.
    how to reset lg smart tv
  7. The TV will now ask you to confirm the reset, Select Yes to begin the reset process,
  8. It should take you a minute or two to get completed.
  9. When the RokuOS LG smart TV restarts you will be greeted with the first-time setup screen.
  10. Set it up and you are good to go.
  11. And this is how you can perform a reset on a RokuOS LG Smart TV.


So, there you have it, Easy and simple ways for you to reset LG Smart TV whether it has WebOS or RokuOS on it. All of these steps should take you less than 3 minutes and should help solve all of the problems that you might be facing operating the LG Smart TV. If you have used any of these methods, do let us know in the comments what were the problems that you were facing that got fixed after resetting your LG Smart TV.

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