How to connect Bluetooth devices to LG TV [Two Easy Ways]

Being able to connect multiple devices is a great thing. You could connect devices wirelessly through the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth options. Almost all modern devices come with Bluetooth to help bring in and grow the wireless world. From mice and keyboards to headphones, speakers, soundbars, and even gamepads, they can all be connected with the help of Bluetooth. Also, you connect these same devices over to your LG Smart TV and have a better experience with your TV. Here is a guide on how to connect Bluetooth devices to LG TV.

You will hardly find people using the wired method of connecting two devices to each other unless they are extremely old devices and have no Bluetooth features at all. With more devices being able to connect, Bluetooth technology is also massively improving. It is no longer just used to share files between two devices. Even modern TVs have made it a standard to have Bluetooth built-in. So, if you have an LG Smart TV, read on to know how you can connect various Bluetooth devices to your LG Smart TV.

How to connect Bluetooth Devices to LG TV

Before we begin connecting devices to the LG TV, you will have to make sure that the Bluetooth is switched on. The Bluetooth is usually enabled and turned ON always on Smart TVs, meaning that you do not have to worry about it on or off. What you will have to worry about is only seeing if the TV can find Bluetooth devices.

Connect Bluetooth Speakers, Headsets and Soundbars to LG Smart TV

  1. First things first, you will want to make sure that other devices haven’t connected to your Bluetooth output devices. If they are, simply disconnect them from it.
  2. With the devices switched on and in pairing mode, place them in an area where the device’s Bluetooth range is enough to be detected by the TV as well as sounds perfect for the whole room.
  3. Pick up your LG Smart TV remote and press the settings button on it.
  4. With the Settings menu open head over to Advanced Settings.
  5. Now that you are in the Advanced Settings menu Head over to the Sound options.
  6. From here you can select the Sound Out option.
  7. Select the LG Sound Sync / Bluetooth menu from the list.
    how to connect bluetooth devices to lg tv
  8. Under that, you can select Detect.
  9. Your TV will now show you a list of Bluetooth sound devices that are nearby. Select your Bluetooth device from the list.
  10. The devices will now pair with each other and are connected.
  11. Play an audio or video on your LG Smart TV to see if the output is coming from the Bluetooth device.
  12. Adjust the volume of the TV and Bluetooth device to have the right listening experience.
  13. And this is how you connect your Bluetooth speakers or audio devices to the TV.

Connect Bluetooth Keyboard, Mouse, and Gamepads to LG Smart TV

  1. Ensure that your Keyboard, Mouse, or Gamepad has enough battery charge and is presently not connected to any other devices.
  2. Now, enable the pairing mode on the device. It might indicate with a constant flashing light indicating the device is ready to be paired.
  3. Grab your LG Smart TVs remote and press the Settings button.
  4. Once in the Settings menu, scroll and select the Advanced Settings.
  5. Under the General Menu select Keyboard.
  6. Select the Connect option. The TV will now begin to look for Bluetooth input devices that are nearby.
  7. When you spot your keyboard, mouse or gamepad select it.
  8. In a few seconds, the TV and the input devices will be paired.
  9. Your input device can now be used with your LG Smart TV.


And these are the two ways you can connect different kinds of Bluetooth devices to the LG Smart TV. The whole process should take you less than a minute if you have everything in perfect order.

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We hope this guide has taught you how to pair Bluetooth devices to the LG Smart TV. If you might have some issue or problem in paring any device, do let us know in the comments below.

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