How to use Quick Share on Samsung Galaxy Phones

File sharing feature is quite important, no matter which device you are using, its going to be useful. There are many file sharing tools that vary by device. One of the popular sharing tools is Quick Share from Samsung. If you have a Samsung Galaxy, this guide is for you. Here I will share how to use Quick Share on Samsung Galaxy phones and everything about it.

What is Quick Share?

It is a file sharing service from Samsung that is available on Galaxy devices and also available on Windows PC but as an app. The service let users share files wirelessly between multiple devices. It works like Nearby share but is optimized for Samsung devices and has more use. With Quick share users can also create links to shares files with others who are far away.

Samsung has improved the Quick share a lot since it release in 2020. It is super useful for those who own a Samsung device because it makes the sharing process quite easy. You can share almost every file available on your device including Images, Document, Videos, etc.

Is Quick Share Fast?

Yes, it is quite fast. I have tested Nearby Share and Quick Share, and the results weren’t the same every time. Sometimes Quick Share takes the lead and sometimes Nearby Share takes the lead. So you can say Quick Share is equal to Nearby Share in terms of speed. The speed can depend on devices and the traffic.

How to Enable Quick Share

To send or receive files through Quick Share, you need to make sure its enabled. It takes only a few seconds to enabled it.

Step 1: On your Phone, Swipe down two times to bring Quick Panel. If you have updated to One UI 6, swipe down one time from the top right corner.

Step 2: Now Swipe to the left to see more quick options. If its in the first page no need to swipe.

Step 3: Tap the Quick Share icon, and choose between contacts only or Anyone nearby based on your requirement.

How to use Quick Share on Samsung Galaxy

That’s it. You can follow the same process to turn off Quick Share. Now you can share and receive files using Quick Share. Let’s see how it works.

Note: The first method is to share files between two Samsung phones. To share files between Samsung and iPhone or other Android phones, you can follow method three and four. To use on PC, check out this guide.

How to Send Files using Quick Share

The receiver need to enable Quick Share using the steps above.

Step 1: Open the File you want to share in File Manager or Gallery.

Step 2: Now long tap on the file which will select the file and show actions that you can take. If you want to share multiple files, select all files.

How to use Quick Share on Samsung Galaxy

Step 3: Next tap the Share option. It will give various options that are available for sharing, choose Quick Share.

Step 4: It will look for nearby device with quick share enabled. Choose the device to which you want to send the files.

How to use Quick Share on Samsung Galaxy

Step 5: The receiver will receive a pop-up. As soon as they accept it, the file sharing will start. It can take some time depending on the files size.

So this is how to share files using Quick Share on Phone. In case you want to share files between Windows PC and phone using Quick share, I have shared a separate guide that you should check.

How to Share Files with Contacts using Quick Share

If your contacts have Galaxy phone and they are far away, you can use this or next two methods. But this is quite easy than the other two methods. To use this method make sure you and your contact have access to Internet.

Step 1: Open Gallery or File Manager on your phone.

Step 2: Select files you want to send, and then choose Share option.

How to use Quick Share on Samsung Galaxy

Step 3: Now select Quick Share.

Step 4: In the Quick Share page, tap View Contacts or All contacts and then choose the contact you want to share the files with.

How to use Quick Share on Samsung Galaxy

Step 5: You will receive a notification when sent. The receiver will also get a notification that they can open and download the shared files.

Next two methods that I am going to share will also work if sender and receiver are far away. And both methods work between Galaxy and Non-Galaxy devices.

How to Quick Share from Samsung to iPhone

Guess what? You can use Quick Share to transfer files from your phone to iPhone. But there is a catch, Both sender and receiver must have an active internet connection. And Internet data will apply to download files on iPhone. The sender must be logged-in to Galaxy device with Samsung account.

This also works between Galaxy and other non-Galaxy devices.

Step 1: Open File Manager or Gallery and select files you want to share.

Step 2: You will see various actions, tap the Share icon and then choose Quick Share.

Step 3: In the next page tap the QR code icon.

How to use Quick Share on Samsung Galaxy

Step 4: It will show QR code. iPhone or other non-Galaxy device user can scan the QR Code and they will be able to download these files on their devices. If the receiver is far away, you can send the QR code.

Unlike other file sharing services this lets you create temporary links to share on the internet or to multiple users. Since this is temporary the link will expire in a few days.

There is a daily limit of 5GB to share using links. So in one day you can create links that include a maximum of 5GB.

It’s quite easy to create links using Quick Share and not much different than the method mentioned above to send files.

Step 1: Make sure you are logged in with your Samsung account on your device. And both sender and receiver must have Internet access.

Step 2: Open File Manager of Gallery app on your Samsung phone. Go to the File you want to share with a link.

Step 3: Long tap the file and bunch of options will appear. Choose all files that you want to share.

How to use Quick Share on Samsung Galaxy

Step 4: Now from option tap Share icon followed by Quick Share.

Step 5: It will start searching devices, ignore it and tap the QR code icon.

Step 6: This will open a QR code along with a link that you can share with others.

How to use Quick Share on Samsung Galaxy

Using this link users will be able to download the files you shared. And they don’t need to be near the sender plus they don’t need to own a Galaxy phone. Anyone can download shared files as long as they have link.

Where to Find Files received through Quick Share

So where are the shared files saved? After transfer, you get option to open them, but what if you want to open them later and not right after receiving them. And its kind of hard to find files in file manager if you don’t know their locations and it could be time consuming as well.

/Internal Storage/Download/Quick Share

The files shared through Quick Share are saved in the Quick Share folder under Download folder. If these are media files you can also access them from Gallery. So all you have to do is navigate to Quick Share folder in File Manager. The files could be buried to the bottom if you have downloaded many items after receiving these files.

So this is the complete guide on Samsung’s Quick Share and how to use it effectively. Do you use Quick Share on your phone? Or you are using a different method for sharing files? Let us know in the comment section.

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