Ashutosh Singh

Samsung Keyboard - 4 Must Use Hidden Features

Oct 13, 2023

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone? Here are some cool tips you can follow to boost typing experience with Samsung Keyboard.

It is much faster to type anything without lifting fingers than typing one word at a time. In Samsung Keyboard users can swipe across the keyboard to write faster.

Swipe Typing

Go to Samsung Keyboard Settings. Then go to Swipe, touch and feedback > keyboard swipe controls > Swipe typing to enable.

When Samsung introduced One UI it was mainly focused on one hand operation. And in keyboard you can take advantage of features for comfort typing.

Adjust Keyboard Size

Tap three dots menu and select keyboard size and adjust the size as well as layout according to your preference.

If you know long words or phrases you regularly use, you can type them with shortcuts. After entering shortcuts when you tap space, it will convert to words/phrase.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Go to Keyboard settings > text shortcuts. Tap the + icon and now add shortcut as well as its extended phrase and save it.

When you want to send text written somewhere, you don’t need to first extract and then send to users. You can direct extract text and send using keyboard.

Extract Text Using Camera

When keyboard is open, tap three dots > extract text. Camera viewfinder will open in keyboard. Point the camera to text and tap paste. The text will paste in chat directly.