How to Customize Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Cover Screen

Flex Window or the Cover Screen is one of the leading attractions of the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5. This year, Samsung has revamped the cover screen for its clamshell foldable, the newest model boasts the biggest screen of 3.4-inches. The Flex Window brings several useful features including a whole new way of customization, the use of full-screen apps on the cover screen, more widgets, and more.

In this article, we will explore the Flex Window’s customization capabilities and how you can use them to customize your Galaxy Z Flip 5’s cover screen.

Samsung has changed the way of interacting with the cover screen on its clamshell foldable phones. This update brings new gestures for opening the quick panel, accessing widgets, viewing notifications, replying to messages, and managing Samsung Wallet.

Before exploring the new personalization options, let’s see how you can navigate on the Flip 5’s Flex Window.

How to Customize Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Cover Screen

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 owners can access the quick panel with a swipe-down gesture. If you want to see the widgets, then you can swipe left. All notifications and recent messages can be accessed with a left-to-right gesture. If you want to make a quick payment using Samsung Wallet, you can perform a swipe-up gesture.

Now you are aware of all-new gestures navigations available for the Galaxy Z Flip 5. Let’s explore the new customization features coming with the Flex Window.

Changing the Wallpaper and Clock Font

You can personalize the overall look of the cover screen that match your personality. When you set up your new Galaxy Z Flip 5, you will see the default One UI 5 wallpaper and a simple clock font style on the cover screen.

Samsung packs the clamshell with a bunch of personalization presets such as Gallery, Graphical, Informative presets, Simple, and Colors, with each section offering different ready-to-use presets. Whether you want to use a pre-built template or want a completely new lock screen that matches your style, you can follow these steps.

How to Customize Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Cover Screen

To Change Wallpaper:

  1. Tap and Hold on to cover screen to enter the customization menu.
  2. Swipe down to explore pre-made wallpaper designs.
  3. Swipe all the way down to open customization settings, unfold your phone.
  4. Now you will get access to all designs.
  5. If you want to set a photo from the gallery, select gallery and pick the photo you want to set on the cover screen.
  6. If you want to go with a pre-made style, you can select any one wallpaper from the default designs.
  7. Once you pick a new wallpaper, you can customize the clock style, shortcut, and more, let’s take these customization settings.

Tip: You can even set a video or GIF as a background on the cover screen.

Change the Clock Style, Quick Access Shortcut, and Battery Icon:

How to Customize Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Cover Screen
  1. With a new wallpaper selected, simply tap the clock.
  2. You can change the clock layout, position, font style, and color by selecting the ready-to-use templates available on the bottom of the screen.
  3. If you want to change the clock color, then select the new color from the color palette in the bottom.
  4. Swipe down to clock the Clock Style settings.
  5. Tap the camera icon to change the Quick Access Shortcut.
  6. There are some first-party apps and actions you can pick, such as Torch, Phone app, etc.
  7. Tap the + Battery icon at the top to show battery percentage on the cover screen.
  8. Tap on the red dot icon appear next to the clock to enable notifications icons on the cover screen.

Adding Flex Widgets on the Flex Window

Samsung has introduced a set of widgets tailored specifically for the Flex Window. This list of Flex widgets includes: Calendar, Weather, Recent Calls, Direct Dial, Alarm, Timer, Stopwatch, Steps, SmartThings Scenes, Finance Watchlist, and Daily activity. You can access the widgets on Flex Window by swiping left, here’s how you can add or remove widgets on the cover screen.

How to Customize Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Cover Screen
  1. Open Settings on your Galaxy Z Flip 5.
  2. Select Cover Screen, then tap Widgets.
  3. Turn the toggle on for the widgets you want to enable on your foldable’s cover screen.
  4. If you’d like to change their order, select Reorder option and drag the widgets to the top or bottom according to your preferences.
  5. That’s it.

Accessing Full Screen Apps on the Galaxy Z Flip 5

Samsung and some other developers optimized some apps for the Galaxy Z Flip 5’s cover screen, these apps are listed under the Flex Apps section. The list of Flex Apps include: Google Maps, Messages, Google Messages, Netflix, YouTube, and WhatsApp.

How to Customize Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Cover Screen

You can add more apps directly on the cover screen including third-party apps with the help of Good Lock launcher or using third-party alternatives. If you want to add support for third-party apps, you can follow our detailed guide on adding third-party apps to the Galaxy Z Flip 5.

Here’s how you can access Flex Apps on your clamshell.

How to Customize Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Cover Screen
  1. Open Settings, select Cover Screen.
  2. Tap Widgets, turn the toggle on for Launcher.
  3. Tap the Reorder option at top right corner.
  4. Drag the Launcher option to the top. You can now close Settings.
  5. Swipe left to open the apps launcher, select the app which you want to open on the cover screen.

Customizing the Galaxy Z Flip 5 with Flipsuit Case

Samsung offers a number of accessories for the Galaxy Z Flip 5, the collection includes Flipsuit cases, that are tailored to enhance overall aesthetics of the clamshell. When you apply a flipsuit case, you will see a new background on the cover screen matching the case’s aesthetics.

The Galaxy Z Flip 5 owners can buy a Flipsuit case from the Samsung Store or Website.

So, these are some different ways you can follow to enhance your Galaxy Z Flip 5’s cover screen. If you still have any query related to the customization, please drop a comment in the comment box.

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