How to Turn Off Quick Share on Samsung (and Disable Quick Share)

Android phones have various options for sharing with different devices, but the most popular one at the time is Nearby Share. But on Samsung Galaxy Phones there is another good option for Sharing contents and it is called Quick Share.

Quick Share is fast and it easily recognizes other devices with Quick Share support. But since you won’t be using it all the time, you also need to know the way to turn it off. If you are looking for a method to turn off Quick Share, you have come to the right place.

Before we proceed with the guide on how to turn off Quick Share, let’s first quickly go through the guide on how to share files using Quick Share. With Quick Share, you can easily create temporary links for files that you want to share, which is another convenient way to share files with people who are not nearby.

How to Quick Share on Samsung

Quick Share allows you to easily share various types of files, including videos, audio, documents, images, and more. You can use Quick Share to share files between Samsung Galaxy devices or between a Samsung Galaxy device and a PC. It’s worth noting that Windows also supports Quick Share, but you may need to manually download the Quick Share app. Now, let’s dive into the process.

Step 1: Swipe down twice on your phone to open Quick Settings. Look for Quick Share and enable it (it will highlight if enabled). If you don’t see the Quick Share in quick settings, you can use the quick settings edit option to add it.

How to use Quick Share Samsung

Step 2: On your Phone, open Files or Gallery app.

Step 3: Long tap on a file that you want to share. Then tap the Share icon followed by Quick Share.

How to use Quick Share Samsung

Step 4: Here nearby devices with Quick Share support will appear on your device. Choose the device you want the file to share with. And once the other user accept the file, it will be shared with the user.

How to Turn Off Quick Share on Samsung

There are times when Quick Share might annoy you with pop-ups and other activities. In that case you can turn it off. So for any reason you want to turn off Quick Share, its easy.

Step 1: Swipe Down from the top status bar and once the Notification panel appear, swipe down again to expand Quick Settings.

How to Turn off Quick Share Samsung

Step 2: Look for Quick Share icon, if its not in the first page of Quick Settings, swipe to the left to bring more options. If it is not in any page, then you can edit Quick Settings to add Quick Share shortcut.

Step 3: Once you find Quick Share option, tap on it to turn off. It will show a pop-up where you need to select ‘No One’. If it is not highlighted means its turned off.

You can also turn it off from Settings. Go to Settings > Connected Devices > Quick Share > Who can share with you > No One.

Samsung Messages app makes use of Link Sharing for sharing large files. But once you use link sharing, it will be turned on for all next files you send including small size images. So how to turn it off. Here’s your answer:

Step 1: Open Samsung Messages app.

Step 2: Go to a Contact to whom you want to send files.

Step 3: Tap the Image icon on the left, don’t select any image yet.

How to turn off link sharing Quick Share Samsung

Step 4: There will be a Cloud icon, if it says On, tap on it and it will change to Off. This means link sharing is turned off.

Now you can choose the image and send it without Link Sharing.

How to Disable Quick Share on Samsung

When you want to make use of Share option, you may find a big message describing Quick Share and recommend Quick Share for sharing files. This can be annoying since it takes space and the Sharing menu doesn’t look clean because of it. I didn’t find this on all Samsung phones, but it was available on Some Samsung Galaxy phones.

You can turn off Quick Sharing, but if it doesn’t help you can also look for disable option. If you don’t like Quick Share, and want to disable it for good, then here is the process.

Step 1: On your Samsung Galaxy, open Settings and then Navigate to About Phone > Software Information. Tap Build Number 7-8 times to enable developer options.

How to disable Quick Share Samsung

Step 2: Go back to Settings and then go to Developer Options. Scroll Down and enable USB Debugging.

How to disable Quick Share Samsung

Step 3: Download and Extract the SDK tool (Platform tools) on your PC. Extract the tool folder on your PC.

Step 4: When you are in the folder, type CMD in the Address bar and press enter to open command window. If you open command window from system, you need to manually navigate to platform tools using Cd command.

How to turn off link sharing Quick Share Samsung

Step 5: Now connect your Samsung Galaxy with your PC using cable.

Step 6: In Command Window, type adb devices, it will ask for authorization on your phone, tap Allow. Again enter adb devices and now it show the connected device.

Step 7: Now enter the below command to disable Quick Share on Samsung.

adb shell pm disable-user --user 0

To disable other system apps, you only need to find there package name and replace the package name in the above command. There are apps you can install to see apps package name (starts with com.).

So this is how you can turn off and disable Quick Share on Samsung. If you still have any queries, feel free to ask in the comment section. Follow YTECHB on Google News for updates.

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