Ashutosh Singh

How to Extend Battery Life While Gaming on Samsung Galaxy

Oct 18, 2023

Apart from calls and camera use, the phone is mostly used for gaming. Samsung offers one of the best mobile gaming experience.

But we all know playing games means faster battery drain. So how to get more battery life as well as enjoy games.

There is an inbuilt app called Game Launcher which is quite useful for gamers. Using Game Launcher you can extend battery life or performance.

Open Game Launcher on your Samsung Galaxy phone. If you don’t find it in app drawer search for it. Make sure the latest version of Game Launcher and Booster installed.

Tap the More icon which could be at the top right or bottom right. Tap it and select Game Booster.

Here you will find many useful options. Look for Game optimization. Choose Battery saver in place of performance.

By sacrificing some performance you can boost battery life. You know that high-quality gaming and good battery life can't go hand in hand.

You can also save battery life by enabling the Low refresh rate if the option is available in the menu. Or you can lower refresh rate system wide from settings.