How to Take Screenshot by Tapping Back of your device

There are a lot of guides to take screenshots with few taps or gestures in the display. But you ever thought of taking screenshots by tapping the back of your device. No, I am talking about tapping the rear fingerprint scanner, but instead, you can tap anywhere on the back. Yes I know it’s interesting, you can also set it up on your phone. Here you will know how to take screenshot by tapping on the back.

How to Take Screenshot by Tapping on Back

We have already shared guides on taking screenshots on Android and iPhones in different ways. But this is by far the best and unique method to capture screenshots on Android phones. And all this you can set up on your phone without even rooting your phone. This method may not work for all phones but we tested in a few phones and it worked on every device we tested. 

You can easily set up your device for taking screenshots by tapping on the back of your phone. There are not many requirements to apply the method. The only requirement is that your phone must be running on Android 7 or later. For now, it works till Android 11 but it will be supported on later Android releases.

How to Take Screenshots by tapping on back of your phone

This is all possible with the help of an Android app called Tap Tap. It is an app for customization purposes means you will find more options along with screenshots. The app is not available on the Play Store but you can easily install it on your phone with its official apk file. You can find the apk file on the XDA forum as its Developer is a member of XDA.

This is an amazing app and so all credit goes to its developer for making a great app. Let’s start the guide for taking screenshots by tapping back on the phone.

  1. First, download the Tap Tap apk and install the app on your phone.
  2. After installing, open the App on your phone.
  3. It will ask to provide Accessibility service, so click on it and allow Tap Tap in the accessibility settings.
    How to Take Screenshots by Tapping Back of your device
  4. And if the battery optimization is enabled for the app, disable it.
  5. Now the setup is completed for the app.
  6. Then click on the “Double Tap Actions” from the menu in the Tap Tap app.
  7. On the next page click on the “Add Actions” button then Actions > Screenshot. Skip this step if it is already available on the same page.
    How to Take Screenshots by Tapping Back of your device
  8. Now in the Screenshot actions tab, tap on Add Requirement and select Display on.
    How to Take Screenshots by Tapping Back of your device
  9. And that’s all you have to follow for screenshots by tapping on the back of the phone.

In case if smoothly tapping doesn’t work, then try tapping a bit harder. You can similarly set up the same function for triple tap. This is just one feature of the app and you can try this app for various customization and mapping.

Remapping buttons or gestures mostly works if the phone is rooted. But the Tap Tap app doesn’t require any such access for fully working. And if you like to customize your phone then tapping on the back for capturing screenshots is the best option.

If you are wondering if this works on back cover. Then the answer is yes, I tested this function with a slim back cover and it worked without any issue. You may have to push harder if you are using a thick back cover.

So there you have it, the complete guide on how to take screenshots by tapping back on the phone. And in case if you have any queries then let know in the comment section.

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