How to Use Selfie Camera as Battery Indicator in OnePlus Nord

OnePlus recently released its first budget phone called OnePlus Nord. This phone offers so many amazing features at a reasonable price. Also, it gives OnePlus fans to experience OxygenOS without spending a lot of money on a flagship phone. The device has a dual punch camera at the front and you can use it for many other purposes. Here you will know how to enable Battery Indicator around the Front camera in OnePlus Nord.

If you own any punch hole featured camera before then most probably you know about battery indicator as it looks great and provides an attractive look. You can use the selfie camera as a notification indicator and also a battery indicator.

There are a bunch of Android apps available for this purpose but configuring these apps is the main issue and most of the time we couldn’t even finalize the correct indicator. But this guide will help you to get the battery indicator on OnePlus Nord without changing Settings or configuration.

How to Enable Battery Indicator on OnePlus Nord

When the punch hole design started to appear on smartphones we needed to root our phone to get a battery or notification indicator around the punch hole camera. But now most of the apps don’t require root access but still, you need to provide an Accessibility function to the app. How to get battery indicator on OnePlus Nord

The app that we are going to share in this guide to enable Battery Indicator around the punch-hole camera in the OnePlus Nord is free and available on PlayStore. I have tried the app on a few phones and it seems to be working in all conditions. This app may not work on all phones with a punch-hole camera but it works perfectly on the OnePlus Nord.

So if you have the recently released OnePlus Nord and want this customization feature then this guide will cover everything. You don’t need root access on your phone and that makes this guide even easier and useful. So let’s start the guide.

Steps to Turn on Battery Indicator around OnePlus Nord Punch Hole Camera

  1. Connect your phone to an active internet connection.
  2. Download and Install the Energy Ring – General Edition from PlayStore.
  3. Open the App and then it will ask for Accessibility access so provide the access.
  4. Then go back to the Energy Ring app on your phone.
  5. Now toggle the option at the top right corner of the app to turn on Energy Ring on OnePlus Nord.
  6. As soon as you enable the app, the Battery indicator will be directly applied to your phone.
  7. And now you can customize the color and thickness of the Energy bar as you want.

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OnePlus Nord Energy Ring App Advantages

1. The app is easy to control as you don’t need to align or place the ring manually. Energy Ring app will automatically detect your device and apply the ring around the punch hole camera. Yes for the OnePlus Nord it will be set around both cameras.

2. It also doesn’t affect much in battery life. As per the App developer it only consumes battery when battery level changes that also in a small bit. So you can expect it to be a power friendly app.

3. You can also change the thickness of the energy ring with the in-app slider. The default thickness value is perfect and even you don’t have to change it. But the option is present if you want.

4. You can also change the color of the OnePlus Nord energy ring at different battery levels. You can create different battery level intervals. Also, the app has gradient color options to merge colors and show different and attractive colors.

5. The app has a bunch of options to change the animation of the Energy Ring like Bounce, Speed Breaker, Acceleration, Deceleration, and more.

6. Energy ring for OnePlus Nord also has an option to automatically disable the energy ring if you are using fullscreen apps to keep your experience natural. It will be effective in games, video playback, and more.

So these are some great features of the OnePlus Nord energy ring app and it’s all free. Not many apps have simple and easy UI like the Energy Ring app. OnePlus Nord is an amazing phone and adding this feature will help in better user experience.

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If you like the colored battery indicator and you own OnePlus Nord then you can try this app on your phone. Let us know your experience with this App. You can use this app for other devices from Xiaomi, Realme, Samsung, and more. You can get the list of supported phones in the App Description in PlayStore.

So there you have it, the guide on how to get battery indicator around the punch-hole camera in OnePlus Nord. For more guides on OnePlus Nord stay connected to YTECHB. And if you have any questions then let us know in the comment section.

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