How to browse Internet on TCL Smart TV [Guide]

Smart TVs have made everyone’s lives much better. From just being able to watch cable networks to now being able to watch almost anything and everything on the TV without the need of a cable connection. And since Smart TVs have features and display outputs that couldn’t be imagined before, making the viewing experience perfect. Be it a TV with RokuOS, TVOS, or Android TV OS, these OSs make the TV smarter. While the TV can be used for almost everything, let’s take a look at how to browse Internet on TCL Smart TV.

TCLs Smart TVs come with RokuOS or Android OS. TCL TVs have become popular only because of the price point and the features that you get. Of course, other TV brands come around in the same pocket-friendly price points, but TCL does outperform them in many ways.

Now you need to remember that while there are plenty of apps available for you to use and view content, many Smart TVs do not come with a built-in web browser which is kind of strange. Some TVs do come with a built-in browser, but a majority of them do not. Read along to know how you can browse the internet on a TCL Smart TV.

How to browse internet on TCL Smart TV

Since TCL Smart TVs come with two different OS, i.e. RokuOS and Android TV, we will be taking a look at both Smart TVs.

Web browsing on TCL Roku TV

RokuOS TVs have been designed to make things simple and easy for the end-user. You do have a lot of channels that you can add for free on your Roku TV but not a web browser. Also, a person will not be able to install or sideload a web browser to the TV.

There is, however, one way that you can use to browse the internet on your big screen TCL Roku TV by screen mirroring or screen casting. It doesn’t matter if you have an Android or iOS. Screen casting is supported by all modern-day devices.

Screen casting is helpful when you want to share or present a video, image, or anything for that matter on the big screen. This method requires that both the devices be connected to the same network and also eliminates the need for unnecessary cables. However, you will have to note that for input and controlling the screen, you will have to use the device from which you are casting, i.e. cellphone or PC. You can read through our detailed guide on how to cast from any device to a Roku TV regardless of the TVs brand.

Web browsing on a TCL Android TV

Now, some TCL smart TVs come with Google’s Android TV OS. This brings in the whole Google Play Store and its suite of apps that are designed to be used on Android TVs. Now, you might say, well, since it’s Google’s OS it should be coming with a prebuilt web browser such as Google Chrome, right? Wrong! The reason why web browsers do not come prebuilt on Android TV systems is simply that there is an app for almost everything. Want to watch movies or listen to music? There is an app for that.

The Google Play Store does have a ton of apps for TV, but when it comes to web browsers, you will just find a handful of them. This is because the browsers aren’t perfectly optimized to work with input via the remote’s D-pad and navigating via the browser could also be a headache. With that being said, you can simply download a few browsers that are available right off the Play Store.

how to browser internet on tcl smart tv

One of the best web browsers out there is Mozilla Firefox and JioPages. While Firefox is a great browser, you will have to get the app by sideloading it. JioPages is one of the best web browsers available for Android TV. It functions perfectly and is free to use. Though the app is for the Indian market, you could always make use of a VPN to get it installed on your Android TV.

Sideload Apps

Because it is an Android TV OS, you have the option of sideloading apps to your TV very easily. Simply download the app to your USB drive from a PC and then connect it to your TV. Apart from that, you can also make use of cloud storage apps by uploading the APK file to the cloud drive and then downloading it to your Android TV. If you are more of an advanced user and have access to a PC, you can also sideload apps using the ADB method. So yes, there are 4 ways that you can use to have the web browser of your choice installed on your TV.

how to browser internet on tcl smart tv
  • Download from Play Store.
  • Sideload via USB drive.
  • Using a cloud drive to download APKs.
  • Using ADB to install apps on Android TV.

You can take a look at this detailed guide on how to sideload apps to your Android TV. The method is the same for all irrespective of the TVs brand and model. It is only important that your TV is running on Android TV OS. With Android TV OS and a good Wi-Fi connection, you can use the TV for anything you would like, including web browsing. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, JioPages, and a few other browsers are available for Android TV. You can take a look at the list of the best web browsers for Android TV by heading here.

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