How to connect Android, iPhone, or PC to Vizio Smart TV

Vizio TVs are popular because of the price point at which they are sold as well as the number of available features. You can use smart TVs to watch OTT content, browse the internet and even use it as a presentation screen to display documents and slides. With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections available, you can make the most out of your Vizio Smart TV. Today, we will be taking a look at how to connect phone to Vizio Smart TV.

To connect to a Vizio Smart TV means screen mirroring or screen casting. What it means is you can share the screen of your Android and iOS device right away onto your Vizio Smart TV in real-time. Why would your screencast? Maybe you want to look at some internet searches on the bigger screen or maybe show off a few photographs that you captured with your phone on the big screen. While this sounds interesting, read on to know how you cast your Android, iOS, or Windows device onto a Vizio Smart TV.

How to connect phone to Vizio Smart TV [Android]

The best thing about the below-listed steps is, there’s no need to install or sideload any third-party app on your Android smartphone. Yes, you can even stream content without Vizio SmartCast Mobile app, Google Home app, or any other casting app. Let’s dive right in to the steps.

  1. First things first power on your Vizio Smart TV
  2. Now, on your Android device open the settings menu and search for screencast/screen mirror/smart view/screen share/wireless display.
  3. The name of the option will different on various Android devices.
    how to connect phone to vizio smart tv
  4. Next, you will want to tap on the option.
  5. Your Android device will now look for wireless displays that it can project to.
  6. When you find your Vizio Smart TV from the list of devices.
  7. The Android device will now connect to the Vizio smart TV.

With the screencast enabled to the Vizio Smart TV, you can now mirror anything that you like. However, if you have a mobile-only plan for various streaming services, you might not be able to cast the content onto your Vizio Smart TV.

How to connect iPhone to Vizio Smart TV

You will want to make sure that your iOS device, as well as your Vizio Smart TV, is connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

  1. On your Vizio Smart TV, you will have to now enable AirPlay.
  2. To do this, press the home button on the Vizio TV remote.
  3. Select the Extras tab that is at the top of the screen.
  4. Scroll and select AirPlay. You will now have the option to turn it on. Select On.
  5. On your iOS device, you will want to open up the Control Center.
  6. Simply tap on the Screen Mirroring tile.
  7. It should now show you a list of AirPlay wireless displays. Select your Vizio Smart TV from the list.
    how to connect phone to vizio smart tv
  8. The Smart TV will now show you a four-digit code. Enter it onto your iOS device.
  9. And now your iOS device has been connected to your Vizio Smart TV.

A few things for you to keep in mind.

  • Your Vizio Smart TV should have the AirPlay feature built-in and should be running on the latest software version.
  • The iOS device needs to be running on iOS 12.4 and higher and your macOS system should be running at least on Mojave 10.14.5.

How to Connect PC to Vizio Smart TV

If you have a Windows PC, you can use it to screencast onto your Vizio Smart TV. This lets you browse the internet, show presentations, watch movies, play games, and even do some other productive work onto your big screen Vizio Smart TV.

  1. On your Windows 10 PC fire up Google Chrome. If you don’t have it, you can always download it right away.
  2. Now, you will want to make sure that your Vizio Smart TV and your PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  3. With Chrome opened up, click on the three-dot menu that is on the right side of the search bar.
  4. From the popup menu, select Cast.
  5. It will bring out the cast tray and start searching for wireless displays connected to the Wi-Fi network.
  6. When you find your Vizio Smart TV, select it.
  7. Chrome will now ask you if you wish to cast Google Chrome or the desktop.
  8. Selecting Chrome will let you only cast the browser and selecting Desktop will let you cast the whole system itself.
    how to connect pc to vizio tv
  9. And in this simple way, you have now connected your Windows 10 PC to your Vizio Smart Tv.


So now that you have learned how to connect any Android, iOS, or Windows device to your Vizio Smart Tv, you can enjoy watching content on the big screen with audio output coming out from the Tv itself. For games, however, you might find a few delays here and there which is normal when wirelessly casting, unlike having a direct HDMI cable input to the TV itself.

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