Download Xiaomi MiMoji APK for Android 5.0+ Phones

Xiaomi MiMoji was introduced first with Xiaomi Mi 8 and it was bound to only a few devices. But now you can use it on any Android device that is running on the Marshmallow or higher OS having ARM chipset. Here you get to download MiMoji APK.

MiMoji is just like Animoji which is available on iPhones. These contain some set of emojis and with the help of the front camera, it tracks the emotions and movement of the face and then emoji will repeat the same thing. That sounds of cool and when you use it you will get addicted to it. Download MiMoji Apk from the link and try it on your phone.Download MiMoji APK

Xiaomi MiMoji contains a total of 12 emojis in which you can swap between them. It is an app that will work on Android 6 or higher devices. This is all possible because of the well known XDA member linuxct who is a well-recognized contributor towards porting. Make sure to check out his awesome works and also appreciate for his work. Below you will find the link to download Xiaomi MiMoji APK for Android marshmallow or higher.

Download MiMoji APK for any Android Phone

As we have told earlier this port is from the XDA member, he made it possible to use MiMoji on any Android phones. So make sure to visit his page to know about his work.

Download Xiaomi MiMoji APK [Link 1]

Download Xiaomi MiMoji APK [Link 2]

Download from any of the link given above. If you want to know more about Xiaomi MiMoji check out its features mentioned below.

Xiaomi MiMoji Features

As it’s been ported from MiMoji app so there may be chances that it may work with full efficiency. And also it depends on the device that we use. Some are able to give the smooth experience and it may be a bit slower in some phones.Download MiMoji APK

I have tested it on a few phones and didn’t found any lag. But it was a bit slower, we cannot expect the best experience because it’s ported and doesn’t come inbuilt with all the phones.Download MiMoji App


  • 12 different inbuilt MiMojis.
  • Video recording up to 30 seconds.
  • Men, Women, and Cartoon audio pitch.
  • Share and save video options.

Note: The video preview of MiMoji may look poor in quality but after exporting it will look good.

How to Install Xiaomi MiMoji APK

First, download the MiMoji App from any of the link given above. Make sure that install from unknown source is on. Then install the APK and enjoy using it.

To use the app lift your phone in front of your face and then tap on recording to record the video. And after that, we get to change the voice between original, women, men, and cartoon. We can also directly share the app in Wechat, Mi Talk, QQ, Weibo. To save the video just click on save option.

So this was the quick guide on download MiMoji APK for any android phone. The app is working fine as tested in a few phones. All around this is an interesting and entertaining app. So go ahead and try it on your phone.

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